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Mylyavskii Lolita

( Singer)

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Biography Mylyavskii Lolita
photo Mylyavskii Lolita
Lolita Milyavskaya was born on November 14 in the town of Mukachevo Transcarpathian region. Childhood and youth were held in Kyiv. My mother, a singer, worked in a jazz-band. Father Mark had worked with Mother of ceremonies, led the orchestra. During the tour, parents little Lolita grew up with my grandmother.

In 1972, the parents are divorced, and in 1974 his father emigrated abroad. After his mother's departure career was over. After school Lolita tries to sing in a team mom, met with Irina Ponarovskaya, took her first voice lessons and works backing vocals. Lolita goes to the Tambov Institute of Culture at the Directing Department.

In his student years, she met her first husband - a student-classmate Alexander Mylyavskii.

In 1985, Lolita Milyavskaya ends Tambov Institute of Culture. Directing Department helped Lolita and as aspiring actress. Getting to the scene took place in Odessa Oblast Philharmonic, where she served in the genre of spoken thumbnails. At this time, the sum of its Role - Actress conversational genre, which further contributes to its work on the concert stages. In the provincial Philharmonic she met with Alexander Tsekalo.

In 1987, the frequent conflicts and maximalism Lolita lead to its withdrawal from the Philharmonic and marriage with Alexander Tsekalo. Miliavskaya decides to try yourself as a professional singer.

In collaboration with Tsekalo created cabaret duo "Academy". The first joint album, "Small Revolution", released in 1992 on the "vinyl" and dubbed in 1995 on CD, remained unnoticed mass audience. But the next album "Nebalnye Dance", released in 1994 at the studio "ZeKo records" elevates them to the top of the charts.

Unusual and funny duet beautiful tall girl and a little plump man with a beard - is becoming popular. American producer compared them with the famous pair of Sony and Cher ". No speeches or Entertainer cabaret duo "The Academy", was a small number of concerts. Around this time, Lolita, and Alexander and try to make themselves as leaders in the program "TV pizza" and begin using the program "Morning mail" on the ORT channel.

In 1995, the album goes "If you want, but are silent" ( "Bekar records" and the studio "Union").

In 1997, the studio "Bekar records" recorded the album "The Wedding".

Concert versions of these two albums, the last on the stage GKTSZ "Russia" have been appreciated and awarded prizes for the year.

By this time, the channel RTR appears the program "Good Morning, Country", which is also broadcast on Ukrainian channel "1 +1". This program takes the leading position rating.

Enjoyed great popularity among the audience work Lolita in television project "The old song about the main" on the TV channel ORT. Between shootings on television, and studio recordings Miliavskaya has successfully toured with concerts in the cities of Russia, the CIS, as well as in Israel, Canada, USA, Germany, Cyprus.

In April 1999, comes the album "Tu-Tu-Tu Na-Na-Na". According to the audience and record companies - this is the best album recorded by cabaret duo "Academy". Also in 1999 came out "thief" album "Fingerprints fingers", which is due to the lack of advertising, but also because of the existence of this phenomenon on television and radio as "unformat" - and did not receive appropriate attention.

Following the 1999 Lolita Mylyavskii awarded the prize "Ovation" in the nomination "VIP", as the most versatile singer, actress, director, leadership and TV.

In 1999 Aleksandar Tsekalo and Lolita Milyavskaya daughter, Eva. But after 12 years of marriage, the couple parted. Eva brought up her mother Lolita in Kiev. Despite the divorce, working relationships were still. None of the men did not wish the demise of the cabaret duo "Academy". But since 2000, Lolita finishes working with A. Tsekalo.

Since January 1, 2000 Lolita began her solo career. On New Year's night viewers saw it on channel NTV, RTR, TV-6. Later, Lolita takes part in "Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva, where together with Alyona Apina performs song composer Laura Quint on the poetry of Olga Kliimenkovoy on female friendship, which has become quite popular.

Lolita's beautiful voice combined with superb acting and external data is in demand on radio and television.

In addition to the vocal skill Miliavskaya works fine as master of ceremonies. Excellent led program with Alena APIN, Valdis Pelsh and Alexei Kortnevym. Sense of humor, ability to clearly speak beautifully, artfully declare artist Lolita demonstrated on "Creative evening of the composer Igor cool". Here the singer has acted as the director of the concert.

Creative life artist does not stop for a minute. Write new songs.

November 25, 2000 she released her first solo album "Flowers". It heard 13 new songs singer. Later removed the first clip "Flowers", which is being directed by Alexander Kalvarskaya, and the operator Maxim Osadchiy. Soon after they released the video "propane".

Singer continues to concerts. With the success it was in clubs and concert halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev.

There are numerous invitations to take music, entertainment programs, talk shows. Do not diminished attention and print media. Still Lolita has a high rating from readers.

In 2001, the singer was withdrawn in the musical "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" (Russia 2001) Directed by Simon Gorov invited to the famous tale of the same name N. V. Gogol's heroes such as Philip Kirkorov, Lolita Miliavskaya, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Danilko. Lolita is a charming Solokha. Music for the film written Konstantin Meladze.

