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Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich

( Ballet dancer)

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Biography Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich
photo Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich
Vakhtang Mikhailovich Chabukiani (12.03.1910 years [Tbilisi] - 06/04/1992, the [Tbilisi])

Vakhtang Chabukiani - the greatest dancer and choreographer of our time. Already exhausted all the epithets and comparisons. I can only add that in each of its staging live a soul. As in every human being, which, though ever communicate with him. And this is probably the immortality of great talent

. February 27 Vakhtang Chabukiani would have turned 95.

. My memoirs on Vakhtang Chabukiani, while far from complete.

. They still supplemented by memories of his contemporaries whose lives have been is animated by light contact with the legendary dancer
. 'Wizard of dance' - so named it Kote Makharadze with him in our television film shot during the life of the great maestro.

. Then, in 1970, our creative team (the film shot leading operator of Georgian TV Nagorno Igor) traveled to Moscow and Leningrad and met with all the prominent mates Vakhtang Chabukiani.

. 'I am happy that I saw in the prime of a brilliant dancer, whose art is unique', - told Star Mariinsky Alla Rustle
. - Unforgettable premiere of 'Othello'. In the performance part of our leading soloists Irina Kolpakova (Desdemona), Inna Zubkovskaya (Bianca), Nonna Yastrebova (Emilia).

Indispensable was Iago in the performance Zurab Kikaleyshvili. Applause deafened the audience, when the Mariinsky Theater took off idol Leningrad public Vakhtang Chabukiani '. It was, as noted by the press, a truly 'Shalyapin performance'.

. With the same enthusiasm talked about excellence V. Chabukiani stars of world ballet, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Dudinskaya, Tatiana Vecheslova, Raisa Struchkov.

. Our guide in all these meetings was Misha Lavrovsky, then already a young leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater
. When I now turned to the then already Maц-tre ballet Mikhail Lavrovsky with a request to share their memories, he responded with alacrity.

. ': My debut at the Bolshoi Theater was held in the ballet Asafyev' Flames of Paris'.

. Once the title role in this ballet dancer Vakhtang Chabukiani
. For me it was symbolic. In my life, Vakhtang Mikhailovich played a huge role, both as an artist, who influenced the formation of my work, and as someone who helped me in difficult and decisive moment of my life. In our family art was seen as a living everyday. My father worked hard and spiritually.

. At one time he was chief choreographer Mariinsky Theater (Theater then was named S. Kirov), . and since 1944, twenty years, with short intervals was the chief choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater and always admired the talent and skill Vakhtang Mikhailovich.,

. My mother, Helen Chikvaidze, was a great friend and first partner of this great dancer, so that the name of Vakhtang Chabukiani was in my ear since early childhood
. Mom loved and admired his genius.

It was difficult to objectively judge the skill Chabukiani, comparing it with other outstanding dancer of his time.

Film - yes! Film remained. And two of them - 'La Bayadere' and 'Taras Bulba'. Then he was in his prime. They give wonderful, but, unfortunately, no complete picture of this artist. Eventually, I realized why. Theater is strong in its immediate, direct impact of scenic charm, the personality of the artist. Film shows, basically, the external form. While personality is visible everywhere and always. And, when I was a dancer-singer arrived in Tbilisi on tour, I remember, in the rehearsal room went completely Chabukiani no longer young - he was supposed to give 'master class' - a lesson! Then I personally encountered a miracle.

. His legs Chabukiani rose with difficulty, his back bent almost
. He no longer danced. But when Vakhtang Mikhailovich reach the middle of the room and show some movements, as all around him: it became malovyrazitelnym, gray.

Before us stood a giant, who did a dance inspired art. Approach it was impossible! In the background faded all.

Then I thought: how was he in strength in youth!

I have always practiced their parts with Vakhtang Mikhailovich, when he came to Tbilisi on tour. Many times he helped me mentally.

His royal hand, he saved my career, when he was a sharp turn in my creative destiny. There was a time when I worked at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater principal choreographer. Remarkable to me years. Then life brought me nearer to Vakhtang Mikhailovich.

