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Drobysh Viktor Yakovlevich

( Music)

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Biography Drobysh Viktor Yakovlevich
Name Victor Drobysh became known to the public only after his participation in the "Factory of stars-3" as one of music producers. Meanwhile, songs Drobysh knows everything, without exception, the country's population - this duet "Love, of which there are no more" and the song of Diana Gurtskaya "Tender" and "Light of My Love" Christina Orbakaite and, of course, 'hour' Valerie.

- Victor, you are now the most mysterious composers of Russia - about you, little is known. Can you tell us a little historical information about yourself?

- I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, he studied at the Rimsky-Korsakov, first in the school at the Conservatory, then at the Conservatory. In the wake of the collapse of the "Earthlings" I got there and stayed with Igor Romanov. Romanov - who is fond aunt.

- He sang about the grass at the house. He was still a guitar with two necks.

- Yes. After that, the group made a "Union", played rock. Incidentally, it was a vivid example of how you can spoil everything, playing rock. By the rock should be treated carefully, seriously. We failed. Then I played in the group "St. Petersburg" - "enchanted, bewitched," "Russian, Russian". I was there already composer. That I, too, was not. Then I made a group, it for some reason called "Pushkin", can be heard.

- Yes, I heard. Such a pathetic hard rock.

- This is a most painful point of my biography. I went to Germany, I had friends there, producers. It was a sad experience. There were people who invested money. And they just started doing something quite different that we should, began removing clips of songs that did not have to shoot. There was a real song - "Mama". After that I had had enough, do not have anything more to do, and stayed in Germany.

- In what year was it?

- In the 96-m. I have worked with artists in Germany, "Culture Beat", making production with Peter Rhys for "No Angels". Quietly, gradually. In Finland, received a "gold plate" - 15 thousand copies. Go on, try to sell in Finland, 15 thousand to 4 million people. Then - concurrence of accidental circumstances. I was at the "Midem" - the festival, which takes place in Cannes. I have a friend - the president of one of the Dutch company. We normally sat in the evening - parties, crowd, drinking. I say: "I'm Russian". A man says: "As a Russian?" And I have a contract with Pugacheva ". They did some internet project - they did not work. But he called here in Moscow and said: "Do you have a Drobysh - super-duper. And what about you, do not know? "Allah has appointed me to meet. I showed her a few songs, I have it immediately picked up "All My Love", sung by Christy at World Music Awards. So all quietly and began. But she did not sing and none.

. - In what class you were enrolled in music school?

. - Piano.

. - Your composing talent - natural, not taught?

. - And I do not know how he can learn.

. - Who is the first Russian pop stars sing your song?

. - Pugacheva several attempts to sing herself, but for some reason it did not work
. Therefore, the first song that I turned on the market, had to sing Christine - is "All My Love", because it decided to do at the Eurovision, when I went to "Prime Minister". But it was already too late, and perhaps we have not had a chance to get there, but we knew nothing about it.

. - And this song came out?

. - She then went out, we recorded it in English for the Eurovision, but did not get there, and Christina sang it at World Music Awards
. Then we immediately recorded "Da-di-dam". And then there were duets, which I offered to do with Rousseau. I walked, drove in his head, until catching up to "Love, of which there are no more". I think it turned out well and "My God". But I began with Christie.

- You are a person with such classic rock-cultural past. You have no prejudices against songwriting completely different genre?

- Good question. Earlier, in his youth, was probably stupid, he thought that pop, "Tender May" - is not serious. And we, rockers - great. In fact, all this was also not. And "Tender May" for me today is the same crafts and remained. But they are still good fellows: they managed to somehow win the hearts of people. I tell you very important thing, no one has yet mentioned: in fact, in our country, pop, as such, no. Enigma - pop, No Angels - pop, Britney Spears - R'n'V-shnaya, but pop, Backstreet Boys - this is pop, Aguilera - also a kind of pop. And all this, which haunts us, it's everything: the circus, lohodens, untsa-untsa - but it's not pop. I think that pop up still have to endure. McCartney in his own way too pop. But pop music - it is not lohodens, which we. And we all together: if you do not rock, then everything else pop. We have to pop music can claim: Valeria, I believe, turned. "The light of your love" by Kristina Orbakajte - this is pop in a good sense of the meaning, but not in obzyvatelnom. With Valerie, by the way, it was very difficult. Since it was impossible to make a mistake, because all that she had been before, it was very cool. I should have stayed at.

- Question about the song 'hour'. Her dokrutili to completely improper state. Sometimes, a bad song, not heard. And the song is so successful that after three months oprotiveet throughout the country, it is impossible to listen to her because she got. You feel sorry when it happens?

- It's okay, that she got. And in parallel there is still another problem. Artists come to me and want me to write 'hour'. It is quite unbecoming situation. On the one hand, it is nice, but it is driven. She even "Professor Lebedinskii" did, withdrew clip. Even in "12 Angry Viewers" 11 voted "for". This is a rare case. But he made just a crazy song, called it "Droplets". About the prostitute who gave up money mad. But I saw the reaction of the people, been to a few concerts Valerie. Adults, in hats, shoot, stand up, clap, sing along. The result was such a "grass near the house."

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  • lolita-nimfa for Drobysh Viktor Yakovlevich
  • Holla Victor! Videla tebja v Chushke vljubilas 'po ushki .... Ty takoi dushka ... Mozhet uvidemsja? Ty napishi mne i ja ne rasterjajuas' ... i konechno zhe napishu Tebe, chto ja Hochu ....
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    Drobysh Viktor Yakovlevich, photo, biography
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