In 2002 Miliavskaya removed in another musical fairy tale "Cinderella". Again directed by Simon Gorov invited the brightest stars in Russia and Ukraine in its enchanting comedy. Lolita Milyavskaya (stepmother), Valery Leontiev, Danilko, Valery Meladze, Larisa Dolina was decorated with the famous fairy tale about good Cinderella.

October 4, 2002 at the Theater Estrada premiere of the famous musical "Chicago". Produced musicals were Filipp Kirkorov. In the musical play superintendent Lolita "Mama" Morton in prison. "Chicago" - is primarily famous choreography of Bob Voss ( "Cabaret," "All That Jazz"), so the actors, including Lolita, exhibited high demands: to dance, sing, and possess artistic. Reviews public and the press on Lolita Milyavskaya in the musical were positive.

In December 2002, Lolita was withdrawn in the "Playboy". Gallery was dedicated to the musical "Chicago". Several times the "Playboy" offered the actress failed to withdraw to its edition. Mylyavskii persuaded her friend Philip Kirkorov: "You are beautiful, strong and independent woman. People need to see that in 38 years you can look like a much steeper 25-year ". Photos stars adorned the popular magazine.

In March 2003, published her second album "Show divorcee". On two songs from the album "Music of the body" and "Fuck off" clips were filmed by director Alexander Kalvarskaya. "Show a divorced woman, as shown on the stage of a concert hall" Russia "and on television, there has been a huge success.

October 24, 2003 saw the premiere "Rubber Prince" based on the novel by Oleg Bagaeva "Faloimmitator". Famous director Nina Chusova seen as a business woman only Lolita Milyavskaya. The singer plays a woman-oligarch, who still goes to the state of femininity and mad love. Himself "rubber Prince" (a man-doll), which should quicken in the final, played by Eugene Stychkin.

In December 2003, the singer was withdrawn in the musical film on Beaumarchais's comedy "The Marriage of Figaro" ( "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro). In the comedy involved Lolita (Countess), Philip Kirkorov, Anastasia Stotskaya.

Is changing and in my personal life artist. In 2003, Lolita meets businessman Alexander Zarubin. Alexander worked as Deputy Chairman of RF Pension Fund, . Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of RF President, . Chief Adviser to the Head of the Komi Republic, . the beginning of this year, A. Zarubin was appointed CEO of the industrial holding company, Renova,

. In 2003-2004, two more removed the clip from the new album, "Lipstick" and "macho" (Directed by Oleg Gusev Maxim Osadchy operator)

. June 19, 2004 at Tsaritsyno held wedding of Alexander and Lolita.

. 13-14 November 2004 in the Concert Hall "RUSSIA" premiered a new show Lolita "I'm 41 ... But who will?", And from February 1, 2005 began an ambitious concert tour in support of the cities of Russia, CIS and abroad
. Shaw "I 41 ... And who will? "Was a success in more than 120 cities.

August 29, 2005 at the First Channel started a talk show Lolita "without complexes", which comes with a great ranking on a daily basis in the daily broadcast channel.

In 2005, viewers were presented two kinoraboty Lolita - Movies "Pops" and "It's all flowers"

. October 22, 2005 in the club mix "Soul and Body" a presentation of the new album Lolita "Format"

. Filmography:

. 1,996 die of happiness and love
. 2003 Marriage of Figaro
. 2005 Popsa
. 2005 This is all flowers
. 2006 Cars (Cartoon, Russian dubbing)

. Plays, musicals, shows, TV projects

. 1993 TV-Pizza
. 1995 Morning Mail
. 1997 Good Morning, Country!
. 1999 Old songs about the main
. 2000 Christmas meeting Alla Pugacheva
. 2001 Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka
. 2002 Cinderella
. 2002 Chicago
. 2003 Shaw divorced women
. 2003 Rubber Prince
. 2005 I 41: And who will?
. 2005 without complexes
. 2007 Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (musical)
. 2008 Leading the competitive part of the project 'Superstar-2008' on NTV.

. Discography

. 1992 Little coup *
. 1995 Do you want to, but is silent *
. 1997 Wedding *
. 1999 Tu-Tu-Tu, Na-Na-Na *
. 1999 prints fingers *
. 2001 Flowers (single)
. 2003 Shaw divorced women
. 2004 I 41: And who will? - Quad-disc (CD + DVD)
. 2005 Format
. 2007 Neformat
. 2007 turned out you're my weakness (single)
. 2007 Orientation North - Sky Music (CD + DVD)
. 2008 Fetish

. * - In the Cabaret duo 'Academy'

. Awards

. Following 1999 - Prize "Ovation" in the category 'VIP', as the most versatile singer, actress, director, leadership and TV.

