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Sean Penn

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Biography Sean Penn
Sean Penn was born on August 17, 1960 in Berbake, California in a family of actress Eileen Ryan and director Leo Penn. Childhood future actor held in Santa Monica, where the children made friends with Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Sean's older brother, Michael - singer, songwriter, the songs turned-director, and the average, Chris, actor. Children of much of his free time together while filming amateur movies. Sean Penn had serious intentions. He expected to finish school and go to college. But, ultimately, he went to play in the Los Angeles Repertory Theater. After professional debut in an episode of television Barnaby Jones, Penn moved to New York, where he played in the play Heartland. In 1981, he performed the role in the TV movie The Killing of Randy Webster. In the same year, the debut of the actor on the big screen in the film Taps for military cadet school.

. Penn drew the attention of the audience in the teenage comedy Happy Days in Raydzhmon-Hai (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), where he played a surfer Jeff Spikoli
. In 1983, the actor performed the first in his career a major role in the drama Bad boys (Bad Boys). Then played a romantic role in Racing with the Moon (Racing with the Moon) with Elizabeth McGovern. In 1985, Penn has played in the political thriller The Falcon and the John SCHLESINGER snowman (The Falcon and the Snowman). But the romance with pop singer Madonna has diverted public attention from kinorabot actor.

While Madonna has collaborated with the press, Penn in every way showed their negative attitude towards the media. His attitude towards the paparazzi will remain forever in pemyati people who watched the actor. One Penn upekli even behind bars for 30 days for assaulting reporter. In 1987, Madonna and Sean Penn were photographed in movies Shanghai Surprise (Shanghai Surprise), recognized in the worst acting career, which resulted in the failure of the cash. Relations Sean and Louise, too, ceased. In 1988, Penn starred in the film Colors (Colors), who briefly was a big hit. The following year the actor appeared in the comedy directed by Brian De Palma We are not angels (We're No Angels) Robert De Niro.

. After the high point in the gangster melodrama State of Grace (State of Grace), Penn wrote the screenplay and directed The Indian Runner in 1991, inspired by the song of Bruce Springsteen
. Having played in the thriller Carlito's Way De Palma (Carlito's Way), the actor announced his intention to leave the acting game and devote himself to directing. But after directing the work of The Crossing Guard in 1995 with Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston, . Sean Penn is back on the big screen and was nominated for an Oscar for one of the inhabitants of death row in the film Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking),
. Penn was not thinking about leaving the film world. In 1997 he starred with his second wife Robin Wright in the movie she is so beautiful (She's So Lovely) Nick Kessavitesa which both spouses were at Kannsom Festival. In the same year, the actor also appeared in the thriller by David Renba Tumult (Hurlyburly) and a thin red line (The Thin Red Line) Terrence Malick. In 1999, Penn starred in Being John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich) Spike Jonze, . was nominated for an Oscar for the role jazz guitarist in a sweet and nasty (Sweet and Lowdown) Woody Allen, . fulfilling the role of the poet, . embroiled in the mystery of the city killing, . in the adaptation of Anita Shriv Weight of Water (The Weight of Water).,

. In 2002, the actor once again was nominated for an Oscar for the role of the incapacitated father in the movie I - Sam (I Am Sam)
. After the terrorist attacks in 2001 on the International Trade Center and the Pentagon, have attracted much attention the interview with the stars. In an interview with Penn magazine Talk, reporter, Bill O'Reilly, Sean noticed some hostility, and therefore subsequently strongly encouraged not to support future movies actor. But, it does not hurt the career of Penn. In 2002, Penn staged tapes of the French film studio 9'11 "01 and received a nomination for Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his film Burkowski: Born Into This.

2003 was eventful for Sean Penn. He has participated in two small, . but successful films - the documentary by Michael Altereydy This So-Called Disaster, and the urban drama 21 Grams, Alejandro Gonzalez (21 Grams), . and Mystic River (Mystic River), . where the director and leading man was made by Clint Eastwood,
. Imeeno a mysterious river Penn received chevertoe appointment for an Oscar and a first prize from the Academy. Oscar and the constant applause from the audience proved once and for all that unorthodox approach to the actors' performances in the career of the actor had no adverse effect on his popularity.
. In 2004, Penn has played, Sam Bika, . simple American, . seller of furniture in the small town of Philadelphia, . which, . not being able to rebuild their lives in accordance with the American dream, . decides to declare itself, . the murder of U.S. President Richard Nixon in the drama Murder of Richard Nixon (The Assassination of Richard Nixon),
. And in 2005 the actor Sean Penn is scheduled to premiere 4! In The Interpreter (The Interpreter) Penn will play an FBI agent who helps the heroine Nicole Kidman. Throughout the royal ratification (All the King's Men), he starred populist politician from the southern states of Willie Stark, Warren deactivated from the famous in the 30 years the governor of Louisiana Huey Long. In the film Journey surfer where the road ends (In Search of Captain Zero) will play a major role to play surfer and traveler. In the low-budget project last person (The Last Face) Sean Penn will play with his wife, Robin Wright and Javier Bardemom.

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