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BANTON, Robert

( American film director, editor)

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Biography BANTON, Robert
BANTON, ROBERT (Benton, Robert) (p. 1932), American film director, editor.
Born September 29, 1932 in Uaksahachi, Texas, USA. Working editor of 'Esquire', together with a colleague, David Newman wrote the screenplay "Bonnie and Clyde", which in 1967 moved to the screen Arthur Penn. Famous gangsters 1930's, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, under the pen Banton became a hopeless romantic who join the fight against society and the inhabitants killed. Screenplay (nominated for 'Oscar') showed that its author has a wonderful sense of humor and is able to create vivid characters full of heroes. Writing the script for the hugely popular comedy by Peter Bogdanovich's "What's the deal, . Doc? "(starring Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand), . in the same 1972 Benton made his debut in the director's Western "Bad Company", . about a group of young people, . whose romantic attitude to the Wild West fades before the reality,
. As a result, forced to romance to crime. In 1977, puts an ironic detective "Late Show". Retired private detective Ira Wells (Art Carney) looks on TV, when in his doorway appears bleeding old friend. At the funeral of a friend Ira received the proposal of the mysterious lady find her missing cat. Of course, the mystery of the death of a friend and secret abductions cat linked. By being an impressive dramatic talent, Benton, with each new scene entangles the viewer all the more twisted and more fun network of intrigue, witty paraphrase cliches of the genre. Lily Tomlin, who played 'femme fatale', won the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival for the best part.

However, in the first two films Banton, with all their wit was not one - contact with the audience (except for his screenplay "Superman" by Richard Donner, 1978). But the next motion picture "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979) was a huge success.

Workaholic Ted Kramer did not have time to really understand what happened, how he throws his wife Joanna. Throws not one, but with their six-year old son Billy. Do not pay too much attention to his son, Ted is it now not only a father but his mother, which affects the work of. And then, when the father and son begin to truly understand each other, there is Joanne and going through the court to return a Billy. Benton avoids pressed moves away from the melodramatic, excessive sentimentality (although a scene in which the father is sick son ran to the doctor, can hardly leave anyone indifferent). The most difficult thing in the film - a truly authentic film about human relations, in particular - the relationship of close people. Benton succeeds. In the film, beautifully played by Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, they are absolutely convincing as the son played by Justin Henry. Kramer vs. Kramer receives five Oscar nominations in for: best film, directing and script-adaptation (Benton), the main male role (Hoffman), Supporting Actress (Streep). The film was successful and the Soviet box office.

The second time, Benton took Streep in the thriller "A fragment of the Night (1982), failed specimen of the genre. By subtle psychological drama based on a thorough elaboration of characters, Benton returned to the movie "Places in the Heart" (1984). Sally Field plays a widow, which is difficult during the Great Depression of the 1930 trying to restore the family tobacco business. To reproduce the atmosphere of the American South (Benton himself from Texas and knows the customs of those places and the time is not hearsay) and a wonderful ensemble cast give the film the very credibility and persuasiveness. For his role of a strong and courageous woman Sally Field gets 'Oscar'. Benton Academy Award (the third in a row) goes for the original script. Texas (only this time - 1950) serves as a place of action and the next film Banton, a criminal comedy "Nadine" (1987), with a young Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger. Interest Film does not cause any critics nor the audience. A similar fate awaited and ambitious project "Billy Bathgate" (1991). It was an attempt to make an ambitious gangster drama on the level of "The Godfather" and "Once in America". Dustin Hoffman in the role of the legendary bandit Dutchman Schultz, Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman - cast entirely appropriate, but perhaps the film summed up the complete lack of action necessary for the genre. He, of course, could compensate for the convincing characters and dramatic conflict, but both look very pale. In the rolled film flopped. After retiring from the entertainment, Benton focuses on a detailed study of characters bounded by the bottleneck of action and takes a witty film "Fools do not," about the life of old loser (Paul Newman) and his circle of communication in a small town. Funny and sad reel of film, which issued Banton dialogues and situations drawn different actors (Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith), among which the splendid soloist Newman, who plays an evil, grumpy, quarrelsome, but charming type. And Newman and Benton (for original screenplay) claimed the 'Oscar'.

The next two films - an example of excellent casting in the same project, a good idea and banal and boring that the vision and capabilities. Few films can boast such a number of powerful actors, as detective "Twilight" (1998): Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, James Garner, Susan Sarandon, M. Emmet Walsh. Not much weaker than the ensemble drama "The Human Stain" (2003): Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris, Gary Sinayz. But neither in the story of an old detective drawn into a story of blackmail and murder in "Twilight" or the haunting uvazhaemogoneprofessora past in "Human Stain" no rhythm, no clever plot moves. They seem anemic made without inspiration. The most recent work Banton - scenario criminal comedy of Harold Ramis' The Ice Harvest.

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BANTON, Robert, photo, biography
BANTON, Robert, photo, biography BANTON, Robert  American film director, editor, photo, biography
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