. Source: http://www.lolita.su

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  • Mylyavskii Lolita

Photos of Mylyavskii Lolita
Mylyavskii LolitaMylyavskii LolitaMylyavskii LolitaMylyavskii Lolita

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  • nikita7 for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • stepaschka10 for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hi Lola. I do not know if you ever read anything my letter. but I sincerely wish you success in your career. I believe in you. Katerina.
  • korifanski for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Image hamovitoy wench in "Bezkompleksov" apparently liking our tetkam.Da Miliavskaya Russia and in the life of me so, because the absence of complexes does not imply the existence of banal vulgarity
  • Marina for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolitochka were on your concert in Gelendzhik in late July 2008goda.Ty clever, we admire you. I sincerely wish you good luck in everything. And all zlopyhatey-send to ....
  • Alain Domracheva for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolita, Hello, You are a remarkable woman, a singer and I think, a good man, and that is the rarity. I do not even think that you are to me once otvetite.Ya first week in,, NETE, and I really always wanted to know about you bolshe.Moi friends say that I'm yours, daughter, to do with it, without koompleksov I-rada.Do bye, Alain.
  • cudgel Elena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello Lolita. I am 29 years old, I live in Kazakhstan, the small town of Temirtau I certainly understand that you are very busy and that your own problems, but if it is in your power to please help me ... I did and when no one has requested any assistance, . And in principle, except me, . like God does not ask for more from kogo.Chestno, . very ashamed to recognize, . I need help, . but I really want ..... I would not even know how to contact you, and in general is it possible? If a miracle happens and you pay attention to my letter ...,
  • Anonymous for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Tatiana for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Thank you for what you have. I sincerely wish you to be with a man, who would you have loved and understood, I want to make you feel as nice when you care about. Be happy, give us your energy, desire to live and survive all adversities.
  • Jan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello, if you will be shot on film, please report the samples, leaving the address dr.trun @ mail.ru. I'm just very similar, yes and types mine. (Unless, of course my post someone will read )........ :-)
  • Jan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • PS ............ there is.
  • elmira for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lolochka! Many thanks to you for the concert! Your eyes! She looked yesterday on the NTV (sovreshenno accidentally hit on the channel), and (instead of sleep) to stupor watching your speech (concert in the Kremlin in the record). Sometimes such a stupor! .... I saw you, so what? What stupor? Well does not work, well sam ....... all, . Well tired to fight, . Well ...., . live and still need, . and most importantly - a very desirable! Pity, . that there is no opportunity to get in touch directly, . You have to publicly express his great understanding and prinimanie you and then, . what are you doing! Well, . and aunt all there (though I am to them with respect, . achieve the heights, not all can), . Well, the person at the concert got this .....,
    . With pleasure talking to live, and possibly trouble seeing
  • OLGA for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • LOLITA! YOU ARE SUPER! Looking at you want to live. Good luck in everything!
  • Alena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Why does no longer show the program "Without complexes", or just with us in the Komi?
  • Ludmila for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • I was at your concert in Anapa, . to say? year has passed, . And I still remember THY BOL.Na concert and I cried and laughed., . Touched and VOSTORGALAS.Nehochu not offend anyone, . but before you are feeling spree, . I could provoke only AB thou great singer and aktrisa.Spasibo you est.ZhIVI happily MIRE.i LET THIS LIGHT POWER OF THE UNIVERSE protect you from envy and malice.,
  • margarita for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Lola! what a blessing that you have our thanks for a concert in Serpukhov!
  • Demon for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Madam, truly admire you, and success to you!
  • Naza for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello dear Lola! I honestly do not believe that you ever read my letter, . but as the saying is our hope for a very long time (until it was ubyut))) I will not say that I'm a fan of your songs and constantly listening to only you, . not (always you I do not listen but I have a song from which I get the pleasure!) I am a fan of your character, . logic, . ability to put oneself, . Prada, the only thing that I do not like that you often fall on their knees in front of few other people, . I honestly even angry when I see you in front of someone on my knees as I think, . that man should bow only to God and parents more than anyone, much less a woman, . but it is not scary, . important you know how to deal with men ..,
    . ))) If you read this letter that I would like to know about it, but if not, then it means ... but does not mean anything))) in your life from this, nothing will change as well as in mine, but who knows .... Well, what can I write to you lastly, I wish you all the things that he wishes for himself, and himself all that I wish you. be bored write, I answer, though I think you do not have to boredom))) GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING!
  • babay for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • rku-ku! ha Lolita
  • Svetlana sf for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Good for you, so keep at least you is not easy
  • FSB for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Arseny for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Hello Lola, I love you very, very sorry not love your work, . namely you, . know such impressions that we are kindred spirits, . I, too, without complexes, . would like to see your show but Ukraine did not show me yet only 18 but the desire to be yourself already sore as 60 years, . if you want pokatatsya with me in Kharkiv subway, . Natyrov paper with McDonald's, etc., etc.,
    . call! +380939636333
  • alan for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • frank idiot and fool of Muhosranska ... when the shit stops to fill in Moscow - we have a lack !
  • VENUS for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • Elena for Mylyavskii Lolita
  • This comment is for this site. I appreciate the information about Lolita and interesting facts presented in her bio. However, sometimes it is hard to understand the meaning due to bad translation. The text should be re-vised and translated professionally. Thank you, Elena
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