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Krutilin Sergey A.

( Russian writer)

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Biography Krutilin Sergey A.
Krutilina, Sergey A. (p. 1921), Russian writer. Born Oct. 2, 1921 in s.Delehovo Ryazan Province. a peasant family. Member of the Great Patriotic War. He graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University (1947); appeared in the press with stories and essays, mainly from the life of factory workers. Since 1952, switched to rural themes, saying of himself, along with FA Abramov, VV Lipatov, 'Vyatichi' VN Krupin, and others, as one of the leading contemporary writers'derevenschikov '(tale "Springs", 1953; kn. stories and essays "In turn, 1961). Past and present, Mr.. Kirov (Vyatka) and the area devoted to the series of essays Krutilina "City of Vyatka River" (1959). The first large piece Krutilina novel "Snowdrops" (1961) reveals the process of identity formation of young people in difficult circumstances construction of virgin farm. Despite the expressive language and dynamic dialogue, the novel bears the features of a sketch and a schematic. Roman "Lipyagi (kn. 1-3, 1963-1965; the State Prize of the RSFSR. Gorky, . 1967), . Krutilin brought widespread acceptance and became, . along with "Pryaslins" Abramova, . "Ivushka neplakuchey M. Alexeeva, . epic novels Ivanova, . GM and other Markov, . attempt to 'positive', . in line with the unconditional recognition of the declared values of the Soviet system, . study of the historical experience of the people in the modern period, . tells about the life of the village of Ryazan,
. The complex composition, branching storyline, free movement of temporary beds, the credibility of chronicles and acute problems contributed to the artistic credibility of the established Krutilin together form a modern village. In calm and detailed narrative of the life of an old Russian village Lipyagi, . located near the famous Kulikova field, . emerges heroic history of the peasantry, . that the most adequate and secure for Krutilina, . as his associates, . carrier of the spiritual and corporal national genotype,
. With confidence in the correctness of socialist transformation and with the objective artistic drama, . resisting the author's bias, . Krutilin shows break-up centuries-old sense of ownership and the introduction, . emergence and cultivation of 'public', . 'collectivist' morality,
. With sarcasm and a rigid certainty the author describes the degradation of the Soviet village, . corrupt and ruined by an incompetent administration, . Spin 'imported' kolkhoz chairmen, . prompting, . unless, . his narrative to the optimistic expectation vsepreodolevayuschuyu 'Earth' by hereditary ploughmen, . breadwinners of the nation and its support,
. Roman, . consisting of the 22 stories, . claims not only on the content (which contributes to the fragmentation of the narrative, . decentralization of the hero), . and a multi-stylistic, . the deployment of acute psychological scenes ( "Rakita", . Ballad of the well ") to lyrical digressions publicist (Nazarkin treasure"),

. 'Trench' is true, . the fate of an ordinary man at war, . historical events in the breaking of individual destiny and the nature, . usually, . rejects necessary evil of military brutality (which brings together the works of prose Krutilina VP Astafieva, . V. Bondarev, . GY Baklanov, . VL Kondratyev, etc.), . disclosed on the material of war memories in the story "The Lieutenant Artukhov" (1968), . novels "Crosses" (1975) and "Neighborhood" (1976), . united under the general title "Apraksin Bor,

. Author 'plot' essays, . based mainly on their own experience and appeal to the social and moral problems of modern cities and villages, . as the novels "The sins of our serious" and "Flood" (both 1982), . story "slanting rain" (1969), . "Old skvorechnya" (1970), . "For the hillsides" (1971), . "Pustoshel" (1973), . "Farewell Dinner" (1977), . Sat,
. novels and stories "Workshop" (1981), . where the constant 'sign' the author's love, . compassion and hope appear bright images unpretentious, . honest and naive and poetic in its proximity to the nature of rural workers (Lena in "Koos rain"), . Seekers of romantic ideal, . perfect work, . moving in a selfless devotion to his love (builder Ivan in the "farewell dinner", . Kudinov artist in the story "Workshop in a lonely alley", . 1978).,

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Krutilin Sergey A., photo, biography
Krutilin Sergey A., photo, biography Krutilin Sergey A.  Russian writer, photo, biography
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