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Yudin Maria Veniaminovna

( Great pianist)

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Biography Yudin Maria Veniaminovna
photo Yudin Maria Veniaminovna
Maria Yudina (1899 [Nevel Vitebsk] - 1970 [Moscow])

. All those who had criticized Yudin for "unprincipled and political blindness", suddenly began to sing praises, recognizing her art "politically correct" and "actual"
. This metamorphosis could not have happened without some very serious and compelling reasons. Dmitri Shostakovich's memoirs, published abroad, told in detail about this very reason.

Renowned Russian pianist Maria Yudina was more than just a musician. In my youth it, in addition to music lessons, attended in his hometown of Nevel philosophical circle. There she met with Mikhail Bakhtin, friendship and correspondence with whom retained until the end of days. Next was a study in the Petrograd Conservatory. His senior year she spent in the piano class of Professor L. Nikolayev, where next to her learned Vladimir Sofronitsky and Dmitry Shostakovich. It is hard to imagine how she figured out ways to combine their music classes from the Studies of History and Philology Faculty of Petrograd University, but Yudina succeeded.

. In 1921 she graduated from the conservatory, and the prestigious prize by Anton Rubinstein was divided between her and Vladimir Sofronitsky
. "We both, Sofronitsky and I - Yudin wrote in his memoirs - were decorations pianos ... paper ... The times were difficult. "

But the truly difficult time for her only begun. In 1930 she was dismissed from the Conservatory, where she was by this time led a piano class. The motive: "for religious views". In the twenties militant atheists of the Council every uprooted from human consciousness, "the opium of the people". And then the teacher Conservatory expressed quite openly seditious idea that any culture, any sphere of human activity is empty without the religious roots. But even gives examples. Is it trusted musical education of Soviet students politically immature people?

From 1932 to 1934 Yudin works at the Tbilisi Conservatory and in 1936 was in the capital and began to teach at the Moscow Conservatory. But 15 years later, Professor Yudin expelled and thence. At that time, . when all Soviet musicians were clearly indicated the need to expose the decadent bourgeois music composers, . all these formalist modernist, . Soviet pianist Maria Yudina admires the works of Stravinsky, . is in correspondence with Boulez, . Stockhausen, . Nono, . showing an unhealthy interest in creativity Schoenberg - creator dodekafonii, . Webern, . Hindemith other,
. And for some reason performs works by Shostakovich and Prokofiev, incomprehensible to the people.

In 1960, Yudin again expelled. At this time, from the Institute Gnesin. Yes, and it was not to drive? At her concerts she went out for an encore with a great cross and read verses from "Doctor Zhivago" - at a time, . when the name of Pasternak zakleymleno the entire Soviet people! After the death of Anna Akhmatova Yudina ordered a memorial service for her, . as reported by the Voice of America,
. "When I told her about it - remember the famous theatrical figure Viktor Novikov - she crossed herself:" Thank God, finally, and my name will be linked with the name Akhmatova ... "

. Behavior Yudina in Soviet reality was a real feat of civil
. Of course, the 90-ies this is not mentioned in any of the publications Yudin and her work, including the fundamental book of 1978 "Maria Yudina". Their views she expressed with a rare fearlessness. We Yudina had two characteristics: she has never lied and was completely indifferent to what is called veneer. On stage she usually went out in a simple, almost monastic black dress. And sneakers - because of the patients legs.

The persecution of the dissident-pianist suddenly came to naught in the war years. All those who had criticized Yudin for "unprincipled and political blindness", suddenly began to sing praises, recognizing her art "politically correct" and "actual". This metamorphosis could not have happened without some very serious and compelling reasons. Dmitri Shostakovich's memoirs, published abroad, told in detail about this very reason.

Once in the Radio phone rang, plunged into a state of stupor there the chiefs. Telephoned Stalin. He said that prior to listening to the radio Mozart piano concerto? 23 in the performance Yudina. Asked: is there a recording of a concert? "Of course, there is, Stalin," - replied,. "Well, - said Stalin. - Please send tomorrow the record to my dacha.

No sooner was hanged tube, the leaders of the Radio have fallen into a wild panic. The fact is that the truth is, no records were not, and a concert broadcast from the studio. But Stalin - tells Shostakovich - mortally afraid to say "no". Nobody knew what the consequences. Human life was worth nothing. You could just say ditto. "

Summoned Yudin, assembled an orchestra and made a record night. All were trembling from fear. Only Yudina, as Shostakovich wrote, was a sea of knee. Conductor of fear does not understand anything, had to send him home. They called another - the same story: he shakes and knocks orchestra. Only the third conductor was able to bring the record to the end. It was a unique event in the history of recording - the change of the three conductors. By morning the record was finally ready. The next day in the enlistment procedure was made to record a single copy, which was sent to Stalin.

But the story did not end. Shortly Yudin received an envelope in which it has invested 20 thousand rubles - great for those times the money. She was told that it was done on the personal instructions of Comrade Stalin. And then she wrote a letter to Stalin: "Thank you, Stalin, for your help. I will pray for you day and night and ask the Lord to forgive your sins before the people and the country. The Lord is merciful, he will forgive. And the money I give to repair the church in which I go. "

It is hard to believe. To say such a leader ... "Her words sounded improbable - Shostakovich wrote. - But she never lied ". His story of this incredible story Shostakovich concludes thus: "With Yudina did nothing. Stalin silent. It is alleged that the plate with Mozart's concert was on his record player, when he was found dead.

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Yudin Maria Veniaminovna, photo, biography
Yudin Maria Veniaminovna, photo, biography Yudin Maria Veniaminovna  Great pianist, photo, biography
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