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Biography POKROVSKY Maxim
photo POKROVSKY Maxim
Maxim Pokrovsky (16.06.1968 years)

For nearly 13 years, Maxim Pokrovsky is at the helm "NOGU SVELO!". Once they played punk rock, and much of the repertoire consists of songs in English. Today the music "Legs" does not belong to any style frame - so creative Pokrovsky and companies do not like the rest of the domestic, and foreign music. In August SVELO leg! " speak at a global rock festival "Invasion" in Ramenskoye, and in the fall will release another album. Correspondent Ytra "caught the lead singer, bass guitarist and author of the overwhelming majority of the song" Legs "by Max Pokrovsky in the road with the radio station at Ostankino. And discussed a variety of communicative Max, not only music, theme.

- Ytro ": How do you save this year from the heat?

Max Pokrovsky: I am to the heat very well, because it is in our region is rarely. And despite the fact that in Moscow it is painful and harmful, since tan together in the exhaust gases - this is not a very good thing, I fully welcome the heat. If possible, go on giving his grandmother. In the car, turn on the air conditioner.

- "Y": A abroad where you like to relax? Or do you prefer foreign resorts native cottage?

MP: It's different things - to love and prefer something more. One does not exclude the other. I do not like to talk about traveling abroad because usually when the artist is talking about it, they begin to fly in the face, put it simply - you ... o.s. This year, let me just say a bit more than usual, because now accepted as they told me to rest within the home country (the Crimea, Caucasus). So I will say this: first of all, I am a big fan of the Moscow Region: Moscow canal, reservoir, until Yakhromy, Sergiev Posad. As for abroad, then our family is very fond of Spain.

- "Y": This refers to the "leg Svelo" or a real family?

MP: My personal family, I am a legally married. We prefer to rest rather peculiar. We are not very fond of hotels and vegetable existence in them. Because we do not always have unlimited financial opportunities, they often deduct apartments. There, we are left to themselves, moreover, obtained an order of magnitude cheaper. Stove, washing machine, at every step of the remarkable supermarkets ...

- "Y": And in what area of Spain you go?

MP: This year, the Costa Blanca, is between Alicante and Valencia. But we afford a car and actively used it all three weeks. Wanted pulnut in Barcelona and Madrid, but spare the children who would support such a journey was difficult to move. But have traveled all that close, including Valencia.

- "Y": At the bullfight, probably coming down?

MP: No. We are not big fans of such amusements.

- "Y": are written in hot weather if the new songs?

MP: Good question, thanks. Of course, the heat predisposes to laziness. In Moscow, when we are not in vacation mode, "leg Svelo" very rarely appears in the rehearsal room. We are lazy. This is understandable. As the last vacation - it was the first summer in recent years, when I went on vacation without desire something for ourselves globally to solve. I experienced some problems in the group associated with the conduct of affairs, the business side, but not with the work. And every summer I went from all thought, what to do next. In the end, this led to a definite decision. This summer I went to rest is simply no way - because it was a very difficult year. But, nevertheless, pleased that I did not need to solve life, some philosophical problems in relation to the situation in the ensemble ...

. - "Y": A general leave - take, say, a guitar?

. MP: guitar in hand, I did not take, but it absolutely does not mean that I did not think about music
. I am one of those people who write music in different ways. I can write music, sitting at the piano - not being able to play it properly. Synthesizer, Guitar. Most songs, of course, was written with bass guitar, this is my instrument. But the main thing for me - it is still not a tool, the main thing - to play a melody in my head.

. - "Y": Can "leg Svelo" write absolutely great song - no kidding, and without mockery?

. MP: And we have serious songs.

. - "Y": Yes, but nevertheless, when the stage goes "Foot" - all just waiting for a joke, mockery
. Even in the song "Worms", which played up the theme of death and, in general, quite severe, I think there are these elements. It is simply impossible to perceive it too seriously - because she sings "leg Svelo!

MP: How do you say ... First, much depends on the subject of perception. One listener perceives as the other some sort. Third completely different. I like a man, this song was written, perceive it in their own. I can say that the song "Worms" I wrote absolutely seriously and execute it seriously. Or the "Four friends" - is one of the most udavshihsya, in my opinion, the songs, which made very simple and available to the public some ideas related to the outlook. Of the songs that are relevant now - is "Lullaby", which sounds on the radio for nearly six months. Naturally, there is some ironic moments, but overall I can not admit to myself that all that seriously, must be serious in all. This is absolutely not necessary ... Well, as regards performances, they are slightly different: in the club gigs we have one program, at festivals and brine - another.

And the fact that "leg Svelo" many still perceive as a fun, ironic group - this is a great happiness. Because of the seriousness can be too overzealous.

- "Y": I guess, in whose garden is a stone. The famous Russian rock ...

