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Bayanova Alla

( Singer, People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Bayanova Alla
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Alla Bayanova (Levitskaya) was born May 18, 1914 in Chisinau in an artistic family. Father returned from the war in 1918, when Bessarabia was ceded to Romania, and moved the family to Paris.

Alla's father, Nicholas Leonardovich Bayanov, was an opera singer. He studied in Rome, even the famous Cotton. After a musical education, he returned home: speaking on the opera stage in Odessa, Kiev, Kishinev. He had a magnificent bass baritone. Around the years 1921-22 Nikolay Levitsky-Bayan went to Italy and thence to Paris, where he had parted with works of opera and went to the pop genre. His speech heard Nikita Baliyev and invited to work in a theater "Die Fledermaus"; in Baliyeva opera singer spent a few years. Theater that toured to Paris, Berlin and London. Ala at this time she studied in Paris during the French school, while simultaneously engaged in 'Chetvergovaya' school for children of Russian emigres, where consolidated its Russian language.

. When the daughter grew older, her father, tired of driving around on tour and he left Baliyeva, signing a contract with the owner of a chic restaurant-bar in the Caucasus "Kazbek", which just opened

Music program in the "Kazbek" included the most famous singers and dancers of the time. Alla's father was athletic build and great makeup. In his room, he acted as Kudeyar - blind old man in rags. Even he needed a guide. While he searched lad, nine-Ala volunteered to represent him. Since this Kudeyar girl had seen countless times on stage still have Baliyeva, then Alla immediately entered into the role. Nicholas Bayanov in one hand and holding a staff, who tapped on the shiny floor, and another of his huge paw lay on the thin shoulders Alla. The contrast was stunning: a gray, like Harrier blind hero and a thin, pale weakling, leading a blind man and the tinkling coppers in the plate.

In dead silence they walked the entire hall to the orchestra. There Alla helped the old man to sit on a stump, umostivshis at his feet, began to listen. Her father was reincarnated as a whole the penitent thief and murderer, when he flung wide his hands, passed the world their desire to serve God and people.

His head was bowed in his hands ... The orchestra began ringing ... Nicholas Bayanov had to go to the "Evening Bells" ... But Allah, ahead of him, he suddenly began singing softly: "Evening Bells, the evening bells ..." Her father immediately picked up and began to softly echo. With it, he with difficulty, like an old man stood up, and they are continuing to sing, headed for the exit.

What's begun! All rushed to him, wiping her eyes, squeezed and kissed Alla men shook hands and hugged him Nicholas. Owner "Kazbek" stated that no other scout, he does not want to, but Alla, that he would pay for their performance, as they say, and that in general Alla - "miracle child" and something unheard of. Thus began her artistic activities. Mother Alla, corps de ballet dancer, struggled, was indignant, refused to allow his daughter to sing, but tempting offers were doing their work.

One day I came to hear "miracle baby" himself Vertinsky. He christened her Adelaide, comparing with the "Hor-bird" and within a few days, lured the girl in the Great Moscow Hermitage, where he performed. In the evening of her debut Vertinskij presented a future star, a large bouquet of long crimson roses. They became good friends and only for Alla he sang a song, composed by him about his dog Luce. Often he invited her to dance on a five hour tea in the same Hermitage. Vertinsky Allu waited with her mother at the table, behind which sat on a chair himself, and on the other - Lucy, a white bulldog with black monocle.

The presentations at the restaurant "Hermitage" came the first known ... But the family moved to Belgrade, where 15-year-old Bayanova worked in the most prestigious restaurants, toured in Germany. And again - first in Athens, after 2 years - in Beirut, then in Palestine, Alexandria, Cairo.

In Beirut, Alla Bayanova met with Peter and Zinaida Leshchenko, and, despite a lucrative contract offered to her in Nice, moved to Bucharest. Here Peter Leshchenko helped 17-year-old singer get in Pavilion-Russe, where she sang French songs, Gypsy ( 'Farewell, my camp', 'Devonka', 'Two Hearts', etc.), also in duets with his father.

In addition, served in a bar 'Leshchenko' soloist small gypsy choir. Orchestra directed composer and musician George Ypsilanti, soon to become her husband of Alla Bayanova. His beautiful lyrical tango napety Bayanova in the mid 30-ies on the plate "Columbia" and "His Master's Voice". However, by the end of 1930 Bayanova parted company with her husband and yourself enrolled in a Polish company "Syrena-Electro".

In 1940 Nicholas Bayanov was already ill and stopped singing, and Ala at this time appeared in the Romanian theater "Algamera". In one morning came to their home the Romanian secret service, went through the whole house and took her for "the performance of Russian songs". Evening under escort Alla sent far away from Bucharest, as a supporter and propagandist of the Soviet Union. Only released in 1942, but because of the names of second husband - the landlord - again she could not speak, lived as best they could.

Only in the late 1950 period Alla Bayanova settled into a bar "Mozharden" where she sang the second wife of Peter Leshchenko, Vera Belousova (the singer at that time had already been arrested). In 1950 - 1960 years of the singer to write 8 longpleev. After that, the Ceausescu regime in addition to polittsenzure in the country has introduced more and nationalist. Again left without work, Bayanova thinks about moving to the USSR. But in the Soviet Union, she came very late, and only three weeks, completing in 1976 as part of the Romanian pop band tours the cities of Ukraine.

