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Biography HUN Pan
Pan Hung - famous Chinese actress. For 20 years she has played many roles that made her a star of the Chinese screen.

Pan Hung immediately after the Shanghai Theatrical Institute began work on the Shanghai Film Studio. She was one of the most beautiful actresses in China. Quiet, soft, with large expressive, beautiful eyes - it is different from many other actresses. For 20 years Pan Hong has created a number of bright female characters such as Du Shinyaev, Dr. Lu Ventin, the last empress of Qing Wang Rong, the intelligentsia Xu Lichen. Her performance won the audience. Many viewers of the older generation are its faithful fans.

The film "Man in the middle age", was released in the 80th, respectively, immediately after its premiere, has received positive feedback. 26-year-old actress admitted in film circles in China. Her name became known. In this film she played the role of Lou Ventin - middle-aged woman doctor. Her heroine's heavy burden - hard work, constant family cares. The film tells of her love, marriage, death of her husband and her hard work and success in. The film is filled with deep tragic pathos. Actress managed to eloquently convey inner experiences Lu Ventin. In her beautiful, sad eyes of the spectators saw purity, kindness, perseverance and sadness simple woman. It won the audience. During filming, she spent much time in the eye clinic to get a feel inside the life and work of the doctor. She helped create a real image of the surgeon and even the medical experts could not find a flaw in her game. She did not play it the whole thing in her heroine, she was her. Recalling the filming of Pan Hung excitedly says:

"Movie" Man in the middle age "was a success with viewers. I still remember well how were shooting at Jilin Medical University. It seems to me that I was able to create an image of the mother, was able to show her inner world ".

The film received recognition as the audience and critics. He was awarded the highest prize in China - the award "Golden Rooster". Pan Hung was awarded first prize for Best Actress.

Pan Hung - very quiet, even sad woman. She was born in Shanghai. Her youth was held in the years in China TN. Cultural Revolution. Her father committed suicide. As a teenager, she as his first daughter, has experienced serious psychological tragedy. Knowing that such suffering, it is very good relative to other. Not an easy life of a school, where she learned to accumulate knowledge, so useful in future work.

Pan Hung played a lot of female roles with the tragic fate. In the movie "Well" she created the image of intellectuals Xu Lichen. She managed to show the internal psychological experience of women, held a complicated way of life. In the movie "Du Shinyaev" Pan Hung played the role of prostitutes in ancient China. Her heroine striving for pure love, and it seemed that they had found. But it was a hoax. She wanted to commit suicide. Pan Hung expressively conveyed desperation deceived woman who decided to still win the fate. And in the movie "Emperor of the last dynasty" Pan Hung played a very different image of women in social class Empress Wan Rong. At the beginning of the emperor was very fond of her, but then stopped paying attention. The woman was unable to transfer that attitude of a loved one and lost mind. For the successful creation of images of women with the tragic fate of Pan Hoon called the "Queen of the tragedies". When it comes to tragedy, Pan Hung says:

"I think a lot of tragedies in life. But people always want to escape from the word. People are so deeply perceive these tragedies, that after the movie can not sleep ".

Among the actresses in China Pan Hung enjoys great prestige. For all his acting life she was not implicated in any scandal stories. After the divorce, she lived alone. Most of happy years - after 30 years. At age 32, she was awarded several prizes, including the title of one of 10 famous movie stars of the world ". But in the same year she divorced. The reason for the divorce, she explains that gave too much time and energy acting work, rather than family life. And the family - a very important position for a person. According to her, she went head to the creation of their roles. Immediately after the wedding she went to film the movie "Du Shinyaev". And a half years was never at home. At that time, for her most important - was to succeed.

More than 10 years. In China, there have been enormous changes in society, in life and mindset of people. She is very sorry he could not be a good wife. According to her, many beautiful women in nature is slack.

When we were talking about whether she is dreaming of a happy family and children, Pan Hung says sadly:

"Of course I dream. But, unfortunately, the age I no longer young. I wish all women a happy family, I wish them all the best. Let pomnet that in fact the family - the most important thing for a man.

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HUN Pan, photo, biography
HUN Pan, photo, biography HUN Pan  Actress, photo, biography
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