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( Russian writer, literary critic)

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Biography EROFEEV Viktor
Erofeev, Viktor Vladimirovich (p. 1947), Russian writer, literary critic. Born September 19, 1947 in Moscow in the family diplomat. In 1970 he graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University, then graduate school of the Institute of World Literature USSR. Ph.D. Philology. Articles Erofeeva were published in periodicals from 1967. In 1979 he became one of the organizers and participants of the censorship of literary miscellany 'Metropol', was expelled from the Writers' Union.

In response to the first book published in the USSR Erofeeva "Body of Anna, or the end of the Russian Avant-Garde" (1989) composer Alfred Schnittke wrote: 'You ... feel that the double effect of contact with long time friend, . but quite unprecedented, . the shock of meeting with hell and heaven at the same time, . happening within each of us, . that the absolute incomprehensibility of something, . seemingly, . completely beaten and banal,
. Do not know from what choke - from indignation blasphemy plots and characters, or the rarefied atmosphere of hushed-up, but clearly the perceived holiness of the martyr '

. In 1990 Erofeev published in the 'Literary Gazette' article "Wake of Soviet literature", . wrote about, . that "Soviet literature is a product of socialist-realist conception, . multiplied by the weakness of the human personality of the writer, . dreaming of a piece of bread, . fame and the status quo with the authorities, . anointed if not divine, . a universal ideas',
. Soviet literature of the post-Stalin period Erofeev divided the officious, village and liberal, and the 'village and the liberal literature, each in its own way, are beset gipermoralizmom'. According to the author, . in the early 1990's there is an alternative literature, . is different 'above all a willingness to dialogue with any, . Let the most distant in time and space to create a culture of passive one, . polistilisticheskoy structure with an unconditional basis of the experience of Russian philosophy in the early 20., . to the existential experience of world art, . on the philosophical and anthropological opening the 20 th century, . those left behind by Soviet culture, . to adapt to the situation of free expression and the rejection of the speculative publicistic ',

. Dissatisfaction with the majority of critics, . entered into a polemic with the author (A. Marchenko, . VVIvanov, . R. Kireev, etc.), . Not only has the content of article, . but contradiction, . in which, . they believe, . She enters with the work of the Erofeev, . which is inherent in the aesthetics of negation,
. The writer draws attention to the sphere of human existence, which is traditionally perceived as 'low'. He makes extensive use of 'indecent' vocabulary, describes in detail the physiological acts.

Fragility of the modern way of life, relativism in understanding the life values irreversibly affected by Erofeev, the creative possibilities of the individual. For example, the character of the story "Boldin Autumn" (1985) in a state of creative impulse is able to write only a few primitive curses at the family, women, parents, home, Lenin, Masha, life, culture, St. Augustine, coffee and God.

Many stories focus Erofeeva erotic theme, which he considers different perspectives - for example, in connection with a penchant for sadism rights ( "parrot", 1988, "Life with an Idiot", 1991). Inherent outrageous prose writer fully manifest in these and other works relating to eroticism

. In the most famous novel Erofeeva "Russian Beauty" (1990) tells the story of the provincial Irina Tarakanova, . which arrives in Moscow and after a lot of detail described sexual adventures conceives a child of the once beloved, . appears before her with the other world,
. The symbol of Russian beauty in the novel becomes a prostitute. Thus Erofeev said the changing role of beauty in the modern world. According to some critics, the novel is a literary game of used models.

In the story "Life with an Idiot" character-idiot has the appearance of a real historical person - Lenin. Erofeev creates an image of peace, hallucinations, even at the level of stylistic. Story of the basis for the libretto of the opera of the same name, written in 1986 by Alfred Schnittke.

Erofeev strives to create not only images of specific characters that go beyond the stereotypes, but the image and the corresponding time. This is evidenced by his reflections on the novel "The Last Court" (1994): 'It's like a novel, a summary of our past century, but it is not served by any historical reality and the characters and, through metaphor, I will not hide - quite shocking'.

The book "In the maze of issues of the Damned" (1990) consists of an essay on Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Shestov, Sologub, Sartre, Camus, Proust, and other Russian and French writers. According to the author samoharakteristike, this book leaves Erofeev 'without regret limits prissy academic'. Paradoxical, expressive and shocking essays contained in the book "Men" (1997), "Five Rivers of Life" (1998) and "Encyclopedia of Russian soul" (2000).

In the works are not always reflected Yerofeeva favorable aesthetic and ethical changes, according to the author, in the minds of modern man. His works are widely published abroad, translated into many languages.

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  • Dear readers If anyone knows the email address Viktor Erofeev, please! It would be very grateful. I need to contact them! Sincerely, Andrey Kositsin.
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    EROFEEV Viktor, photo, biography
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