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Michael Hutchence

( Rock musician)

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Biography Michael Hutchence
photo Michael Hutchence
Michael Hutchence (22.01.1960 year - the year 22.11.1997)

In 1997 g.telo leader of Australian group INXS Michael Hutchence found in the room of one of the hotels in Sydney. Murder or suicide? Who is to blame? Scandals and women, they pursued a rock musician his entire life. Do not leave him even after death.

... More glory struck Michael in the 27: 10 million sold. copies of the album 'Kick', 6 hits swirled around the clock in radio and television. Hutchence appeared in public with a young TV stars and pop singer Kylie Minogue. A couple of years he would go to Europe, and replace Kylie at the top model Helena Christensen. Helena and Michael were helpful to each other: to obtain and passionate romance, and a means for moving both on the market.

But by the mid-nineties Hutchence has been more frequently fall into depression. Michael torn by frustration: such a success, as in the 88-m, there was no more. And here in his life became an English television presenter, Paula Yates.

She seemed a typical 'moth': pale, with bleached hair, without a hint of breasts and hips - Beauty Christensen hold a candle to it and no use. Moreover, Yates was saddled with three children and husband, Irish rock 'Holy Bob' Geldof, organizer of large-scale benefit concerts.

Paul brought down Michael everything he painfully lacked: the care and enthusiasm. He became dependent on her, as with drink and drugs, which by that time become addicted. Roman grew rapidly, but to the displeasure of his mistress rocker could not bring himself to part with Helen, his eternal trump card and calling card.

. ... For a romantic dinner at an expensive hotel Yates with a shudder in his voice shared concerns: it seems, is sitting at a table in front of a reporter from a tabloid
. Negligible sumnyashesya, Hutchence launched in paparazzi empty bottle. Night journalists slipped under the door of their apartment nasty note (text by Paul dictated the day before) to an angry rocker jumped into the corridor - preferably in the buff. The musician was stoned and did not disappoint expectations. The police came at the very moment when Hutchence almost broke the door in the front room - there was hiding photographer.

. 'Happy-endom' shots were TV presenter and singer throughout the tabloid press, the penalty in favor of the photographer and restrained parting with Christensen.

. But the alliance, built on deceit and lies, could not be happier
. Although Yates assured the journalists that it is not, as they are about to get married. Especially as they grow their daughter with the pretentious name of Tiger Lily. Michael released the album 'Elegantly spent', but he received mediocre reviews. This is completely finished off musician. He at every opportunity he ran from London to his native Sydney, where he opened for himself the latest passion - games gimp. Depression does not wish to withdraw. Yates hysterics and threatened to commit suicide. A few days before his death, he uttered the phrase that plagued his demons, but recent years have been hell.

Terrible news came on Nov. 22, 1997. A maid found a completely naked Hutchence in a belt loop in a hotel room. Strap was attached to a doorknob. No suicide note was found. But the girl was found, which met with a rock musician last night: she claimed that Michael was alive when she left. To make a scapegoat out of it could not: the girl turned out to be 100% alibi. It appears that Hutchence had heard that when strangulation men arises involuntary erection. In blood musician revealed explosive mixture of drugs, drugs and alcohol - to decide on a terrible experiment was so easy ...

. Family Hutchence screaming that Michael has brought to the suicide of his girlfriend, a friend made a bet on the former husband - was he harassed Hutchence threats and did not want to 'let the mother of their children'
. But the group has learned from the death of INXS lead singer considerable profit: the guys quickly recorded an anthology of short time and again become sales leaders.

Time passed, and Hutchence would not let me forget about. It turns out that somewhere evaporated all the 25 millionth heritage rock star, baby Tiger Lilies intended pathetic 40 thousand. U.S.. And in September 2000, Yates was found dead in her London home - a daughter a few hours crawling close to the cooling body. 'Respectable' Paul had exhausted overdose.

Dividends from the death of the musician took off all who could. Bono of U2 remembered: Michael shared with him thoughts of suicide, and he ardently to dissuade. Family rock star took up memoir 'Just a man: the real Michael Hutchence'. Courtney Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, said that shortly before his death, they Floors 'much talked about'. Courtney is going to take about Hutchence and Yates film, which, of course, will play a major role.

And when they found a rock millions, it turned out that the rich daughter of Michael and all need. Relatives turn to sue, trying to defend the right of guardianship, although for two years before and did not recall its existence. All this time, without advertising their generosity and no claim to inheritance, Tiger Lily was brought up by her ex-husband Bob Geldof Floors. He was not going to be a hero in this story. I thought this girl would be better next to the half-brothers and sisters.

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  • Diana for Michael Hutchence
  • This is the WORST review I have ever read. You should get ALL of the facts before attempting to write a review... also use of the ENGLISH language would be helpful!
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    Michael Hutchence, photo, biography
    Michael Hutchence, photo, biography Michael Hutchence  Rock musician, photo, biography
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