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( Russian poet and critic.)

Comments for ADAMOVICH George V.
Biography ADAMOVICH George V.
Adamovich, Georgy Viktorovich (1894-1972), Russian poet and critic. From 1924 to emigration. Born 7 (19) April 1892 in Moscow in a military family. A graduate of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University, . party of the second 'Guild of Poets' (1918), . acmeism supporter and one of the students Gumilev, . dedication which ( 'the memory of Andrei Chenier') opened the second collection of his poems, Purgatory (1922),
. The first book of poetry Adamovich Clouds (1916) was generally positive reviews Gumilev, who, however, said too explicit dependence novice poet from I. Annenskogo and Anna Akhmatova. The next his poetic book, In the West, Adamovich was able to release only in 1939, and his final book was released in 1967, Unity in the U.S.. It is extremely demanding of himself, for his life, he has published at least one hundred and forty poems, as well as a number of transfers that were made primarily for the Petrograd publishers 'World Literature', where Gumilev headed the French section
. If early work Adamovich wholly owned Russian Silver Age, . then the emigrant during his poems take on a new sound and quality, . because they are conceived primarily as a 'human document', . testifying about loneliness, . unrooted in the world, . existential anxiety as the main property of self-consciousness of contemporaries,
. The tone of both collections, . published in exile, . determined by pursuing the poet's sense of separation from the traditions, . which have grown many generations of Russian people, . and emerged after this absolute freedom of consciousness, . which becomes a burden: 'Dreamer, . where is your world? Wanderer, . where is your house? / Not too late to seek artificial paradise? ",

. According to Adamovich, creativity - that is true of speech, coupled with true feelings
. Because the predominant feeling was the metaphysical loneliness of personality, . which, . irrespective of her will and desires, . became completely free in the world, . not reckon with its demands or motives, . poetry in the old sense of the word - as the art of artistic harmony, . embodying a holistic, . Individual, . unique perspective on the world, . - Is now impossible,
. It gives way to a verse diary or chronicle, where the factual correctness given to this new situation, a person in the midst of reality. His programmatic article, which summarizes the ideas, often expressed Adamovich before (they were the creative credo of poets 'notes of Paris'), he called the impossibility of poetry (1958).

Adamovich's position was challenged by his main antagonist in the literature VF Khodasevich. Unfolded between them in 1935, debate on the priority of the aesthetic or documentary in the beginning of modern literature was one of the most important events in the history of culture abroad. Adamovich proceeded from the conviction, . that poetry should begin by expressing 'heightened sense of identity', . are no longer to support themselves in the spiritual and artistic traditions of the past, . and contrasted the 'clear' Pushkin 'alarm' Lermontov, . which is more in harmony with the modern frame of mind,
. His own poems are imbued with the mood of longing for the St. Petersburg (for Adamovich 'on the ground was one of the capital, . rest - just city '), . sense of emptiness surrounding life, . fake spiritual values, . it offers, . sense of happiness and bitterness freedom, . became the inheritance of a generation who left Russia and did not find her replacement,
. Proving that poetry is no longer able to become, as before, a matter of life, teachings, philosophical concept, Adamovich, however, often put these points into question his own poetic activity.

In September 1939, Adamovich enlisted in the French army, believing that no right to remain on the sidelines, and after the defeat of France had been interned. In the postwar years has experienced short period of illusions about the updates in the USSR. In the late 1940's Adamovich article appeared in the pro-Soviet newspapers. It was written in French book other homeland (1947), some critics of the Russian Parisians was seen as an act of capitulation to Stalinism. But soon Adamovich saw the hollowness hopeful that the 'other country' reign a new order of things

. In 1967 came the final book of critical articles comments - the same word Adamovich defined his literary essays, . published regularly since the mid 1920's (originally in the Paris magazine 'Link', . and since 1928 in the newspaper 'Latest news', . where he wrote weekly book reviews),
. Terms of interests Adamovich-criticism was very broad: it is not passed by any significant phenomenon as the literature of emigration and Soviet literature. Many of his most important essays are devoted to the Russian classical tradition, as well as Western writers, receive special attention in Russia. Stranger to the strict methodology of literary, . recognized dislike 'systems', . Adamovich always preferred form of 'literary conversation' (such was the general title of his regular publications in the 'Link'), or notes, . which are often written in private about, . but contain thoughts, . important for understanding the public and especially the aesthetic views of the author,

. Insisting, . that in art the main issue - not 'how did', . and 'why do', . Adamovich, over the years more and more confident talking about the insolvency of many phenomena of literature abroad, . not yet found, . his opinion, . that the artistic language, . which would have been able to realize the situation 'solitude and freedom' (the so-titled book of his essays, . 1955),
. Exceptions were made only for the writers of the first series - especially for Bunin and, . serious reservations, . for Z. Gippius, . M. Aldanova, . N. Teffi, . as well as for Nabokov, the latest critic (he sarcastically portrayed in the novel, Nabokov's The Gift, under the name Christopher Mortus) frequently present strict claims,
. For Adamovich, 'no doubt that emigration is associated with diminution of activity ... and hence, can the artist ... not knock it out of that rut, and as though from life itself '.

Comments, which captures drama of Russian literature, a post-split into two camps, largely determined the creative consciousness of the young literature of emigration in 1920-1930-ies.

Adamovich died in Nice on Feb. 21, 1972.

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ADAMOVICH George V., photo, biography
ADAMOVICH George V., photo, biography ADAMOVICH George V.  Russian poet and critic., photo, biography
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