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( President dance Corporation Todes)

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Alla Spirit, founder and head of the famous ballet "Todes", - a man who "made himself". She managed to create not just a ballet - the philosophy of "Todes", a kingdom, which includes the main company and other troupes, schools and studios, not only in Russia but also abroad. "Todes", which started with dancing at a discotheque, "rose" to a bright professional heights.

That thought, how to define what he does: play? Shaw? Action? All is right with respect to the ballet. Each new program "Todes" is an act of art in the highest sense of the word. And for every performance Todes "is this beautiful fragile woman.

Higher Education choreography in the traditional sense at Alla Brass No - there is God's gift and obsession, which leads her life and help to do what she does. Very early, at eleven years old, mother took the little Alla in the popular choreographic studio, where he quickly realized that the girl - calling to dance. And then there was the Riga circus, contemporary dance studio in the house of culture, and since 1986 - "Todes", which became Alla Spirits, by her own admission, her third child. Alla Spirit - Winner of National Prize "Ovation". She - and the ballet, and as a choreographer - involved in the best, most ambitious and prestigious events of Russia's cultural life. In its "portfolio", for example, setting the block pop-closing celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow, "Christmas Meetings" Alla Pugacheva, "New lights" on First Channel and much, much more.

Ballet 'Todes' - a country in the country. Its much like sunshine on a lovely day. He knows everything. Alla Spirit - the president of the dance Corporation. Unique in that skillfully combines a favorite cause, which is busy almost around the clock, with motherhood. She has two sons, and the second just two years. Its main theme in choreographing - relations between men and women. Maybe that's why our conversation with her reminded placer dances, where the main theme was love. Alla reasoned: Some verbal 'songs' so called, and in stage version.

Explanation of love

- More than once I explained to love, and thank God, I still have been listening recognition. But there was one unusual that one remembers. The man confessed their love to me in a huge movie theater. Just suddenly stood up and in complete silence began to talk about love. The effect was crazy. All applauded. I'm terribly embarrassed. Unfortunately, I do not remember verbatim what he said, but it was very beautiful. He picked up these sweet words:

But what is most important to recognize? For the love was mutual. Because as you have beautifully explained by either man, but if you have no emotional response to it, his words sound as if idle. Although remembered. But if you love, then there is nothing more beautiful than when waiting for recognition. This is called 'stop, a moment!'.

Getting started Ghost?

- Probably, nothing supernatural in me. What starts anyone? From birth. How many can remember, ever since kindergarten I was always in the wild enthusiasm brought ballet. As a result, in my life, everything turned out very correctly, and another life for himself outside the choreography, I can not imagine. Do not even been thinking that I could do something else. Just Dance. So go - one goal, one way or the right or left, do not turn. I am very happy. Go to work with pleasure - such happiness is not given to many. This should cherish and be thankful. I would wish all of this.


- I am very sorry that a man - a being of higher intelligence on the planet - subject to jealousy. This is a useless and miserable feeling. It would be good if we could not be jealous! Although someone will say: 'How could it be, if not jealous? It's great! Jealousy can strengthen the relationship '. And someone is deliberately provoking the beloved or favorite of jealousy. But keep him in suspense, tension - the same manipulation. It's not fair! Man must be free. Yes, you probably are responsible for the man who next to you, but you have no right to infringe on his freedom. Jealousy - is selfishness. When you love truly, even taking care of a loved one to another to perceive the promise of happiness to him. You love for yourself. But, alas, we are all prone to jealousy and ownership. This instinct can not get away. And I went through this. Because, actually, very jealous man. Maybe kind of do not shake, but very jealous. And the number is the title I put a time of 'escalation'.

By the way, I now no longer put numbers without Happy End. Even if it is a sad story, it will certainly be a happy ending. Just do not want to predict bad, because one hundred percent confident that the work that you do, goes in parallel with your life. The intention of the tragedy - a tragedy in life is. Here I am, and modulate the situation in a positive direction.


- Resnick said that separation - this is a little death. Of course, when parting with her beloved, and even if forever, - a state of terrible depression. Although I have a deep conviction that man can survive everything. Any pain dulled, time heals all. I know from experience. The worst thing - it is a real death, when people go close. I had to part in the life. But even then, when there was no love. In this case, leave without problems and even continues to be friends with a man gently.

