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Yuganova Alla S.

( Actress)

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Alla S. Yuganova (19.01.1982 years [Moscow])

"... I like to work in the theater, in it you always grow up. In the film feel a little trapped, can not yet because of the small experience. After a movie, when filming is finished, all the rest depends on the director, a double, he inserts the film. And in the theater, I can say: "I do not interfere with your rehearsal, and you do not let me play, and I was left alone with the audience. Theater closer to me, it feel free. "

- Let's start with the favorite question ... Become an actress: the dream of childhood, or a deliberate step to creativity?

- It was a dream from childhood. Somehow itself evolved. I always wanted to be an actress, though, I had a period when he wanted to become a journalist. But as soon as she graduated from grade 10, I went to enroll in a theater, would just try. Everything is so well developed, I was admitted to the institute without a high school diploma and took a volunteer in Schepkinskoe School. It turned out that I saved one year and immediately got into a profession that we dream about.

. - Why the choice fell on the sliver, rather than on any other college?

. - Me and GITIS yet been taken, but it was at that time I was told only one teacher - Rimma Gavrilovna Solntseva
. Others, unfortunately, I just do not know. Also said that all who come in this year's dream to get it to her. So when they told me that if I bring the documents, everything will be fine, I have absolutely no hesitation remained in chips and more did not go anywhere.

- Do you have a theatrical roots?

- No one. My mother is in itself very artistic. She taught piano, now she's governor. I think that this impulse came from his mom.

- As my mother reacted to your choice?

- Mom involved in my life, very supportive. Now she is actively removed in the crowd, she is really like. It is a man who does not do it for money, and it enjoys the process.

- On one of the set have been crossed?

- Yes. I was shot at Vladimir Grammatikov in Sibirochka "and led her mother to look at the process. Mom there quickly met with the foreman of the crowd. The next day I went, and my mother again on the set (laughs). And so from time to time we had crossed.

. - Sibirochka "- this is your first kinorabota?

. - I believe it for a first job.

. - What do you feel, being the first time on the set?

. - To feel the responsibility, it was impossible to fall in the mud face
. Then I was only after the institute, but has worked in Lenkom. Usually, I immediately begin to trust the film crew, director, so we have a contact, and we are just beginning to communicate. Communication did not go through any effort, everything turned out very nice and friendly atmosphere.

. - Or maybe you have a dream to try myself in a completely different profession?

. - I want to learn some things, but they will be charged directly to my profession
. I want more than one language. I love history and literature, I want to go into it with his head. I wish now I have little time to develop, but I hope it will soon proceed to the study.

- Your character Nadia from "Gemini" won the hearts of the male population of our country. Tell me, what qualities are inherent in Nadi you?

- In the first place I went to the wishes of the director. There were some situations where Nadia led to oneself. She gently and touching on all react, but it was inherent in the script, and there is not any of my negative manifestations. I can say that everything went just from the author.

- Was it something in the behavior, character, Nadia, that you want to change?

- At first I thought she was too emotional. Although, now I understand that this is normal. For me it was not clear why she is crying, then laughing? Thought: "When did she have to be normal?". And when I looked a result, realized that the director has moved me in the right direction:

- How relations on the set?

- With Eley Bolgova we exist together, playing sisters. By the director, I had a very touching relationship, I wanted us to understand each other. Andrei Sokolov, a lot of help, something dictated, explained to me when something was unclear. He is a wonderful partner.

- How do you evaluate the work of their colleagues in the "Gemini"?

- I saw not all series, but from what we have to look very pleased with Elvira, the heroine and all three different. I think it is very difficult, but she coped brilliantly. About luminaries I'm not saying there was to be expected that everything will be fine.

- Lenkom - a dream of many actors. Tell me how you managed to get to the legendary troupe?

- Showing in theaters, we as a group. In "Lenkom" our course is not entirely to watch, but asked to show only one, a very showy boy, a passage he played with me. Then, it turned out that he needed an actress for the role Fanshety, and invited me. For this invitation, I will say honestly, grabbed with both hands.

- Alla, please tell me how you "joined" the collective stellar "Lenkoma? How do you have in the company?

- First, very afraid. I always said that this was a "snake ball", and one must be cautious. I was lucky it happened that joined the team smoothly. Now I have here a lot of close friends: Andrei Leonov, Andrei Chernyshov, Vera Sergacheva, Denis Nemykin and Dmitry Groshev. It's nice that the support in the performances comes from Zbrueva and Jankowski. They do not exist separately, but there is some collectivity. I work in the theater recently, and feel in the team is very nice.

- What is the role of those that are playing, you have a favorite?

- I play in several theaters. The most ambitious role in which many of the literary text - "Novel in Letters" (by Pushkin) in the theater Kamburova. When a big role, or rather the main, it is quite a different feeling. In Lenkom for my favorite part - it Fansheta. It is not my character, but simply "I". Fanshetu I do not play, but get real pleasure on stage.

- Is there such a character whom you would never have played?

- Probably, there is, at once difficult to say. There are times when you read some piece and say to yourself: "No, - it is never". While this is happening because neponravivshegosya work as a whole, rather than a specific character. Play me interested in everything, there is some sort of inappropriate role.

