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Lowell, Robert

( American poet)

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Biography Lowell, Robert
Lowell, Robert (Lowell, Robert) (1917-1977), American poet. Born March 1, 1917 in Boston. Was brought relative Dzh.R.Louellu and Annie Lovell. After two years at Harvard, went to Kenyon College, graduating in 1940. He married novelist Jean Stafford. Was guided by the conservative and patriarchal rural South, combat financial-industrial North and the Puritan tradition of New England, where he was raised

. After the beginning of World War II, Lowell, had tried unsuccessfully to get into the navy, . and when he was called in 1943 for service, . he refused to take part in hostilities, . protesting against the bombing of civilian targets, . for which he was convicted and spent 5 months in prison,

His first poetry collection "The Earth inconsistencies" (Land of Unlikeness), whose name reflects the author's spiritual alienation from their environment and the roots came out in 1944. In 1947, Lowell served as a consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress. In 1948 divorce from Jean Stafford, in the next year married the novelist Elizabeth Harduik. Later he taught at various colleges and at Harvard University. Author of books "The Castle of Lord Weary" (Lord Weary's Castle, . 1946 Pulitzer Prize, . 1947), . "Pages of Life" (Life Studies, . 1959; National Book Award), . "Free adaptation" (Imitations, . 1961; Prize Bolling for translations), . "Died for the Union" (For the Union Dead, . 1964), . "The Ocean" (Near the Ocean, . 1967), . "Notebook,
. 1967-1968 "(Notebook 1967-1968, 1969)," Dolphin "(The Dolphin, 1973; Pulitzer Prize, 1974)," Selected Poems "(Selected Poems, 1976)," Day by Day "(Day by Day, 1977 ), "Prose" (Collected Prose, 1987).

In 1964 dramatization Lowell G. Melville's novella "Benito Sereno" (Benito Cereno), included in his trilogy "Valor of the past" (Old Glory - stars and stripes), won 'Obi' as the best vnebrodveyskaya statement. In June 1965, Lowell hit the headlines by refusing to protest against the war in Vietnam to participate in the presidential Arts Festival, held at the White House.

The early poetry of Lowell describes the adherence to traditional, often complicated metrical forms, the richness of symbolism, rhyme, alliteration, the abundance. The poet often resorts to emotional monologues, language and images are often naturalistic. In the early poetry dominates religious and political topics. In the opinion of Lowell, the desire for profit and indifference to human life destroyed the moral installation, with which the United States ended the war. The reasons for the moral degradation of American society Lowell saw Puritan hypocrisy, greed and cruelty of the cover. Puritan intolerance and narrowness Lowell contrasted the more moderate and merciful doctrine of Catholicism and the broader 'European' view of things. Passion and bitterness at the same time determine the overall tone of his first works.

Collection of "Pages of Life", the best book of Lowell, marked a new turn in the work of Lowell. Most included in his works written in verse white, they are more 'personal' confessional in nature. With unusual frankness, the poet tells of his childhood, family troubles, mental worries. In many poems, and presupposed in the book autobiographical sketch drawn during the reign of President Eisenhower, . mentioned landmark in the era writers' names and stories, he says, and that, . that disapprovingly called 'materialism of the church',
. The same confession, but in a complicated form is characterized by a collection of "Notebook". Lowell refers to a form of unrhymed sonnets. O 'personal' the poet writes more encrypted and amid the turbulent public events of late 1960.

Lowell died in New York on 12 September 1977.

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Lowell, Robert, photo, biography
Lowell, Robert, photo, biography Lowell, Robert  American poet, photo, biography
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