Love at a distance

- We are with her husband Anton often have to leave, he is constantly on tour with 'Todes' as the producer of light. Or I'm going somewhere. In 'love at a distance' is not bad - is exactly. There are only pluses. We have no chance to get bored with each other. And it turns out that every time to get acquainted, though again, so cherish our meetings. So our relationship as a long novel. I am afraid that if we lived side by side, as many ordinary people, then the novel would have long ended. Why? Because it would have begun a quiet, domestic family life. And we would like to keep a sense, a passion as much as long as possible.


- In our life, betrayal everywhere, as it may sound cynical. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances, just friends whose betrayal happens at every step. Fortunately, there are examples of amazing, when people sincerely want only each other. It is encouraging. I believe that this is possible. I'm sure it would be like me. However, it is unknown what surprises life can throw:

According to observations, husbands, wives, change frequently, although it is debatable. I would forgive a betrayal? On the one hand, it seems to me that there. But then it turns out that I could not endure abuse from my self-esteem. And this is wrong, probably. After all, if you love, then forgive all. Rather, I would have forgiven him, no matter what. While: not sure. I have such a thing had not yet. No, I must admit that I have changed. But, fortunately, I do not know. So I think not.

However, for some reason it is considered that when you, say, you meet with a married man, then your relationship - not a betrayal. This initially. And then: Once I had an affair with a married. Any good it did not lead. Since then I have a hard taboo in general on all married, who claim a personal relationship. To me, this man 'opposite sex'.

And I do not understand women, women who are worth nothing to divert the man from under the nose of his girlfriend. I do if my girlfriend or a friend came to visit her husband or boyfriend, and thoughts do not arise that can flirt with him. It amazes me that many women do not have any principles, can straddle. To me, this savagery. And now it can be seen at every turn.

Children: boy: a boy

- First son, Volodya, I gave birth too early or too late. In the normal age. Younger, Kostik, gave birth after 30 deep, but also in time. Because it is confident that a woman must give birth after 30. Absolutely! What a mom in the 18-19 years, which still need to educate themselves? Anecdotal. No experience, no. They even love really do not know how. Have children need to consciously and with pleasure. I am very glad that bore not in 19 years. I have my motherhood brings happiness, joy and insane delight.

Before the first pregnancy, I passionately wanted a girl. I then gave birth to one, because we are her first husband separated, and he went to America. I realized that to raise a child to me, so I think that the girl will be easier for me, her father is not so necessary. Therefore, I was sure I do not know why, that nursed her daughter. Especially shape of the abdomen was so like it is really a girl. And only last month, he stretched. When the ultrasound the doctor said that the boy in the stomach, I had a shock. But born Vovk, and I realized that the boy - this is the best that can be. Therefore, the second I had wanted a boy. I wanted both to himself and to please Vovka. He wanted his brother. But her husband wanted a girl. If giving birth to third child, it would still be happy boy. Although the brothers could be 'diluted' and sister.

It is difficult for me was to bring up one of the first child? No. I urge all that must not be afraid. If you have male friends, relatives, should they engage in educational moments, that's all. I was lucky, my brother Arkady replaced Vovka father, because we all lived in a house in Riga. I still live. Ply between Riga and Moscow. Then, I have many friends. They came, in the computer to play with him, communicated. A single mother - a relic shovel. It's funny - so call a woman. If she has a child, she was not alone. I have many friends of women who raise children alone. They give a lot of child. And would my father, maybe he would have to give attention. Maybe it would fall selfish, jealous would scandals. It is not clear that better.

Deficiency men

- We are hearing complaints of modern women that normal men has left almost no. Do not want to marry, can not look, do not exhibit masculinity and t. d. But I am still an optimist. I believe that the man does not degenerate. There are guys beautiful and wonderful. Here's my team - 60 people. I look at young boys and see that they are great guys, with those of men, well educated. And the fact that young guys do not want to get married: Why, pray? And rightly so! This is idiocy - to get married soon! And in 20 early, and even at 24. Because early marriages end in divorce. Not one pair did not know this, which would stand the. And why such an experience? Then the children are left alone. Perhaps because of our youth, we finally begin to live in the western model, where we found a family is informed, at the age of no earlier than 30 years. Then the mind will be included, not just a passion. After all, marriage should be a calculation. Is not bad. Because passion is, whatever one. At most, she keeps 5-6 years. And then you are left alone with the 'monster', get out all the shortcomings. And either you start to love him as a relative, or you parted. The main thing - respect. That is why it is important to appreciate in advance all the disadvantages of Rights. Is possible.

If the divorce occurred, it should not be afraid. It is important to arrange things so that children do not suffer. To approach psychologically literate.

