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ALVES Regina

( Actress)

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Biography ALVES Regina
photo ALVES Regina
Regina was born in Santo Andre, . beautiful suburb of Sao Paulo and began his career in 13 years with victory in the beauty contest in his native Santo Andre, . then it enters into a contract with model agency L 'Equipe, and already 14 years old Regina boasted of his work for advertising companies such major companies as McDonald, . Tostines and GM,
. At 17, she began studying theater skills and enrolled in acting class studio Globo.Posle end of the one-year course of Regina travels to Brazil with two comedy pesami.A in 1998, debuting on television in the series "Fascinazgo (" Charm ") studio SBT, . She plays a major role, . her character is romantic and pure girl Clara, . bear the pangs of first lyubvi.V same time, Regina, and she falls in love and marries an advertising manager Carlos Augusto, . older than her at 9 let.Vtoroy work of Regina on TV was the work on the show "Meu py de Laranja Lima" on Rede Bandeirantes, . role of the young Lila, . playful and coquettish young beauties,
. Shortly thereafter, Regina finds "one-off" contract with Globo and gets the role of stubborn women Rosalie in the miniseries "A Muralha". The main characters in this series she has finally parting with the University and the rate of Sociology, . where she received shortly before etogo.Sama Regina is the role of Rosalie believes the starting point in his career, . after the show Globo executives signed her to have a permanent contract and puts her name in the file of existing actors Rede Globo.Posle of failed samples in the series "Malhacao" and "Pecado Capital",

. But following the work of Regina is a selfish role of Clara in the series "Family Ties".

. It should be noted, . Regina did not immediately agree with the proposal of the director series "Family Ties" Ricardo Waddington, . have passed so little time after the end of filming in "" A Muralha "and she still can not get out of the role of Rosalie and the atmosphere 17 veka.No Ricardo able to convince her, . especially since the biggest ground was the desire of the Carlos Manuel, . who wanted to see in the role of Clara only Regina Alves.,

. Her young Clara, . beautiful, . smart, . but cruel, . ambitious and isporchena.Privykshaya live in luxury and idleness, . Clara dreams of riches only, . for it does not cost anything to offend the other person, . its arrogance knows no bounds, . she bringeth her nagging poor Fred and all the surrounding,
. I must say that only two characters in the "family ties" have caused such a violent antipathy for the Brazilian audience, this is Iris (Deborah Secco), and Clara in the performance of Regina Alves. During a series in Brazil, direct Brazilians Regina stopped on the street and accused of cruelty, abused, gave advice. Regina is so convincingly played bitchiness Clara that people confused the episode, and real life. "People are afraid of me on the streets, some abused, some openly hated, but I do not think such a bad Clara. Clara looks perfect, . any mother would be proud of such a daughter, . if not its character ... But in any story there are positive and negative characters, . Clara refers to poslednim.No it has no natural cruelty as, . example, . in Iris, . she just used to living under the warm wing of the parents in Bahia, . and marrying Fred was forced to become independent and experienced financial trudnostyami.Ona change and turning point will be the episode with the stolen necklace,
. But you will see. "Says Regina Alves.

Sam Manuel Carlos was very pleased with the work of the young actress' remarkable that Clara, Iris, Sesay, sometimes Kamil will irritate viewers. Any character should cause love or hate, . indifference kills all our visitors rabotu.Vse these actresses have coped well with the tasks, . Nobody remained indifferent to their personazham.Sredi Starter actresses want to emphasize Regina, . girl played superbly, . I myself did not expect this. ",

. Regina plans for 2002 stood participate in the series "Heart of Student", . but leadership Globo as always changed its decision and Regina was invited to the TV series "Desire for Women", . her character is 17-year-old Leticia, . daughter of the heroine of the series, . which executes itself Gloria Pires,
. Therefore, when the first day of shooting Regina came to the studio Prozhak, she simply shook with fear: "My mother Julia performs Gloria Pires, she is my favorite actress and the ideal woman. I was so excited before meeting her, . she had forgotten all his tekst.No when I saw Gloria, . talked to her, . it felt so relieved ... It not only has encouraged and supported me, . Gloria has behaved towards me like a real mother, and I am happy that all the shooting I will be next to her! In addition to my heroine my twin the personal recollections, . my father, . as well as my screen dad, . been unemployed for some time, . and the conflict with her mother Leticia and the desire to become an adult and I myself experienced in yunosti.Tak that after showing the first series "Women's desire to" my mother said: "Regina, . seems you play itself! ".,

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Photos of ALVES Regina
ALVES ReginaALVES ReginaALVES Regina

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ALVES Regina, photo, biography
ALVES Regina, photo, biography ALVES Regina  Actress, photo, biography
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