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Artmann Vii

( Actress)

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Biography Artmann Vii
photo Artmann Vii
If she had appeared before me in a crown and scepter in hand, I would have no surprise, as her regal image of a donkey in my memory. But the great Russian-Latvian actress Vija Artmann appeared before me in camovyazanoy jacket, breeches and velvet slippers. Dear, home, based on a stick.

From the theater Via Artmane left on their own, having served 55 years. 'The two seasons I have not had any big roles, I did not want to be on duty and decided to step aside - so she explains the decision. - And I do not want anyone to bother her ill-health '. The actress suffered two strokes and heart attacks. But if you allow the power and the role of interesting proposals, the actress does not find the strength to say 'no'.

After retirement, she lived so modestly that this existence could be called poverty. Rents in twice retired. Small savings, deferred for a rainy day, 'burnt', as in all: Recently, for outstanding achievements in the arts State Culture Fund has decided to pay extra actress 100 lats, is about 5 thousand. rubles.

The last ten years, an actress living in the country in forty kilometers from Riga with her daughter and granddaughter of Bertha Christiane. Small rooms a century (!) Houses situated around a brick oven, which flooded even in summer.

A once great actress's family lived in a good apartment in the center of old Riga. But in 1993, Latvia passed a law on restitution, according to which everything that belonged to the Soviet regime wealthy bourgeois, returning them to the property. At home, where the apartment was an actress, announced the owner, who wished to take for the housing fee so high that the family was forced to move out Artmane. But more about that Via does not like to talk.

Their rural weekdays Artmane completes the work in the garden, knitting, watching TV and reading newspapers.

- 'AIF' - the only Russian newspaper that I read many years. Do you have principles. This is a rarity.

It is hard to find classic play, which Artmane not played. It was Juliet and Ophelia, the Queen of England Elizabeth and Catherine II, in her piggy heroine of Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Gogol. Moviegoers still in love with her gentle paromschitsu Sonya out of the picture of native blood ': This film, shot in 1963, became the leader rolled. He looked 35 million. visitors. In 1969, the actress became a People's Artist of the USSR.

It seems that fate had prepared her triumph even before birth, but first had to pass through the test.

Wii's mother was born in a very poor family. To sustain himself, went to the maid to a wealthy Baron. The girl looking with deep delight many, but the son of a prosperous farmer in love with her really. For a long time to persuade a farmhand to become his wife, and finally the wedding took place. But the happiness was short of young. Four months before the birth of her daughter's father died tragically Wii. He was only nineteen. And the mother with a tiny Vija evicted from the farm. She again went rotten, wandering from one host to another. Finally the mother took the Wii as a maid in a rich family of Riga, where the prized art. The older daughter of the hosts studied in Berlin, one - the singing, the second at the ballet school. Last day to notice how Vija danced in an empty room, including radio, and taught the daughter of a farmhand several ballet pas. When in Riga was established dance school 'a la Isadora Duncan', capable girl became her student. Then Viyu fascinated by theater, and every evening she ran to the submission of a Russian, a Latvian company. After the actor's studio Artmane take a job in the theater 'Daile'. Primadonna Theater meticulously examined nineteen Viyu, hissing: 'What's the actress? There are no breasts, no ass. No profile! " And they say that for the soul it has no suffering, that it 'clean sheet'. No one suspected that she had already experienced the humiliation of orphanhood, poverty and hunger. Reluctance to share experiences in Wier remained until now.

- I appreciate even the pain, I leave it in its internal kitty. Perhaps it is useful to me and I pour out her on stage.

That which, in the opinion of colleagues zavistnits in Wier allegedly was not, was able to see the most popular theater actor, a universal favorite and handsome Arthur Dimiters. He was older than the Wii for fourteen years, to the same married to the famous artist. Care began immediately. Bright, assertive. Via resisted. But Arthur did not depart. Advances combined with the persecution and even blackmail. He could join the fight if someone tried to hijack his young darling. Via finally agreed to become his wife.

FORTUNATE their family name was not. Arthur terribly jealous Viyu.

- I can only say one thing. I married my bed with anyone except her husband, not shared, - says Via Artmane.

But for every rotok not nakinesh scarf. The fate of the heroines are often tried on Wii to itself. Long walk legend that his daughter gave birth to the actor Vija Evgenia Matveeva. Viewers wanted to continue the stories of love that they so convincingly portrayed on screen.

- Was there in your life love, like in the movies?

- No. Love was on the scene, but in life she passed - sadly says Vija. - I'm from that has not lost anything, I have another gift of fate - my children.

There was a time, Vija even wanted to leave her husband, so she thought hard life together. Dimiters been demanded in the theater and cinema, and the family, children of his forces lacked. Via shaking long after the shooting on the bus along country roads in time to prepare the children for lunch tomorrow, to wash and ironing clothes Mountains: A husband considered beneath the dignity even go buy bread. Queen Artmane was only on stage. Still with Arthur Dimiters Vija spent 27 years. When he was gone, she was unable to recover.

- He was a great actor. This in Latvia will not be another 50 years at least. Of course, our family life was not such that I dreamed, but eventually the passions subsided, and we have many years were to each other vent. For me and for him the theater was important in life. He gave me courage and confidence. However, I thought that once I was younger, it would be my whole life to manage and teach. It did not work. Now the image of Arthur with us. Grandchildren love it on my stories. We have a lot of funny stories about him.

- For example?

- One man complained long and boring life. In fact, a tragedy he had no. Simply, it was a fine person. Arthur listened, listened, then said: 'My dear, who told you so zasr: eyes that you're no good around you do not notice? "

His popularity Artmane felt, perhaps, only when walking with children on the streets. She learned stopped.

- I am a child somehow terribly ashamed of this, - said his daughter Christiane Wii.

Christian Dimiters now known Latvian artist. Engaged in painting, drawing cartoons, creating installation and magazine covers. Her daughter Bertha is engaged in the College of Applied Arts. Son Caspar Wii also did not continue acting dynasty. He wrote songs, poems, sang with a guitar. And then disaster struck: addicted to alcohol just does not take away his life. Via does not like to talk about this time, but it was she who rescued son. Now Caspar restores damaged church, works as a painter, bricklayer and carpenter. Several years ago he converted to Orthodoxy. Behind him in this belief passed all the family members. Including Via. Her new name after the baptism - Elizabeth.

- I like to listen to hours of prayers and words of the Orthodox church singing. I think that faith has helped me climb out of severe disease - says Artmane.

There Caspar, two sons. The senior has already made Viyu great-grandmother, and the youngest known fact that in his 9 years has released a book of haiku poetry.

In July, the Latvian language to be released autobiographical book Artmane.

- I'm worried. What if what I wrote, no one is interested?

We are silent, watching as the rain drizzles down the window.

- In August, you have a jubilee - 75 years. We climbed a long way, were the glory, honor, career. What in life for you the main thing?

- Conscience: And cleanliness. At heart, life, relationships.

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Artmann Vii, photo, biography
Artmann Vii, photo, biography Artmann Vii  Actress, photo, biography
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