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Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna

( Soviet chanteuse)

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Biography Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna
photo Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna
Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko (24.03.1906 year - the year 17.06.1984)

. March 24, 1906 - was born in Kharkov, in the family of the accounting division of the railway Ivan Ivanovich Shulzhenko and Vera Alexandrovna Shulzhenko.

. Spring 1923 - is an actress of the Kharkiv Drama Theater under the direction of NN Sinel'nikova.

. Summer 1925 - work in Chervonozavodskyi Drama Theater, Kharkiv.

. May 5, 1928 - singing debut in the Mariinsky Theater in Leningrad (concert dedicated to the Day of the press).

. January 1929 - debut at the Moscow music-hall.

. 1930 - marriage with Vladimir F. Coral.

. May 1932 - the birth of son Igor.

. October 2, 1931 - premiere of the play "Conditionally killed" in the Leningrad Music Hall (the role of Masha Funtikova).

. 1934 - shooting a movie M. Averbuch "Who is your friend?" (Belgoskino, the role of faith).

. 1936 - made the first gramophone records (accompanist - Michael Korik).

. 1937 - became a soloist with the Jazz Orchestra under the 'management of James Skomorovskogo (until January 1940).

. December 1939 - becomes the winner of the First All-Union competition performers (Moscow, Column Hall of the House of Unions).

. January 1940 - the establishment of Leningrad Jazz Orchestra (by K. Shulzhenko and B. Coralli, music director A. Semenov)
. Disbanded in the summer of 1945.

. June 22, 1941 - Jazz Orchestra has become front-line jazz ensemble.

. February 1942 - participated in the filming of "Concert-Front" (directed by M. Slutsky, scenario A. Kapler).

. March 1942 - the birth of a "Blue handkerchief."

. July 12, 1942 - 500 th concert KI Shulzhenko and front jazz ensemble (on the stage of the Leningrad House of the Red Army
. Handing singer with a medal "For Defense of Leningrad".

. From 1943 - moved to Moscow.

. February 21, 1943 - premiere of "City-Heroes", dedicated to 25-year anniversary of the Red Army.

. June 1943 - participates in the meeting of the Union of Composers, dedicated to the songs of the Great Patriotic War.

. May 9, 1945 - presentation of the singer of the Order of the Red Star.

. September 29, 1945 - the soloist of the All-Russia tour and concert association Claudia Shulzhenko "For outstanding achievements in the field of vocal art" was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

. Summer 1947 - the premiere vocal suite V.P.Soloveva-Sedoj "The Return of the soldier" (author of poetry to all 6 songs of the cycle A. Fat'yanov accompanist - Raisa Katz).

. 1954 - The first long-playing record.

. March 1954 - shooting in the movie "Happy Star", directed by V. Stroyev.

. November 1962
. For great achievements in the field of Soviet pop art "Claudia Shulzhenko honorary title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.

. October 1965 - Participates in the First Festival of Soviet pop songs (Moscow, State Theater stage).

. 1967 - Jury member of the All-Union Festival of Soviet songs.

. January 1971 - 4 solo concert in Leningrad Concert Hall (accompanist - David Ashkenazi).

. May 1971 - soloist Mosconcert KI Shulzhenko "for great achievements in the field of Soviet pop art" by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR is given the honorary title of People's Artist of the USSR.

. April 10, 1976 - an anniversary concert in the Hall of Columns (accompanist - Boris Mandrus).

. June 1976 - presentation of the singer of the Order of Lenin.

. May 1979 - participates in the cultural program "The Olympics-80.

. 1980 - participated in the recording studio at the USSR record company "Melodia cantata" The son and mother "by French composer Darius Milhaud (text by Maurice Karema, Russian translation Rozhdestvensky)
. Party Mother.

1980 - writes his latest long-playing record "Portrait".

1981 - published with "Young Guard" memoir "When you ask me ..." (literary record Gleb Skorokhodova). The second edition - in 1985 year.

December 1983 - participation in the shooting of the TV film "You are invited Claudia Shulzhenko" (director - Zhuravlev, script - G. Skorokhodov). Premiere - 18 December, on the first channel of the Central Television.

June 17, 1984. After a long illness died outstanding singer, People's Artist of USSR Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko. With her name is associated with outstanding achievements of national musical art. His creativity, she has made an invaluable contribution to the development of Soviet songs, patriotic education of the masses "(from the government obituary).

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Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna, photo, biography
Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna, photo, biography Shulzhenko Claudia Ivanovna  Soviet chanteuse, photo, biography
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