After the first visit to the USSR Alla Bayanova visited several times. In 1984, she was vacationing in our country, while in Moscow, Riga and Leningrad. In Riga she arrived for her birthday well-known for a long time Constantine Tarasovich Sokolsky. On this anniversary, she sang several songs, accompanying himself on piano. This time she sang there two plates ...

In 1988, Alla moved to Russia and settled in Moscow, where he finally gained their homeland, his listeners and well-deserved recognition.

The peculiarity of interpretation, subtle half-tones, artistry, musicality, and European culture have identified a special place in the singer's stage of modern Russia.


Alla Bayanova first fell in love with 14 years. She has worked in the Hermitage and is considered a professional singer. His name was Andrew, the title he was neither more nor less than Prince. Andrew was also not indifferent to her and once asked for the hand Alla parents.

The wedding was decided to celebrate exactly three years later, when Alia was 17 years old. The groom was ready to wait even for an eternity. But the princess Bayanova was not destined to be: somehow Andrew went on a business trip, promised to return with gifts, but came in a coffin - crashed in a car accident.

The work has helped the singer to forget. Alla spoke with performances throughout Europe, moved from hotel to hotel. When she gave the presentation in Beirut, she appeared unusual admirer - present Sheikh ... He never missed one of her performances, constantly invited to dinner and once made a proposal. Mama Alla, learning about everything, forbade her daughter to communicate with him.

After Sheikh Alla fell in love again, and again, as her parents said, 'not in the man' - a pianist Georges Ypsilanti. My mother was totally against this relationship, so Allah, knowing that she is pregnant, immediately had an abortion.

. Here's how to remember the relationship the singer:

. "I really thought it was really like George, so, disobeying parents, to marry him
. But ... Once in the restaurant where we spoke, I was approached by businessman Sergei Vinogradov. He was loud, the whole room shouted: 'Today I will play poker on the happiness of this beautiful! " I went to look at this presentation. He played and looked at me. I have goose bumps, I felt indifferent to him. That same night I was unfaithful to her husband with an almost stranger, who was older than me by 20 years and is married to the same. Morning I told everyone about George. He packed and left. We suddenly flared mutual passion with Sergei quickly faded: he, as most men, a bit on the side and walked back to his wife. "

In 1940 Bayanova settled in Romania. At that time there was the dictatorship of Antonescu. Alla went to speak with the tour, went to work in the Romanian theater "Algamera ', where she sang her favorite Russian songs. For her repertoire-and punished. Once the house Bayanova rode 'black funnels'. Securitate officers staged a family questioned, searched the house, and took Alla for 'propaganda activities in favor of the Soviet Union.

Released her from the camp only a half years, obliging every day, noting that it has not left Bucharest. One day, when she went to the gendarmerie, her head, like the toad, to invite the girl to his office and said he could help if she is with him kindly. Alla said that "without love can not". He is a very long time laughed at her words and gave her time to think.

Alla has been released from the gendarmerie in tears, walked down the street and wept. And suddenly she almost got runned. Stopped. Terrible swearing out of it stepped a young man. When I saw the girl sobbing, put his hand on his shoulder and asked: "Who hurt you?" He planted Alla in the car and drove to the house. Went to visit, met with her parents and offered them: 'Let your daughter move into my property'. So Alla Bayanova was a lady: her second husband, Stefan Shendri, was a very rich and noble kind. And although his wealth was completely deserted, the singer has put on his feet: 500 sheep, 12 cows, horses, 400 hectares of land, 500 hectares of forest - it was all under its beginning.

With second husband, they initially lived in one soul, Stephan loved her very much, cared. But once Alla learned that he sometimes walked about the left. At first, the singer was going through, sobbing into my pillow at night. But then realized that if her husband was not so good, it would not have looked the other women, so - he was an ordinary man of unprepossessing. And because he is popular, women want him, but they simply his mistress, and she - his wife.

When in Romania definitively establish socialism, her husband was accused of all mortal sins. They tried to arrest him, but they ran. Wandered through the cellars, attics Bucharest. The city had almost no one left - all friends and acquaintances sent to camps. Allais managed to get a job in a restaurant. There she was treated horribly: under threat of dismissal was forced to act when her mother was dying in hospital.

Stefan still caught and sent to penal servitude for three years. Prison completely broke it, he returned to Allais angry man. Anger her he tried to work off her. But Allah, even though she understood everything, did not tolerate bullying. She left, leaving her husband, a friend of the family, which has long been at it peering.

The third time she was married by calculation, to leave Romania. But without love, build a family with this man could not, and they quickly divorced. Russia's Alla received citizenship only in 1989, came to Russia with little things: the thought that he could not get that one it will not help. But the Russians have a singer like her, they took off on her program, called the legend. Gorbachev gave a small apartment on the Old Arbat, in which Ala Bayanova and moved.

'The real destiny', 'their half', she did not find. Have a child she too did not work: she was expecting a baby by Stefan, but the fourth month of a miscarriage, and the doctors said that children have Bayanova will never be. Alla is not alone - with her live her favorite animals: dogs and cats, which it once sheltered.

My flatlet and attracts people and animals. I am never alone, . I always visit, . Guests with young, . who come, . to confess their love to me, . tell me exciting words, . kiss hands, . ask: 'How do you at that age can stay in vitality? " There will come a time, . when I get to say goodbye to your audience, . then reveal all their secrets. "- laughs the singer.,


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Bayanova Alla, photo, biography
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