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"How do you treat - Paul or Pascal?" - The first thing I asked. Pascal, - he said. - This nickname was formed by my nickname, which was received at school for their dislike of the exact sciences. I have now "merged" with the name Pascal. And Pavel Titov left in the past ". In just two years of stage career, Pascal had to conquer the hearts of many romantically inclined young women of our country, and radio stations do not stop "finish" their hits of the singer's "Silk Heart" and "100% Love. In life, Pascal was a man damn charming and sociable. And to know the singer closer we could, having with him one day on his newly-built cottage in the suburbs.

Cottage in Pascal is quite different from Novorussky brick mansions. This unboarded two-storey wooden house with a spacious veranda and bathhouse solar - a modest, but very nice and cozy. A built it himself, Pascal, because of the construction of houses singer knows everything or almost everything through the first construction education.

- No beds of cucumbers and tomatoes, I would not be here, - says Pascal. - Up to 14 years I lived in Kaluga Region in the village Palika (his first album, Pascal nostalgic signed: "Palika from Pavlik ..." - Bus.). In all there were his ogorodiki, all planted potatoes. I could not stand picking in the earth and all my childhood dream to shift out. As soon as an opportunity, went to Peter. Generally I'm a city accustomed to comfort. But in Moscow, especially in the center, where I live, in the summer to be impossible. So the construction of villas in the countryside - it is not the thrust to the ground, and yearning for a healthy lifestyle.

First, I want to do here rehearsal. Fresh air, and the opportunity to create in nature has already been tested by me - the result of tremendous. We rehearsed in a rest home in Peredelkino and composed there for almost half of the new album. And secondly, I want to run bosichkom on the grass, after a bath to jump into the snow. Finally, meet with friends who would like to invite not the number of 2-3 people, as it allows a small Moscow apartment, but 10-15. The furnace is potatoes, shish kebab, although I do not like meat, but prefer fish.

- I see that you do not despise physical work. Firewood tunic, hauling bricks ...

. - What? Easy! I can and build a house, and plumbing repair, and compose a song, so I am a happy man.

. - Is it true that you have decided to participate in the contest and offered their building project, which aims to build on the spot "Intourist"?

. - Participate in the contest would be silly, the tender has already won the French, and compete with them senseless
. But I think, to show their attitude - it is the duty of every person. Can not think of you does not depend. I sent a sketch in the Center for Public Affairs at "Moskomstroe" because I care about, that built on the site Intourist. There will be a shame if a regular squalor.

- The family of Pascal - is ...

- This is my mother, who also lives in Moscow, but separately from me. My sister and her daughter. My first family, with which I do not live, but close enough to communicate. Musicians - the same family, because with them, I spend a lot of time.

- A girlfriend?

- Yes ... and this happens ... But I have not got a constant companion. Probably, it is difficult to implement because of my work. Favorite woman should always ride with me on tour, to be costume designers, sound engineer or administrator. Otherwise, we'll see each other once a week. Who is happy about this?

- How to whom? Fan! At the Feast "AIF" in Yaroslavl, I saw how the girls you literally torn to pieces. Incidentally, not crippled?

- Then the cost, but in general anything can happen. Once very painful hair pulled. "Why?" - Ask. "And we thought - a wig!" Within two weeks after shooting the video for the song "Silk Heart" was spoiled by a white jacket, which I was shot. Her whole izrisovali markers after the concert, but I guess not specifically. Was a favorite shirt - it pulled so that the sleeves torn off half. Another shirt was stolen. But thank God, expensive things I have not disappeared. We Zemfira won a leather jacket was stolen, so she then cried and cried.

- But the fans not only bring harm. You probably after the "Silk of the heart" load with presents heart?

- Oh, yes! Now I have gathered a collection of hearts: toys, Christmas ornaments, lighters, flying and leaping heart, T-shirts and souvenirs with hearts. There's even a rubber behemoth, which, when turning into a heart.

- You survived the first guitar?

- Even if she survived to play on it would be absolutely impossible. To maintain the second guitar, because it was already bought with the knowledge of the case - it "lives" just on this cottage.

. - It seems at the same time you learned in Gnesinka Philip Kirkorov and Murat Nasyrov? Remember, they were a student?

. - More on parallel courses taught Prjanikow Sasha and Sergei Penkin
. Penkin (the Lord) went in different laces: one string he had a pink, and the second - Luminescent, green. A Kirkorov I first saw when he was in a long raspberry coat and black hat. Even then I thought: "That edrena mother!" In odnolikoy mass of Soviet people suddenly so chic Kirkorov! But Murat was already focused guy and his career. He sometimes appeared, was taking exams, and again fled to record songs.

- At this stage now is flourishing manufacturing rumors. Producers and press secretaries do not invent something just for the sake of promotion Performers. Pugacheva losing workers record a new album, Lolita permanently "married", one of the "Shooter-International, pregnant by Boris Moiseyev, Alain Sviridov was going to play a wedding with Makarevich ... - The list could be extended. Will you go on inventing such legends?

- I would like to be as honest. Life is so interesting that invent some legends are not necessarily. At least in Bor Moses, I just will not marry (for me it antifiziologichno, I Natural). In general, I think that would be an artist not to invent itself curious, most importantly, that he must do - is to write and perform a good song. All other attempts are unnecessary. With the same Alyona Sviridova - I do not know a single newspaper, which did not publish a portrait of her with Makarevich. But I do not think that Sviridov is very interesting people - for the past two years, it has not issued any new songs.

- However, around you go all sorts of rumors. For example, the relationship with the daughter Pascal Boris Grebenshchikov Alice, then Katya Lel.

- We once met with Alice and went in a couple of places together, as the people who interesting to talk to each other. And all this has resulted in quite a wild story involving BG. We have not even been able then to communicate normally with Alice. And Katya Lel ... You see, when we meet with fellow singers at concerts and presentations, we can kiss, hug, and then people come up with this whole history. I love to communicate with the opposite sex. Women - it is generally the only thing we live, writing songs, buy cars, build houses and villas.

- ... And grow cacti. By the way, what are you so fascinated cacti? They're prickly!

- Love to anything comes from childhood, from parents. And no matter where we live, we have always been flowers. I have a very good friend, who grows more than 300 cacti. He gave me one, but then I started raising cacti and noticed how they are unpretentious. You can go for a week and be perfectly quiet, the houses do not die. Total I have 30 cacti, and 25 of them are different. There is a cactus that I brought from Egypt, Turkey, Israel. Polipodium I bought in a shop among the discarded flowers, I am terribly sorry he was, I have healed, and now he has grown to 45 cm

But I have not only cactuses. Constantly growing watermelons - when I eat them, throw the seeds in all the pots. Also I've got Birch. As it skidded do not know, but let them grow, then landed in the country. There avocado, tangerine tree.

- From our editorial office, you also claimed rostochek. He caught on?

- Come dieffenbachia! It will be a big tree. So from me, too, wait for the gift. Soon going to do "money" tree (also known as tree of happiness), pruning it and rostochek necessarily going to give "AiF. S "to your newspaper and all its employees were rich and happy.

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PASCAL, photo, biography
PASCAL, photo, biography PASCAL  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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