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WIDE Andrei Mikhailovich

( Painter)

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Biography WIDE Andrei Mikhailovich
Shirokov Andrey Mikhailovich was born in 1960 in Kirov (now Vyatka-).

Kirovske graduated from art school in 1980.
Since 1984, participates in art exhibitions.

Painter is equally easy to work in the genres of portraiture, still life, landscapes and wrote story songs.

Lyrical storehouse of talent allows him to allocate work in expositions. The idea of the unity of man and nature is inherent in many of his works. In their important role is assigned to the landscape, create a mood, highlighting the internal state of the author.
The nature and laid on the nature of artistic abilities helped the artist enthusiastically studying in College of Arts. Artist difficult to answer, who was his teacher. Inna Alekseevna confirms chtoAndrey not experienced some definite influence. Agree to that, when carefully considered his paintings. But everything has its beginning. It seems that the artist thoughtful attitude to art closer to his grandfather Alexei Petrovich Shirokov, which Andrew did not know in life. Apparently, this is explained by the proximity of genetic relationships. Certainly, this school for him is not only constant work with nature, but also studying the heritage of Russian and Western European art.

Over the past few years have seen a significant evolution of the artist. Today we can say that this is already a formed artist with his spiritual content, artistic worldview, the principles of creativity. The portraits and landscapes, he moves away from the hustle of everyday life, actively perceive the world around. His characters really exist, but in the author's interpretation, they are exempt from all accidental, accented most expressive - posture, gesture, head turn, look. The portraits Leva, Aram, artists A. large B. Tupisova, Inna Shirokova, the author achieves the objective characteristics of the images tends to allocate most natural state model. In the portrait by Shirokova Inna achieves the objective characteristics of the images tends to allocate most natural state model. In the portrait Shirokova Inna, Inna, on a sofa, cheerful, beautiful, as always with his beloved dog, Eve, is a vivid image of the female 'malyavinskogo' temperament.

But most of all Andrew likes to write young person. In portraits of children ( 'Boy with a dog', . 'Alyosha', . 'Portrait of the eldest son'), he appears as a thin unobtrusive companion, . that allows him to feel a special emotional and psychological mood of the guys, . 'catch' state of inner concentration and meditation,
. Series 'maiden' portraits bribes subtle charm of young creatures. The author skillfully owns various composition techniques designed to enhance portrait. His girls in Russian sarafans and gypsy dresses feel free, they do not show attire, and very harmonious with. Costume reveal the nature of the image and dictates the composition-plastic form and color combination portraits.
The artist's palette in recent years often is built using only three colors. Different combinations of a broader range of sound color tones: from red (almost like the FA. Malyavina) - in some portraits to exquisite silver-green and pink (as Valentin Serov and Repin) - in other. Comparisons are caused by associations with the best achievements in the portrait genre at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. Principles of portraiture and color the opening of that time developed throughout XX century in the work of artists, supporters of the realistic. In the best traditions of this area runs and Andrei Shirokov.
Landscape art masters also undergoing development. His winter landscapes are becoming clearer, richer shine cold sun. He often wrote summer days with multicolored grasses and bright green. In landscapes of autumn - the whole palette of gold pores this time of year. The artist works on a daily basis, wrote his works in his studio or at Ina Alekseevny if it poses a model. Leaves for studies, trying to use every lovely day. In recent years, he regularly happens in the foreign artistic mission, particularly in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, which certainly enhances artistic experience Andrei Shirokov, whose sense of creativity in the infinite knowledge of the life and Rights.

The artist's works purchased by art museums in Russia, as well as private collectors abroad: Germany, Belgium, France, the United States.

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WIDE Andrei Mikhailovich, photo, biography
WIDE Andrei Mikhailovich, photo, biography WIDE Andrei Mikhailovich  Painter, photo, biography
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