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Michael Neumann Samoilovich

( Scientist in the field of radio engineering)

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Biography Michael Neumann Samoilovich
photo Michael Neumann Samoilovich
Michael Neumann Samoilovich - one of the largest domestic experts in the field of radio engineering, Distinguished Scientist of the RSFSR, doctor of technical sciences, professor.

M. S. Neumann in 1928. graduated from the Physics and Mechanics of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. Research work started in 1926. under the leadership of Professor Dr.. A. Rozhansky department shortwave Central Radio Laboratory in Leningrad.

Research interests M. S. Neumann covered a wide range of issues of theory and practice of electromagnetic oscillatory systems, antenna technology, transmission lines, generators of high and ultrahigh frequencies and transmitting devices.

In 1933. M. S. Neiman proposed and developed a number of options for delaying the periodic structures for the reduction of the phase velocity of electromagnetic waves in microwave electronic devices such as traveling wave tube and antenna systems. In 1934, . using electrodynamic principle of reciprocity, . developed a general theory of receiving antennas, gave an explanation of the mechanism of the torch end of antenna wire and determine the influence of various factors on the criticisms in this regard, the voltage on the antennas and feeders for short wave and VHF,
. This work played a major role in shaping the basic design of powerful shortwave antennas stations.

In 1937-1938. M. S. Neumann formulated the basic theory and methods of calculating its proposed oscillating electromagnetic systems of the closed type, called resonant cavities (hollow cavities). In the future, the hollow cavities played a major role in the development of microwave frequencies, which are the basis for many types of devices, decimeter and centimeter waves.

In 1938. M. S. Neiman studied the phenomenon of emission of electromagnetic waves through apertures in metallic surfaces, and proposed a new class of antennas, called "diffractive". One type of such antennas (slot antenna) is widely used in modern antenna technology. In 1939, Mr.. M. S. Neumann developed the design principles of transmission of television antennas, and together with A. A. Pistolkors created a direct reading instruments for measuring the traveling wave, called "feeder reflectometer.

In 1951, Mr.. M. S. Neumann published a new principle of the creation of broadband antennas, . free from the effects of reflection and called "antennas smooth radiation", . and proposed a new method for calculating power and radiation resistance of metallic antennas, . based on the calculation of electron radiation, . moving in the metal.,

. In 1950-1955
. a number of articles and monographs M. S. Neumann developed the theory of chains, its coverage wave systems, including those transferred to closed circuit theory and the theory of lines of vibrators on the waveguide and the radiating system. During these years he made a number of works of engineering and technical nature, such as the design of antenna systems, the largest radio centers.

Since 1930. Michael Samoilovich led teaching career, first in higher education in Leningrad, and from 1946. the Moscow Aviation Institute, where he headed the Department of transmitting devices.

M. S. Neumann was the head section of radio transmitting devices NTORiES them. A. S. Popov, a member of the editorial board of the journal "Proceedings of the universities of the USSR" under the heading "Radiotekh.

For fruitful pedagogical and social activities M. S. Neumann was awarded the Order of Honor and medals.

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Michael Neumann Samoilovich, photo, biography
Michael Neumann Samoilovich, photo, biography Michael Neumann Samoilovich  Scientist in the field of radio engineering, photo, biography
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