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Bolotov Hope

( Entrepreneur)

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Hope Bolotova

Thimblerigger grinned like a hyena: 'We place yet? " Nadia placed the last quarter - and once again lose! Tears flowed from the eyes. Now is not the money to buy a ticket to his native Nizhnevartovsk: She wept, without assuming that because of this the occasion of her destiny and make a steep banked in 10 years, it will hold millions of. Meanwhile:

In the meantime, 17-year-old Nadia Bolotova stood at one of Moscow's streets and did not know what to do. In the yard was the end of the 80's, the height of the 'wild capitalism'. In the capital, she came to do in high school, but failed. Could not help even a gold medal school. Now we have lost all the money that gave parents.

She was helped by a friend, neighbor, which Moscow was engaged pritorgovyvaniem every trifle, like cosmetics and chewing gum. Whether fortunate, whether in Nadi from despair awaken 'entrepreneurial spell', but she offered to try to gain money for unclaimed goods by passing it to the pawnshop. He was accepted and immediately gave him the money. Tickets to the house was bought.

The following year, Nadia again went to storm the Moscow State. In Nizhnevartovsk, which even on a bicycle can go round for half an hour, she was closely. But the student of Moscow University and Hope did not become the second attempt. Then, at least to start with something, she was admitted to the Co-operative College of accountant. And: love.

The young man began to live together. Soon came to the end of the study, and hope from the thought that somewhere in the office, it will reduce the debit with credit, became nauseated. And then there was another twist of fate: she became pregnant. But even with twins!

But the babies died during childbirth, one after the other. The doctors said that they had not opened the lungs:

Can be stored for years deep in the soul of the tragedy. But the memory of it would not change the life. And you can, his teeth clenched, again believe in themselves, begin to work to achieve their. Hope went to the second path. Began looking for work and suddenly remembered his little commercial success. Why not try it again? Market study. At that time, in the late 80's, there was cheer for goods from Poland - office equipment, gold jewelry:

Hope to buy goods abroad, sold in Moscow. Every day, got up at four in the morning, was carrying trunks on the market in the Luzhniki. When the gates opened, the assault began - traders fought for good places:

Year and a half years since the death of the twins, when Hope realized that once again is expecting a baby. It was luck! Her daughter was named Caroline. And at first it was good. But after some time with the father of the child discord, they parted.

Life went on, the trade turnover grew, although a few times Hope was provided in hard situations where vchistuyu 'goes bust' on deals. Once in the airplane Hope met with two Lithuanian businessmen. They said the sale crabsticks, which in Russia has ever had.

In Moscow, Hope took a lot of money and flew to Lithuania. Brought a 20-ton container and immediately received a huge profit. After the sticks went sea delicacies: Turnover reached 150 thousand dollars a week. Money should be had to something to put. And she organized his first company to sell seafood in registered packages.

Began weekdays businesswoman. Hope engulfed this maelstrom: flights to different countries for talks and dinner - in Singapore, breakfast - in Paris:

Here's just a personal life does not get down. Hope for experienced firsthand what a strong woman syndrome. Revenue grew from year to year and reached millions of dollars a year. How many men can meet such a woman? And once it was a miracle. There have been service in the church, the Red Square in the fires and a warm hat, which he gave her when she was frozen:

Since then, they no longer parted. The wedding was played in a year. By the time Hope was already pregnant with their first child with Anton - son Tikhon.

They decided that the wedding should be special. The groom was dressed as Peter I (we rented at the Bolshoi Theater), the bride - in dress, bespoke, in the style of the Empress Catherine.

And what about business? He continued to flourish. Three years ago, hope to build another, and arrangement in growing mushrooms.

And two years ago she gave birth to third child - Milan. Anton became the manager of one of its holding company, taking the lion's share of business concerns. And everything fell into place: a man - the head, the woman - a neck. At last we have hopes of freeing up time for yourself. To 34 years of her life coincided almost incompatible: business, 'triple' motherhood, love, a lot of hobbies (painting, Eastern philosophy, psychogenetics). And now even the singing. Hope hired a teacher, vocal coach, found the man who wrote for her song:

Last year, the international audit company "Ernst and Young 'held a competition among entrepreneurs of Russia. Hope Bolotov became the first in the history of Russia won in the category 'Best woman entrepreneur'. What to feel a millionaire? 'Normally, - said Nadezhda - good - this, of course, well. But in a world of them is not zaberesh, so my attitude toward money easily. The main thing is to get enough to what you really need. A real value - love, honesty, personal responsibility - money can not buy.

A Business: For business does not matter what sex you are. Business Lady differ from others in that they are not afraid to take risks. Personally, I helped the confidence that everything will be fine '.

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    Bolotov Hope, photo, biography
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