And what always struck me. We, the young dancers, choreographers have seen so much and see performances, folklore ensembles, video, and put something monumental is not really possible. But Vakhtang Mikhailovich in his younger years did not see anything, had no special choreographic education, but put such brilliant ballets like 'Laurencia' and 'Heart of the mountains'. With great skill updated the main male parts in the ballet "La Bayadere '.

Given the recent tradition of male dance and guided by its own performing style, Chabukiani turned the party Solor in continuous harmony of movements. His data is so responsible a new interpretation of the image that the creative team of the Mariinsky Theater was stunned.

In many of the old classical productions male variation were delivered to them. His talent, he 'revived', to modernize the classical ballet. Unfortunately, men's dance in our time is changing.

. We are always looking to servility to the West, though dramatic, narrative, great passions ballet paintings European ballet took from us.

. That is great that more than half his life devoted Vakhtang Chabukiani Georgia
. He was a true patriot. But I am sure, . that if Vakhtang Chabukiani remained in Moscow or in Leningrad, . he would constantly come into contact with Western art, . but its effect on men's dance, . inspired chivalric romance, . perfect in its beauty and strength, . would be preserved as a standard in the art world choreography.,

. From distant Paris responded to French ballerina Eteri Pagava
. ': I had the fortune to dance with Vakhtang Chabukiani in the ballets' Giselle' and 'Don Quixote'. That was in 1967.

Every meeting with him left an indelible mark in my life and gratitude in my heart for the creative joy. Always remember the unforgettable tour in my home, in the fashionable heart of Tbilisi.

Vakhtang Chabukiani - the greatest dancer and choreographer of our time.

Already exhausted all the epithets and comparisons. I can only add that in each of its staging live a soul. As in every human being, which, though ever communicate with him. And this is probably the immortality of great talent. "

. They're coming years: In life come the new generations of ballet masters, but the interest and love for the great son of Terpsichore not decrease.

. And when in these days of jubilee blue screen lets us in some way to return the magical dance of the legendary actor, we once again become involved in the world of beauty, love and perfection.

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  • Tamara Kraveishvili-Potashnikov for Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich
  • Good evening, Michael L.! You do, of course, is unlikely to remember. I was concertmaster at the Vakhtang Mikhailovich, the last 15 years of his life. I had been living in Israel, and I was terribly upset, no, not the right word - is appalling that in the ballet world of that country, the name Vakhtang Mikhailovich, quite unknown. I started to look at Ineta - there is also some references, but no entries at all. I remember, . Georgia-filmed movie "Laurencia" wholly, . I remember a documentary film "The Wizard of Dance"! Where is it? Is this no longer exists? It is a world cultural heritage! I just beg you! Do not let this name disappear! Find (you have more opportunities for this, . than me), . and publish, . Please Internet,
    . Just look how carefully are in the States, to the legacy of George Balanchine! And that has been preserved, and if someone else and might have something to remember some extent precisely because it is not backed by anything - no videos. Excuse me, I snapped at you so, but I really hurt and ashamed, to the memory of Vakhtang Mikhailovich, because of the "Legend" forgotten. There was another movie - "Legend of the Georgian ballet, or something like that, unfortunately, can not remember. Once again I apologize, and wish you all the best! Your Tamara Potashnikov-Kraveishvili
  • nataliya tsignadze for Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich
  • Ya ochen rada za to, . shto takie zvezdi ne umiraut io nix prodoljaut pisat i upominat, . ya vnuchka Veri Tsignadze s kotoroi kogda to Vaxtang Chabukiani tanceval, . is gordostiu v serdce ya noshu etu familiu i rada, . shto vse taki ob etix zvezdax eshe ne zabili,
    . Ogromnoe vam spasibo, za to, shto takie ludi, kak vi ne daut chelovechestvu zabit o ego nacionalnix dostoinstvax, talantax i velichiyax!
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    Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich, photo, biography Chabukiani Vakhtang Mikhailovich  Ballet dancer, photo, biography
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