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BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),

( The English vocal and instrumental group)

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Biography BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),
photo BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),
BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath), the English vocal and instrumental group, the pioneers of 'heavy metal'. The original members (end 1960): John 'Ozzy' Osborne (John Ozzy Osbourne, p. 1946); Yommi Tony (Tony Iommi, p. 1946), Terry Butler (Terry Butler, P. 1946), Bill Ward (Bill Ward, p. 1946).

In late 1970 the group went through the first 'human revolution', when out of 'Black Sabbath' left Ozzy Osbourne and he was replaced by James Dayo (Ronni James Dio), which then was replaced by Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan). In 1980 the group performed as follows: Tony Yommi, Jeff Nichols (Geoff Nichols), Glenn Hughes (Glenn Hughes), Dave Spitz (Dave Spitz), Eric Singer (Eric Singer).

'Founding fathers' group, born in Birmingham, were familiar from childhood: Ozzy and Tommy learned in one class and are often faced with the future group-mates in the street fights. All of them had musical experience, as before 'Black Sabbath' were composed of various rock bands Birmingham. Then the quartet created an ensemble 'Ers' ( 'Earth'): Yommi played lead guitar and flute, Butler - bass guitar, Ward - drums, Ozzy Osbourne was a singer. While touring in Germany in 1969 'Ers' changed its name and became known as 'Black Sabbath'. Subsequently, Ward, explained the move: 'We changed the name because at that time, another group performed under the same name, and others' Ers' were better known than we. In addition, we played very different music: they performed the usual meynstrimovsky rock, and we, as people said then, daring, wild music: '. The summer of 1970 the album was reissued in the U.S.. The next album, "paranoid" (Paranoid, 1970) was even more enthusiastic reception from fans and stayed on the top lines of the chart until the release in 1971, their third album "Master of Reality" (Master of Reality). 'Black Sabbath' became famous thanks to its aggressive-tight compositions.

Bill Ward recalled how suddenly 'Black Sabbath' changed their stage image and style of behavior in public: 'It was at the dawn of our career. We played in a small club in New York: We were overextending themselves to create a public. And they sat in silence and looked at us with folded hands. Then I got mad, . jumped, . explode his drum set and began to throw them in the dish, . Sticks, . drums, . as one, . most vile, . which I just got, . I shouted: 'Well, . if you can better sbatsat - go ahead, . Try! " And then something happened,
. All jumped up, clapped, whistled - we have continued to show and the audience was already ours: '

. Not always causing a favorable reaction of critics, 'Black Sabbath' nevertheless managed to raise an army of fans who waited impatiently for the regular tour and records of
. Not surprisingly, the albums produced by a group once a year, the fixed cost of half a million, and sometimes millions of copies: Black Sabbath. Volume 4 "(Black Sabbath, . Volume 4, . 1972), . "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, . 1974), . "Sabotage" (Sabotage, . 1975), . "Technical ecstasy" (Technical Ecstasy, . 1976) and the resulting double album, best tracks, "We sold your soul to rock 'n' roll" (We Sold Our Soul for Rock'n'roll, . 1976),

. In 1977, Ozzy Osbourne announced his retirement, . and the group became an American James Dayo, . stayed so until the beginning of 1980 and participated in recording the album "Heaven and Hell" (Heaven & Hell, . 1980), . "Harsh rules" (Mob Rules, . 1981) and "Living evil" (Live Evil, . 1981),
. Replaced Dayo came Ian Gillan, did not spend long in the ranks of 'Black Sabbath'. In 1986 the group was completely updated, and now from 'Black Sabbath' were Yommi and Butler, the authors of all original compositions. The first experience of updated 'shabashniks' was the album "Seventh Star" (Seventh Star, 1986). In the same part of the group continued to exist in subsequent years, combining in his repertoire of traditional 'heavy metal' things with more calm blues-rock material.

In the late 1990's - early 2000's group has repeatedly toured in Russia.

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BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),, photo, biography
BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),, photo, biography BLACK Sabbath (Black Sabbath),  The English vocal and instrumental group, photo, biography
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