- What is more like it - the theater or cinema?

- I do not hide and all say that I like to work in the theater, in it you always grow up. In the film feel a little trapped, can not yet because of the small experience. After a movie, when filming is finished, all the rest depends on the director, a double, he inserts the film. And in the theater, I can say: "I do not interfere with your rehearsal, and you do not let me play, and I was left alone with the audience. Theater closer to me, it feel free.

- Any new dramas with your participation can we expect?

- I play in the theater "Nations" in play "a novel without remarks," the play of our time. Is difficult to say what the genre, but it is very interesting to me. Viewers perceive its ambiguous. The main thing that they think about him after watching. I such performances had not previously seen, and it is interesting to me his inner life.

- A New Movie parts?

- "My personal enemy - 2", directed by Vladimir Popkov, the picture on the novel Ustinova. The role of my tragic, but more importantly, that all ends well. Soon I'll go to Kiev for shooting films about Utjosov "I gave the lyrics are all threatened," here I role tsirkachki Luba.

. - What do you usually like to cook? There are some specialty dish?

. - Little time for housework, but the only thing that I know how to cook well - it pancakes
. There was something particularly tasty to cook with my mother can. And so I try to cook something diet - salads, such. In principle, turns out delicious.

- Do you have a thing that brings you good luck charm?

- I have a bag, which are very expensive things. Rima Gavrilovna Solntseva 4 course gave me a birthday heart, and it flowers. It is dilapidated, but I said that I would wear it all his life, and now every day I take it with you and do not go out without him.

. - Helps?

. - I think, yes.

. - Are you superstitious? Are there any signs of theater, in which you believe?

. - Superstitious, but not a fanatic of
. If you drop the "role", sometimes I sit on it, and sometimes not even I will turn attention to it.

- And spit over your shoulder or knock on wood?

- I can do this as a mechanically. But to "bother" over the fact that not knocked on wood: No more.

. - That you ask: "Is it true that such a beautiful girl and not married?"

. - Not married.

. - What are the qualities you value in a man?

. - I came to the conclusion that the most important actions
. It is a lot to say, want to do, but nothing for this not to. Or you may turn the whole world, and the star from the sky to get it - it's all possible, and I believe such a person.

. - Tell me, you ever sought love men or always sought only by your affection;

. - There was such that I crawled out from the skin out, or me someone a long time ohazhival always all happened relatively
. I odnolyub, but not yet so often it was happening.

- How do you like to spend your free time?

- His little, but when the possibility of falls, the houses look like the old good movies or read. At night indoor ice rink recently went. I love to just walk around the city. Even paint "razukrashki" - this is me discharged.

A how to recover after the show, filming? What do you usually do?

- Sleep. When I go back, first a shower and then sleep. It happens every day, play, and in front of him shooting or rehearsal. The only thing that saves us from fatigue - a dream

. - With friends too rare?

. - Friends of everything in the theater.

. - And what about school?

. - It so happened that I changed a few schools and, as if were not so sad, all shattered.

. - Do you have any recipe for beauty?

. - I know that if you sleep well and will be eaten, it will look great when I'm hungry, my eyes are a little tired
. Although my recipe for beauty - this is when a person "pret" energy, thus becoming a charming and pleasant to communicate with him, despite his external data. After inner beauty is far more interesting and more enjoyable.

. - Favorite flowers?

. - I love yellow flowers, tea roses, daisies, but also yellow - this is my favorite.

. - It is true that in the graduation performance you played the role of small monkeys, while the wolf and birds.

. - We put the play "Mowgli", and I played the role of a small monkey, a little wolf cub and poultry
. In this performance, each played several roles, which was very interesting.

- Here's Lena said that little information about you: Come on then let's talk about your childhood.

- I am a good student, I liked to do housework. In the class of 7.8 has been interesting to walk, walk with a girlfriend for a walk, and we had it with some endless adventure. Then he became involved in a theatrical studio "image" in the house of the pioneers. Apparently, the first seeds, which are now gradually seedlings were planted there. Free time after school was spent in the studio. Then transferred to the school of Art and Science of St.. George. This is a boarding school, I could not live there. In grade 10 it closed for renovation, so I went to enroll in a theater university.

- You also studied in grade 11 and Sliver. How you managed to combine it? Was that fun for a student?

- This was my first year in the first half. I passed all my school exams, received the certificate, and I was transferred to full student. I cried from happiness when I said this. Length of training - a happy time. Between the second and third course, I was invited to appear in Turkish painting "Balalaika". Filming was delayed for three months, it was just foolishness, it was a lot of fun. The institute was lost for days and nights. Could get up at five in the morning and return to the last train station.

- When your course played a performance diploma, sorry to say goodbye?

- It was a great pity, after each performance, always say "all". And that "all" is always encouraged at large tears. Hall sobbed, wept at the scene, but in general all around were crying. Was very sorry to leave, but now I very often go to the Institute. I look diploma performances and I feel that continuing education.

- Wish visitors ...

- I wish to not disappointed in the national cinema, that there were many new and interesting. I hope to please myself, may soon come out films "My personal enemy - 2" and "Song gave the full monty". We believe that soon meet on the screen and on stage.

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