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Biography JURASSIC Darya
photo JURASSIC Darya
Daria Jura (25.07.1973 years)

Daria Jura - the daughter of famous parents: Sergei Jurassic and Natalia Tenyakova. She has several years working in the Moscow Art Theater, plays in the Theater School of modern plays, "starred in the TV movie" The Countess Sheremeteva ". According Dashi, she absorbed a lot from both parents, but still more like a dad. This Jura-younger - personality integral and independent, accustomed all to herself.

- Dasha, you're part of his childhood in St. Petersburg. Which city - Moscow or Peter - think his family?

- In St. Petersburg I had lived up to six years in school went back in Moscow. And all the real memories of conscious life relate to the school. So I think Peter homeland, but his native city - Moscow.

- Many people remember the school is not very good words ...

- And I have connected with the school, good memories. Very! Maybe someone just out of luck. At first I was sent in the most ordinary school near the house. But in the sixth grade my father took my diary with the schedule and saw that the English language I have either one, or two times a week, said: "Thou shalt not know any language". The fact that I taught French since childhood, my father with me in French speaking ... In short, the Pope said: "I translate you to another school". I resisted - it is so stressful: friends, affection ... Nevertheless, I was in the famous and very good school N 12 in the Arbat. Until now, support with classmates. My closest friend, with whom friends of mine all my life, too, there. And finally, I married her classmate. But perhaps we have indeed been an unusual school. It bears the name of the artist Polenova and is in the same Moscow courtyard with his paintings. And we, the older students, went to Polenovo. Girls working guides in polenovskom home. We lived there and worked the whole summer. Imagine in 14-15 years, without adults, and even in such beauty, and even the whole class. Dream!

- What class of cases novels?

- Novels I have started from September 1 of the first class. I remember it well. I still remember the name of the boy. He was blond with blue eyes. But something we then went wrong ... Nevertheless, the feeling was VZ-for-them-ing, VZ-as-they-ing (laughs). I must say that I was lucky - I have always had each other's novels.

- The first kiss you remember?

- It depends on what is considered a kiss: seriously or so? (Laughs) I think that Igor was. Why pull? I just twisted very serious novels, with explanations. I very much liked sort things out.

- What to find out where everything is in order? Usually, it turns out, when something is wrong, the problem ...

- Well, do not tell ... This is in adults because. And children, especially adolescents, to ascertain in-oh-oh-bsche, because boys are not recognized. This is such a milestone - before and after the recognition. It is another level of the novel. For this and need clarification: "How do you feel about me?" With age, I lost the love for such inquiries.

- Your husband is an actor?

- No. He is an artist, graphic artist, he has his own gallery. More precisely, this is a family affair with parents. Husband is engaged in Russian painting of XIX and XX centuries. And he also writes. But the artist is now so not a profession ... While at home we are hanging his paintings. And he gives them to me. I am delighted, because he has all the affairs, business, and then he suddenly begins to write.

- You married early enough?

- I think, quite early, at 21, even 20 years. I've never thought that so soon marry. And in general I think that early marriage - is bad.

- You see, there are exceptions ...

- And that was an exception on all counts, because we have a very strange, very romantic, very unusual story. And I think that either we would be married at the time, or permanently separated, because we have had an affair of the three visits. The first - at the end of the school. But we parted, hating each other with every fiber. For a long time telling the general you know about this. After some time, meet again, and begins a torrid romance that we hide from everyone: from friends, from parents, because they laughed at the same people. Our secret affair lasted several months, but as they were saturated. But again we parted. A third sunset began seriously. We started living together.

- And how parents reacted to this?

- With horror, despite the fact that the man they liked. But they said: "Did you make any sort things out in their relations. Why so? "The matter went to an engagement. But after we went again. And then I got under the car, I was hit by a "Volga", miraculously still alive. While lying in a hospital, rumors. The teacher to whom I am on the day went to the show, said to someone: "But I saw it last '. The institute has already taken my picture and began to surround the. This is a very good sign - so now I will live a hundred years. And they see me in the hospital all to come: and friends, and those whom I have not seen a hundred years.

And he came. I have not seen him for a long time. He came with a black face, and suddenly I understood everything. I became absolutely clear that I was lying and waited for him. Subconsciously, without admitting that his. And then we started again, some relations. But neither he nor I have no claim on that - well, as you can ... Month I lay there without getting up, then another few weeks like a crutch. Two weeks later we got married. And I made a proposal. He apparently realized that all: No more tied. And I said: "You know, let's get married". And here were against everything: my parents, his. That was seven years ago. I think that we live in a hazard to prove to everybody that we were right (laughs).

-Do you remember your first visit backstage at the theater?

- I was about 8-9, but at 10 I have already participated in the play "Theme and Variations" Theater of. Mossovet. This was the first show, which the parents did after moving to Moscow.

- Are you nervous before the first exit on the stage?

- Very. Though they say something did not need anything. I was dressed in a robe property man, carried a bundle of letters, which is central to plot the course of the performance. It was built in detail: what, where and how I made. And - no role. Some kids do not even understand what they were doing: "Well went to the stage - and went. With me it was absolutely acting excitement.

- Parents were opposed to your decision to become an actress?

- They set up a negative, because children who have a child playing on the stage and acted in films like print lies. This deprives the child a choice, because he does not know anything else on this rut and go. But in the nine years I really wanted to play, desperately. As the material for the ten-year girl was not, I wrote a piece for himself and his girlfriend. It was summer in Yalta, in the House of Creativity "Actor". We have put together the play and played there. Can you imagine? In "Actors," which rested the best artists of the country. Premiere staged in a movie theater, which has always held "Voices". People crammed into view ... And we have had great success. It was a detective drama with beginning, end, with a twisted plot. The next year, I already had in reserve, not only this friend, and five people, including a boy. And this gave the crazy possibilities: been and love the line is possible, and t. d. Once set and also had great success. Then we repeat it, even in the House of the actor. This was an unprecedented action.

In the ninth-tenth grade, I already knew that I would enroll in a theater. I learned that the Studio School at the Moscow Art Theater run training courses, go do it as hard as in the Institute. I know that there is no connection between the availability of talent and the fact that people will do the first try, but I thought: will do - hence the fate, no - the second time I will not try. When you're 16 years old, then in the head a lot of nonsense. But I entered.

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JURASSIC Darya, photo, biography
JURASSIC Darya, photo, biography JURASSIC Darya  Actress, photo, biography
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