MP: Exactly. I literally said today, speaking on the radio. We hear and see a lot more oyoyokanya, hooting, o-e-e-ekanya. For that I praise the festival "Invasion" - for the fact that the organizers pay great attention to the technical side and on the show. As for the music itself: the audience, who will come to the festival, will receive full songs about vodka, about portveshok. All the lumpen-proletarian chord will be affected, the heavy ballad is sung, and all this under gitarochku, but with garmoshechkoy, in driveway ... And all this is, excuse the cliche, "as Katya in neat". With normal same music, which could try to listen to outside of language, there are big gaps.

- "Y": By the way, since I started talking about "Invasion". Last year, you are one of the songs performed on horseback. There were other interesting findings ... What gladden this?

MP: I can not tell all, for two reasons: firstly, then it will be interesting, and secondly, although I'm not superstitious, but I'm afraid hoodoo. I will say one thing: probably, it is almost settled the issue, we'll go to a great adventure - not in terms of externalities, but in terms of violations of the laws of a large concert - we play an unknown thing. Regarding the program, of course, not without major hits - is unlikely to have someone let go from the scene without "Haru Mamburu". However, I note that we are going to great to renew our concert program.

. - "Y": Why is the album "Box", which from a musical point of view, in my opinion, the most interesting in "legs", had much less success than previous work?

. MP: There are several reasons
. Indeed, from a commercial point of view, our last to date, released the album of the least successful. This is due to the fact that as a single unit of "Box" is much heavier in sound, much more solid and uncompromising than the previous albums. And he is not a raspberry for radioformatnyh "Hitler". "Last Tango" and "Seven planets" - just two radiohita. The first of these songs we had, and not without reason, some hope, creative task "Tango" to comply with, and who wanted to hear - heard, and it sounded good on the radio, but ... This is one of the reasons that I called his departure on leave from the patient's head, with the desire to solve problems. I had great claim to the former administration of the ensemble. It was a very serious miscalculation of. Each team develops cyclically, and to periods of recession must be ready. In addition, when the approach, and in that time, was about to give birth this uncompromising album, the entire advertising campaign, business plan to be constructed calligraphic. And the album was only sold to the distributor, its advertising campaign was a mockery of such a phenomenon as an advertising campaign in principle ...

. - "Y": Yes, and released an album in the next hour of triumph "of Russian rock" ...

. MP: That's right, and most importantly
. We are right now laughing, discussing what is happening in our radio, our national music, but here is not to giggle - the tears shed should. I am not inclined to say: it was then, in my time, it was different. I do not have my time. I, as in 93-m, and before he felt himself a stranger everywhere - particularly in radio, so I feel like a stranger now. And anyone who makes something of his own, who does not understand what the genre (a division of styles - is the property of beggars, and those who can not make something of themselves, began to share someone else's), objectively feels strange. It's one thing when you feel like a stranger, because you're an individualist, because you're a creative egotist, another - particularly when you see the lack of quality. Turn on the radio, the new song - and again "Oyoyoyoyo!".

- "Y": That is on the modern rock scene like-minded people you do not see?

MP: And I do not need supporters ... Listen to the radio - your hair stand on end. And do not listen can not - you want your song heard in the context of the ether.

. - "Y": By the way, last year you, despite the difficulties, released "matnoe song" that is bound to lack of rotation ...

. MP: In terms of show-business output matnoe song - absolutely uncompromising solution, because after Laertius, after all the pearls of "Leningrad", we are surprised no foul language
. But what a pleasure finally - managed to surprise the song. The song was successful. I do not want to exaggerate, but in a sense, this song is a mockery of this whole cynical mass rabid chippie that prevails everywhere, mainly in the commercial breaks. Domestic commercials - is generally apogee, peak ublyudstva ...

- "Y": What would like your next album and when it comes out?

MP: He will be released in the first half of autumn, we very much hope so. Somewhere in early October. It will be more rich in radiohity. At present we have two songs heard on the radio - "In the darkness" and "Lullaby", the two were made at the back of radio - "Petrushka" and "the River". And at least one song we hold out for the album. What like? On the "leg SVELO!". I was very gratifying.

- "Y": At one time you are fond of the theater. And now you are offered a role?

MP: For the first time tried to play in the project Valentina Gneusheva, and last year played one more time. Public was not much, this was the project. Three performances last winter. In general, my attitude in acting for the past six months has changed. For musicians, it has become of indiscriminate. Composing soundtracks and all that ...

- "Y": Now, after ten-plus years, does not regret the choice of names? Or, turn the clock back again would have called the group "leg Svelo?

MP: I am sorry only error that allowed in cases. Associated with undue softness, indecision, vacillation with internal. When it was necessary to tear and throw - I suffered. In all other respects, I think we were going the right way. As for the title, it just once! - And were born. And of course, I would not change it. I like it, you, I think, too.

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POKROVSKY Maxim, photo, biography
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