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Anna Azarov

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Biography Anna Azarov
photo Anna Azarov
Anna Azarov in modeling business with 14 years. Experience of working with such famous fashion houses like Armani, Raso Rabanne, Comme des Garcons, made her famous and in demand on the French market fashion and beauty. But a few months ago, she left a lucrative contract and returned to Moscow. Here it is waiting for members of the crew from the TV series Dear Masha Berezina, which began to show STS. In this story about the modeling business, love and betrayal, Anna Azarov plays a major role - almost itself - a model who returned from France.

As you found in the capital of fashion?

- Random. Representatives of the French modeling agency asked me to try my luck. I did not take this idea seriously, wanted to give. Mom, easily addictive personality, persuaded me to fly to Paris. I do not believe in success and came to the casting with a photograph taken 'Polaroid', but suddenly everything began to turn, whirl ... A week later I was shot for the French edition of Marie Clair.

- Everything went smoothly? Or rivals still tossed button in shoes?

- Buttons was. However, one trouble happened - I fell out of the window ...

- Somebody help? Or unrequited love?

- Love has nothing to do with it. Came to me friends. We chatted, had fun, and my friend Pierre jokingly threatened to throw me out of the window if I refuse to go with them to rest on the coast, and gently pushed. In general, breaking the glass, I flew out the window. During the fall, very lame. Remained intact, only the person. Everything Else - solid scars and broken bones. The whole year has passed in a fog: hospitals, clinics, surgery. I thought that would never go back to work.

- And yet you stayed in the modeling business.

- Thanks to my friends. After the fall of me developed a terrible set. I could not wear short skirts and T-shirts. Even in the strongest heat wore trousers and shirts with long sleeves. And then my friend bought me a short skirt and shirt, pants and shirt and threw. I had to wear. And then came an offer from a modeling agency. I said to them: 'How can I work if I'm all crippled? " And they told me: 'What did you suffer? Face a left. We work. There are computer graphics'.

- You are a brave girl. Developed a strong character through the work?

- The character I have really strong. But as courage ... Remember what the nickname was a Epikhodov of Chekhov's 'Cherry Orchard'? 'Thirty-three misfortunes'. It's about me. I'm terribly clumsy and constantly be stuck in history. Running on the spot, I can break a leg.

- As with 'stunning ability to' live alone in a foreign country?

- What to do? In 16 years I was in a huge alien world. Of course, it was terrible, but I quickly adapted. Almost immediately learned the language. Beginning earn herself ... Of course, I miss home, my friends, but life was extremely interesting. He caught glimpses of new cities, new people ... I traveled a lot, but did not stay for long. For example, the plan I had four days to appear in Milan. Suddenly appearing any more profitable customer, he phoned the agency, negotiated with them, and instead of Milan, I flew to Munich. Or - a meal with friends, relax. Only just unpacked suitcases, and that evening I got a call from the agency: 'You know, you have a job, we'll have already bought a plane ticket. You have time to get to the airport? We have calculated - you should catch. No, if you do not want, you can not go, we can all cancel. Such a client, photographer of such a. No, you can not go, but the prospects of all this such and such '. Of course, I always agree to work.

- Frequent visitor to Moscow?

- Once in two months. But not for long - for three days. From the airport - directly home. I often visited in winter on New Year's Eve, and I had no warm clothes. If I go somewhere for a walk, then dressed as a prisoner of war: an old sheepskin coat, which went back in school, under her two sweaters, jeans, beneath which were tights, hat, hood, and even wrapped a scarf. Some eyes were sticking out. And anyway, I froze terribly.

- You lived in France for eight years. Surely you have elaborated some habits - good and bad?

- Habits are not related with the country, but rather with the rhythm of life, work. A good habit - efficiency, bad - smoking. I have lost the habit at home, so either somewhere to go, or to interrupt chips. Cook, clean, wash - not my business. I never eat breakfast - not enough time. The best five minutes of extra sleep.

- By the way, your heroine and career evolved as well, and the Parisian love was. Only you do not have a small son, as Masha Berezina ...

- Well, my love was not so. Beloved Masha Vincent - owner of the largest model agency - made her a star podiums. She bore him a son, but after the betrayal Vincent left with a child in Moscow. It turned out that at my age is very difficult to play Motherhood. I often recommend to my mother. Scenes from a child I was rehearsing at home, but Masha is playing mother and child - I.

- Is it true that you refused the contract in Paris for this role?

- Yes. I do not understand why all the surprise?

- A typical day model in Paris?

- Sometimes you can sleep from morning till evening. Returned home late. Moscow metro is compared with Paris - Edem. In the Paris subway in the evening verhovodit teenagers, Arabs and other non-friendly mood of the characters. Going down into the ground, better yet again not dyed and not to dress too well.

- Hard to be a model?

- Resort to casting, all smiles: 'Hello, my name is Anna Azarov'. Often, work had to travel by plane. The main routes: in Milan, in Berlin. Organizers are very fond of put us on the planes that fly up at 5 am. I try to hurry, the same evening, after the fashion shows or shooting to return home, ie in Paris. You can certainly stay, but do not want to spend the night at the new place. The first two years all of these flights were impressive, seemed to be something unusual. And now I am tired, especially do not want to go anywhere.

- Do you have beauty recipes?

- Dream. 8 o'clock. Minimum cosmetics. Unloading the days when I eat only yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

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