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Daniil Semenovich Danin

( Russian writer)

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Biography Daniil Semenovich Danin
Danin, Daniil Semenovich (1914-2000), real name Pе?otki, Russian writer, publicist and popularizer of science. Born February 28 (10 March) 1914 in Vilna (Vilnius). In 1933 entered the Moscow State University, studied at the two faculties - Chemical (1933-1936) and physical (1936-1941). In 1938-1941 he was a student of the Literary Institute. Gorky. From his youth fascinated literature, organized and led by youth creative 'Brigade Mayakovsky' (1931-1933), from 1938 published in the 'Literary Gazette' and journals 'Banner', 'Krasnaya Nov', 'New World'. In February 1942 was adopted by the Union of Soviet Writers. During the Great Patriotic War, being free from the call on sight, nevertheless enlisted in the national militia, in 1946, was discharged as a captain.

Danin literary activity during the war amounted to military dispatches and the creation of 'Stories 3rd artdivizii Reserve Command' (not published). In 1946-1948 made a series of violent articles against the 'varnishing of reality' in poetry ( "Passion, . fight, . action "in the journal 'New World', . "We want to see his face" in the 'Literary Gazette', . "Ways of romance" and "failed miracle" in the journal 'Banner', etc.),
. Justifying the need for "dramatic start 'in the literature as aesthetic conditions of its credibility and moral values, . harshly criticized the 'secretarial poetry' A. Sofronova, . N. Gribachev, . A. Surkov, . A. Prokofiev ( "The lyrics of 40-year" in the journal 'Red Virgin Soil', . "Poverty of poetry" in the 'Literary Gazette', etc.),

During TN. 'anti-cosmopolitanism' was declared the leader of the anti-Party and anti-people formalist criticism in the field of poetry ( 'True', 1949, 16 February), excluded from candidates for membership of the CPSU and practically denied the right to publish. After exposure of Stalin's personality cult was restored in the CPSU (1956). In 1957 published a book of journalistic essays "For a man" and "Good Atom", which brought the first success Danin. In 1961 came his new book, "The Inevitability of a Strange World" - the story of modern physical picture of the world, . based on the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, . recognized classics of science fiction, . several times reprinted in Russian, which appeared in translation in 11 languages,
. Literary-theoretical foundations of scientific and artistic creativity Danin tried to formulate in his essay "The thirst for clarity", . published in 1961 in the journal 'New World' and which became capital letters in the collective collection formula and images - a dispute about a scientific topic in literature (1961, among its authors - P. Antokolsky, . Kaverin, etc.), . as well as in his own book discussion works Danin "Crossroads" (1974), . put forward the principle of 'centaur' - combining categories of scientific and artistic, . 'formula and the way', . This is achieved not just a popularization of scientific material, . a story about him as a human drama of seeking the truth of history and nature,
. The embodiment of this principle were the biographies of the great physicists of 20 in. "Rutherford" (1967) and Niels Bohr (1978). Since 1994, Danin read in Rossii'skom gosudarstvennom Humanities University (RGGU) course in the new discipline - 'kentavristike'; in 1996 was published 'Journal RGGU' (? 1), devoted entirely to this new discipline - 'experience combinations of incongruous'.

Author scripting feature of scientific and artistic films "In the depths zhivog" on (1967) and "You're in the world" (1980), a collection of polemical articles "And yet it exists!" (1982). In 1960 - 1990 led the editorial board of the almanac writer 'Pathways to the Unknown' published by 'Soviet writer', from 1992 - corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Natural Sciences. Danin owned memoirs confessional book "The burden of shame" (1996), cross-cutting theme which is reflected in the subtitle of "Pasternak and we" and "Strictly a hit (not finished; pieces published in periodicals of the second half of 1990).

Danin died in Moscow on March 14, 2000.

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Daniil Semenovich Danin, photo, biography
Daniil Semenovich Danin, photo, biography Daniil Semenovich Danin  Russian writer, photo, biography
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