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Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich

( Russian poet, novelist)

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Biography Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich
photo Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich
Dolmatovsky, EUGENE Aaronovitch (1915-1994), Russian poet, novelist. Born 22 April (5 May) 1915 in Moscow. The son of a lawyer, studied at Teachers College, from 1929 - Children's correspondent pioneer periodicals ( 'Druzhnye guys', 'Pioneer', 'Pionerskaja truth', where in 1930 he had his first publication). In 1932-1934 he worked for the Young Communist League's call for the construction of 1-st stage of the Moscow metro. In 1933-1937 he studied at the Literary Institute. Gorky

. Started with a small book of poems "Lyrics" (1934), . then, . constantly expanding the scope and perspective, . released a collection of "Far Eastern Poems" (1939), . reflecting experience Dolmatovski on a business trip in 1938 to the Far East (in 1939 was awarded a rare at the time the Order "Badge of Honor '), . Moskovskiye dawn "(1941), . "Steppe Notebook" (1943), . "Faith in Victory" (1944), . Poems from afar "(1945), . "The word about tomorrow" (1949; State,
. Prize of the USSR, 1950), "Stalingrad Poems" (1952), "The courage, friendship, love" (1954), "Years and Songs" (1963), "Verses on us" (1954), "and song and verse "(1975)," Hope, anxiety ... " (1977), "I must tell you" (1984)

. Poetry Dolmatovski, . since 1939 as a war correspondent who took part in the march of the Red Army in western Byelorussia and in the war with Finland, . and since 1941 - in battles with the Nazis, . largely nourished by front-line experiences, . as his prose - the novel "The Green Gate",
. Documentary legend about one of the first battles of the Great Patriotic War (1979-1989), . in which - one of the first in the domestic litirature - told of the experiences of the author, . has entered in 1941 in the environment and to escape back to the front, . the truth about the terrible first months of the war and the cruel injustice of the Stalinist state, . accused of betrayal of the Soviet 'encircled' and captives; memories "It (the book,
. 1-2, 1973-1979; finish. option - "Notes of a poet"), short stories and essays

. The real fame Dolmatovski brought the songs on his poems, . intimate and lyrical, . marked by its proximity to the traditional Russian city romance and at the same time lively fresh imagery, . always sensitive towards the pain and joy, . train of thoughts and feelings of a contemporary - whether old-patriot, . enters into an unequal battle with the saboteurs (Far lodge, . 1939), . love, . crowded spring joy of being ( 'All around was the blue and green ...', . 1941), . soldiers, . departing for the front (My favorite - "I then went to a campaign ... ', . 1941), . officer, . enchanted piece of peaceful life in the crucible of war (Waltz Officers, . dp,
. ref. - Random Waltz), 1943), the first guy in the village, going to town to study ( 'accordion was escorted to the institute ...', 1948), or a working guy, waiting for your favorite on a date (Sormovskaya lyrical, 1949). Many of the songs on poems Dolmatovski logged in popular films ( "Beloved City" - the film "Fighters", 'Ah, . how to live up to the wedding-marriage '- a film Parkhomenko, "Nostalgia" and "Song of Peace" - the film "Meeting on the Elbe", "I am the Earth! I escorted her pet ... ' and 'on Mars will be apple blossom' - the film "Dreams meet", . etc.), many are perceived as indivisible sign of the times and even as folk ( "Song of the Dnieper" - 'In coastal vines, . a high steeps ...'), . "Lenin mountains", . 'Over the Zastava factory ...', . 'We lived in the neighborhood', . "School days"),
. Even there, . where the impetus for the creation of the text served as an explicit or implicit ideological position, . strength and sincerity of poetic language, . plot ingenuity, . versifikatsionnaya flexibility communicate the text of the poet's artistic expressiveness, . augmented by the gentle and powerful beauty of the melodies of many prominent local composers (t.ch,
. NV Theological, V.P.Soloveva-Sedoj), working with Dolmatovsky ( 'Motherland hears, the birthplace knows ...', recollection of the squadron "Normandie-Niemen' - 'I'm worried, hearing the French speech ...' 'If the guys all the Earth ...', Crown Danube.

Imbued with genuine pathos and publicist, and lyrical, and 'zhizneopisatelnye' poem Dolmatovski ( "Felix Dzerzhinsky, 1938;" The Last Kiss ", 1967;" Hands Guevara, 1972, the Latin American revolutionary E. Che Guevara, Chile, in the heart, . 1973, . of the military coup overthrew the democratic president of Chile, Allende, "Escape", . 1974 "Walking in Ryazan, . related Esenin allusions, . 1975; Letters son ", . 1977; near the village of 'Bogatyr', , . of the first builders of the underground), . poetic trilogy of "One Destiny" (1947),

Dolmatovsky was also engaged in literary criticism (the book "From the Life of Poetry" 1965; "young poets", 1981), translations, editorial and derivative work.

Dolmatovsky died in Moscow on September 10, 1994

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Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich, photo, biography
Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich, photo, biography Dolmatovsky Eugene Aronovich  Russian poet, novelist, photo, biography
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