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Biography SENSES Vasily
Meaning, Vasily (p. 1921). Seventh world chess champion (1957-1958). Born March 24, 1921 in Moscow. His father was a chess player 1 category, and Vasya learned to play in 6 years. Was engaged in a chess section of the Pioneer Moskvoretsky. Gallop. Being a chess player 1 category, won 1 seat in the national championship among youths under 18 years. In the same in 1938 for first or second place in the championship of Moscow among adults, and he was awarded the title of master. Made his first appearance in the championship of the USSR (Moscow, . 1940), . took 3rd place, . M. Botvinnik ahead, . in the match-tournament for the title of Absolute Champion of the country (Leningrad - Moscow, . 1941) was the third of Botvinnik and P. Keres, . for which he was awarded the title of grandmaster,
. During the Great Patriotic War, as a student of Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, became the champion twice (1942 and 1943-1944). In held shortly after the war radio match of the USSR - the United States twice defeated S. Reshevsky. In a major international tournament in Groningen (1946) took third place. For this success, he was included in the match-tournament for the world title (The Hague - London, 1948), which was the second. In 15 championship of the USSR (Moscow, 1949) became the champion of the country, dividing 1-2 places with D. Bronstein.
Highest success achieved in the mid 50-ies. First he won the tournament contenders (Zurich, 1953), then drove draw the world championship match with Botvinnik - 12:12 (+7-7 = 10). He became the first and the next tournament contenders (Amsterdam, 1956), and in the match for the chess crown (Moscow, 1957) won with a score 12,5:9,5 Botvinnik (+6-3 = 13) and was proclaimed champion. In 1956 at the FIDE Congress in Moscow Botvinnik was given a right to a rematch. In 1958 he took advantage of this right and returned the title, winning the rematch with the score 12,5:10,5 (+7-5 = 11).

Once this meaning has successfully performed in many national and international competitions held in 20 or shared first place.

In the early 80's, at the age of six decades of the implications of taking one last attempt to storm the chess Olympus. In the inter-zonal tournament in Las Palmas (1982), he ranks second for Z. Ribli and gets the right to play in matches applicants. In the quarter finals (Velden, 1983) - his opponent R. Huebner, who was 5 th place in the world by rating. The first 10 parties do not give anyone superiority, from 5:5. After 4 additional expense to the parties remain equal - 7:7. And then the administration Casino Velden - sponsor of the Match - offers to solve the question about the winner not throwing dice and using the roulette. Roulette is benevolent to the semantic, and he goes to the next stage.

Semifinal match (London, 1983) Smyslov wins from Ribli with a score 6,5:4,5 (+3-1 = 7). In the final match of applicants he meets a young G. Kasparov, who fit him in my grandchildren, and plays with a score 4,5:8,5 (+0-4 = 9). As it turned out later, he lost to future world champion.

Botvinnik, Smyslov main competitor in the 50 years in the struggle for the chess crown, described the game Smyslov: 'main strength Smyslov in chess that he is astute. His talent is universal and exceptional. He could play fine in the debut, to leave in the dead of defense, vigorously attacking or, finally, calmly maneuvering. And about the endgame and say nothing - this is his element. Sometimes he took the decision that was amazing for its depth '.

Sense is a deeply religious man, and that faith in God allows him to endure all hardships and blows of fate, can believe in our mission.

From childhood Smyslov fond of chess composition and for his creative life was about hundreds of sketches, some of which is of practical importance. As a great master of the endgame, in conjunction with GM G. Levenfish published a monograph on rook endings.

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SENSES Vasily, photo, biography
SENSES Vasily, photo, biography SENSES Vasily  chess-player, photo, biography
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