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Antonia Susan Byatt

( English Literature scholar, critic and novelist.)

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Biography Antonia Susan Byatt
photo Antonia Susan Byatt
Byatt, Anton Susan (Byatt, Antonia Susan) (p. 1936), an English literature scholar, critic and novelist. In her novels, says the critic, dominant role played by the sensitive, perceptive mind, whose passion for intellectual property are just as exciting and absorbing as those that are born with emotions and feelings.
Born August 24, 1936 in Sheffield. This surname-Drebbl, novelist Margaret Drebbl - her younger sister. In 1957 she graduated from Byatt Nyunt's College at Cambridge University with a degree Bachelor of Arts. In Brinmorskom College (USA, pc. Pennsylvania, 1957-1958) and Samervill College, Oxford University (1958-1959) worked on his doctoral dissertation, devoted to English literature 17. Until 1972 she lectured at London University and the Central School of Arts and Crafts (London), and then went to work full-time lecturer, University College, London University. Since 1983, devoted himself entirely to literary work.

Byatt's first novel, "Shadow of the Sun" (The Shadow of the Sun, 1964), tells about the dreams and hopes impressionable young writer intent on itself to make their way in life. Style of writing in this novel, marked by the strong influence of M. Proust.

The first critical study Byatt "Stages of Freedom: Novels by Iris Murdoch" (Degrees of Freedom: The Novels of Iris Murdoch, 1965) and became the first monograph devoted to this writer. It was followed by the novel "The Game" (The Game, 1967), which became the theme of the relationship between two sisters-writers. Well-known rivalry between Byatt and Margaret Drebbl gave rise to talk about the autobiographical underpinnings underlying the novel

. After the publication of literary work "Wordsworth, . Coleridge and their age "(Wordsworth and Coleridge in Their Time, . 1970), . reasons, . associated with the tragedy in his personal life Byatt, . comes a long creative pause, . interrupted only in 1978 the novel The Virgin in the Garden "(The Virgin in the Garden),
. Time of action - 1953, the year of the coronation of Elizabeth II. Iris Murdoch, . not only became the object of the first critical examination of Byatt, . but also exerted a powerful influence on its formation as a novelist, . in his review, wrote: 'The characters of the novel a lot of thinking, . and many of their far-reaching reflections unexpected and interesting ',
. The novel "Virgin in the Garden" was conceived as the first part of the future tetralogy, with the general's plan - to tell about the life of three members of one family from the moment of coronation until 1980. The second part, "Still Life" (Still Life, 1985), was largely devoted to the art of painting. Third, "Tower of Babel" (Babel Tower, 1995), according to critics, became the biggest success writer, the most open to understanding. The final, fourth part of the tetralogy is still waiting in the wings.

Brought glory Byatt novel "Possession: History of a Love" (Possession: A Romance) was published in 1990, between the second and third volumes of the tetralogy. His heroes, Roland Michell and Maud Bailey, - historians of literature, the arena of literary studies and is the intersection of their life paths. Roland engaged poetry of the Victorians Ashe, the subject of hobbies Maud is a little-known poet Lamotte. In the course of their research both realize that the two so tie a powerful and passionate feeling - a powerful and passionate so that they themselves are in his power, and plot studies is subject to their own lives. Critics have noted how Byatt skillfully weaves a complex fabric of this 'double history'. Anita Bruckner called the novel 'and ambitious', noting that 'the prisoners thought it more abundantly enough for ordinary literary production a year'. The novel is largely made up of fictional poems and correspondence Ash and Lamotte. Reviewers noted a striking sense of authenticity and credibility that arose while reading the text never existed poets Victorians. Strong impression produced and how love Ash and Lamotte is 'an ironic counterpoint to the' in 'today' affair between Roland and Maud. The highest score by the literary community has given this novel, put it in award to the author the Booker Prize (1990). In the same year, Byatt has Kavalerstvennoy Dame of the Order of the British Empire

. Byatt is also author of "Sugar and Other Stories" (Sugar and Other Stories, . 1987), . novels "Angels" (Angels) and "Insects" (Insects, . 1991; filmed in 1995), . collection of essays "The Passion of the mind" (Passions of the Mind, . 1991), . collection "Matisse Stories" (The Matisse Stories, . 1993), . collection of modern fairy tales "Genie in the eye of a nightingale" (The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye, . 1995) and the book "Elements: Stories of ice and fire" (Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice, . 1998),

In 2001 the writer has released novel "The Life Story of the biographer" (The Biographer's Tale), a unique fusion of intellectual games and detective stories, and a collection of essays, "On the history of real and imaginary" (On Histories and Stories).

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Antonia Susan Byatt, photo, biography
Antonia Susan Byatt, photo, biography Antonia Susan Byatt  English Literature scholar, critic and novelist., photo, biography
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