Love and Career

- One man, with whom I have had a relationship, set a condition: either he or my work. Lord, it was ridiculous to listen. I brushed off immediately even thoughts on this condition. Remove from my work - all the same as to deprive me of the child. 'Todes' me - the older child. This is my life. And that - erase life for the sake of love? No man worthy of. And the wrong one who puts such conditions.

Love's Gotta Give?

- Regulation of love can not be. The same feelings and emotions. Of course, as something to build relations that were comfortable. For example, I am very fond of men with intuition, thin, who can understand my mood. On view - as I look, what to say: Even my intonations to understand. If suddenly I have a bad mood, I hurt him, it is important that he immediately realized that. I realized what offended. With such men is much easier. If such a man is, this is cool. My husband is such. He just guided, he knows what I can to frustrate and infuriate. And I try to catch the mood. That's normal relations.

Recipe for happiness

- It must be attentive to ourselves and others. Must be an optimist, try doing things you love, having children - the more the better. Combine your favorite job and Loved Children - perhaps, believe me.

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  • Tatiana for PERFUME Alla
  • Woman with a capital letter. It is respected as a minimum ... What else you say?
  • Tatiana for PERFUME Alla
  • YOU clever, a man worthy of admiration, that we did, expecting their children to rehearsals
  • Natalia for PERFUME Alla
  • Oboooooooozhayu Alla Spirits. Infinitely ..... I very much believe that soon will go to its basic structure. Here taaaaaaak ..... 1
  • Renata for PERFUME Alla
  • Hello Alla Spirit! I am 12 years old. I go to dance for 6 years. I want to be like you. I watched your Todes my tears flowed and I am so very zalakala.Ya д?ipka and I have always praised the dances. I want to meet you! Dosvidaniya!
  • Denis for PERFUME Alla
  • Always silent, . looking ... always admired! Good girl! How pleasant it would be to drink dry wine in a very beautiful place ... Do not rush ... and not to, . order to achieve more ... Beautiful! And clever! Poluvzglyad, . semitone, . poluvzmah wing! Thanks, . you, . beautiful girl! How much you gave me! I did not know you, . but just looking at your ballet and reveled! And what I liked and still like it! And when he looked at the creator of this flight would be in love .... without a head, . if it had not been in love ..,
    . And how do you laugh from the breast! You rest, comfort, and the recollection of the meetings in a past life! Tabor, who goes to heaven! Farewell! Bel and the long flight for you!
  • Larissa for PERFUME Alla
  • Alla spirits my ideal woman!
  • Olga (Irkutsk) for PERFUME Alla
  • Dear Alla, my name is Olga, I would like to thank your dance group, for his excellent performance in Irkutsk, in 2008.
  • Tanya for PERFUME Alla
  • you are the best i will do everything to become a choreographer, so you
  • Galina for PERFUME Alla
  • Hello dear Allah! Fascinated by your art and creativity. It seems that your dancers can translate into dance anything. In childhood, I was very keen horoscope. She studied virtually every zodiac sign. It would be nice to put a dance based on four elements: fire, earth, water and air. 12 characters zodika-each beautiful in its .... Stubborn Aries, Taurus is calm, crazy twins and silent fish .... dance in the sky, among the twinkling stars, where he lives "White Bear". With great respect Galina.
  • Galina for PERFUME Alla
  • Hello dear Allah! Fascinated by your art and creativity. It seems that your dancers can translate into dance anything. In childhood, I was very keen horoscope. She studied virtually every zodiac sign. It would be nice to put a dance based on four elements: fire, earth, water and air. 12 characters zodika-each beautiful in its .... Stubborn Aries, Taurus is calm, crazy twins and silent fish .... dance in the sky, among the twinkling stars, where he lives "White Bear". With great respect Galina.
  • Anonymous for PERFUME Alla
  • Anonymous for PERFUME Alla
  • Anonymous for PERFUME Alla
  • Mom for PERFUME Alla
  • TODES pumping JUST MONEY ! WE JUST SHOCK everyone that our children and we have REPRESENTATIVES AND BUY TICKETS! THEY MAKE MONEY ON U.S. is terrible, one name SPIRITS --- is not worth it! ! !,
  • Jan for PERFUME Alla
  • Dear Alla)))) I really love your work .... You are the most amazing choreographer and director)))) We are all fans of ballet, . hope, . that you and your team will delight us continue ))))) With great respect to you .... John ... Orel),
  • Elena for PERFUME Alla
  • Adore you! Can I get training in your studiyu.Mne 15 let.Moskva.
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