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Grachev Anatoly

( Russian actor)

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Biography Grachev Anatoly
Grachev, Anatoly (p. 1937), Russian actor. People's Artist of Russia (1998). Born July 12, 1937 in Ishimbaj (Bashkortostan). After his mother's death in 1947 moved to her grandmother in the Ulyanovsk region, where he graduated from school, it also served as a laboratory. In 1954 he left for Salavat, where he worked as fitters. Since childhood displayed acting skills, participated in the initiative, worked in the palace of culture in dance, vocal and drama. In 1955 entered GITIS (workshop IM Rajewski). AA Goncharov, invited him, even 4-year student in the Moscow Dramatic Theater (at Spartakovskaya area).

In 1962 the theater moved to Malaya Bronnaya, Grachev has worked here until 1993. Involvement began with in the crowd, played in the episodes. The first significant role was Sawa Lychanov in the play "Comedy of Frol" Skobeyev DV Averkieva staged MM Boutkevitch. In "The Ninth Wave" on the play YF Edlisa staged by Goncharov, played a major role. An important actor in the biography was the work in the play Goncharova man alive "after the novel by Vladimir E. Maximov (1964), where Grachev also played a major role. Mock made by Maximov, built on the recollections of the hero. Complete dramatic role was technically difficult, demanding instantaneous switching from one age to another, changes of emotional states. Job actor was seen, although performance in 1968 was withdrawn from the repertoire. He played in other productions Goncharova ( "Mutiny unknown" GA Borovik, . "View from the Bridge" by Miller), . in performances of "As You Like It William Shakespeare, and one year on YP Herman, . set P. Fomenko, . who spent one season at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, . as well as with the directors of SA Barkan, . I. Sudakova, . V. Kramov, . O. Ya Remez, . working during the leadership Goncharova,

In 1967, the theater came A. Efros. With this director associated best work Gracheva. 'Efros was and still is for me the main point of reference in art', - confessed artist. He was busy almost all the performances Efros. Real discovery was the role of the actor Romeo ( "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare, 1970). In this work manifested its 'ability to play high drama, a real tragedy, while remaining alive, naturally ...'. Unexpected was the work Grachev as Cheshkova in the play "The man from the" IM Dvoretsky (1971): known for his mild manner of execution, . lyricism, . in this 'productive play' Grachev played hard, . repulsive their maximalism head of a new type,
. In 1972, played Alyosha Karamazov in The Brothers Alyosha "VS Rozova by Fyodor Dostoevsky, continuing the 'theme of pure souls within the life'. The basis was the role of spiritual refinement, the inherent nature of his acting. With Efros actor played Kuzma ( "Tales of Old Arbat, A. Arbuzov, . 1975), . Don Carlos (Don Juan Moliere ", . 1973), . Belyaev ( "Month in the Country Ivan Turgenev, . 1977), . Selifan and Nozdryov ( "The Road" V. Balyasnogo on "Dead Souls" and the letters Gogol, . 1980), . Okunev ( "Schauspieldirektor Dvoretzky", . 1984),
. He worked with director AL Dunayev, played in his performances of "Barbarians" and "Enemies" Gorky.

After opening in 1993, the theater 'Et cetera' under the leadership of AA Kalyagina was invited to the role of Serebryakov in "Uncle Vanya," Anton Chekhov directed by A. Sabinina and stayed to work in this theater. Played Stychkin in the "Guide for those wishing to get married" by Chekhov, James Mayo in "Beyond the Horizon" YU.O 'Nile Zheronta in "Doctor willy-nilly" Moliere, Robert in "Modified" H. Pinter, Karnaukhova in the "Competition" п-.п° . Galina. Playing in the performances in the entreprise MM Kozakov, working with director AA Vasiliev over play by D. Krymov "The Long Goodbye".

Since 1957, acted in films (more than 40 films), played the Pretender in Boris Godunov, Pushkin, staged Efros on television.

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