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If you for some embarrassing missteps believed that Ireland could be brought to the pop scene exceptionally expressive eccentric people like Sinead O'Connor and U2, the error did not know your limits. A Aignan, a girl of indeterminate age (since the first album 12 years ago, it has not changed) and a sample of femininity? And its lingering melancholy-romantic songs and video clips that resemble the beautiful children's stories?

. In late November, after 5 years of silence AIGNAN releases a new album called 'A Day Without Rain'
. Presentation of the album in Russia on November 20 at the radio station "Silver rain '.

- Well, Aignan, well, a day without rain. But is this a topic for a whole album? In the world in the end so many problems, children in Africa, as they say, are hungry:

- That you think that a day without rain - the most usual. For us, the Irish, this whole event. In Ireland, the rain comes for weeks, months, and often people feel that everything that happens in their lives - it is water pouring from the sky. But one day after the long rains, I woke up and saw that the sky is absolutely clear. That day I wrote a song that gave name to the whole album. And how else I could call her?

- Yes, apparently, not the other way. They say you recorded this album for a long time. What, on rainy days to work harder?

- No, it's not the. And in my rigor, whether that. Imagine that I not only herself sang all the vocals and 'back vocals', but also sang, if I may say so, manually. That is, we did not have samples, multiplied computer. All that you hear on the album, made and played me. We are also very long and seriously working on arrangements and trying out different sounds and instruments. This painstaking work, of course, took more time than other musicians.

. - And the process works, too, was long and painful?

. - Oh, no, no! No pain! When I write music, I really enjoy it, as if dipped into a magical world: Sometimes I compose a melody, but do not feel the strength to work further on it
. I'm sure it does not: Then I leave it and write the following. A few days back to the first fragment and listen to his 'other ears'. Just so I can understand - good or bad, work or not work:

. - Looking at you, so delicate and sublime, do not want to believe that you are using in their work such categories as 'work - not work'.

. - Well why not? I am a musician, like all
. That my penultimate album was sold out of 44 million copies, to something requires. You see, art is art, art is needful. I am not writing to require, but do not want what I'm doing, it was interesting to me only one.

- It is said that the representatives of Warner Music UK you dwell in a kind of castle - for inspiration. This is a rumor?

- No, it's so. This old castle, Humewood Castle, we removed one of the video for the new album. I vacationed there soul, invited friends and relatives, we arranged a party. You know, this is not it, when you live in a hotel, even the style of old, there is no genuine Irish flavor. There, paintings, furniture, tableware, fireplace, huge chandeliers in chains - all are. Go out into the yard, and on the lawn at a trot - the white horses:

- Aignan, in many of your songs does not sound English, but some other language.

- It gaelsky. In fact, this is my first language, because I was born in that part of the island, where they speak only to him, and where people live by the old order. It is very beautiful, melodious, an ancient language. When I come to my house, only to hear his. The houses I had such a beauty: the North Sea, is always cold and severe, the waves beating on the huge black rocks. In this much power! I'm always going out to date.

- Interesting and drafts of poems you write by hand?

- Yes, only by hand. Because there are many crossed-out, soiled, written sideways, sideways. When words are not in a hurry to come to me, I draw. Most horses. It helps me.

- You probably can not imagine myself without music.

- This is so. I would be very difficult not to become a musician. From early childhood I was surrounded by songs, traditional Irish music. My father himself composed countless ballads, and her mother taught music. Our family sang all. I fall asleep to lullabies and wake up with morning solo. So in my life, everything turned out well, as it should have been formed.

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AIGNAN, photo, biography
AIGNAN, photo, biography AIGNAN  Singer, photo, biography
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