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Biography FARIA Betty
Betty Faria

"The last four years I was a married woman, it was stable relationships. But it so happened that we decided to leave, my chosen one has chosen his path. And I was so magnanimous, that knew his choice and let go ego.Seychas I am alone, because love requires time and sacrifice. And I have all my energy has decided to send a new life! "

"2001 was my year of hardship and destruction. In 2002, I hope to complete this difficult cycle and to gain a period of renovation that needs to happen to all the canons of Buddhism. "

. When Betty tells of the difficulties, . it implies the death of her elderly father in 2001, . divorce with a young husband, Franklin (he's only 25 years) and protracted conflict with TV Globo, . which until then Betty worked without interruption for 32 let.Krome that, . knee injury suffered its goryacholyubimy son Zhoa Daniel, . a daughter Alessandra Marz became pregnant and suffered a terrible toxicosis first months.,

. So that poor Betty had to dangle from Rio, where she was the company of his old mother and a pregnant daughter, in Sao Paulo to pouhazhivat for son
. And in addition, numerous meetings, . interview, . charity evening, . preparation of a new theatrical project "Mother Courage and Her Children" (the rights to this play Betty already bought!), . preparation of a joint project kinematogroficheskogo vmeste Bruno Barreto, and more, . more ...,

. Despite the many concerns, . Betty is very beautiful and attractive woman, . such excellent physical shape with the help of actress supports gymnastics, . navigation and, . natural plastic operatsiy.Nedavno, . using short rest period, . Betty clinic visits SPA, . where she held a number of health care procedures,
. But the main weapon in the fight for youth, Betty calls Buddhism. The fact that the actress for many years a convinced Buddhist, and from the point of view of this philosophy, she explains all the ups and downs of their own destiny, the youth of his spirit, which allows you to save and physical beauty of face and body.

. "For me, Buddhism is a daily revolution
. It forces me to analyze every moment of my life, look for errors, defects, to investigate the causes. Buddhism is a way prosvyascheniya, the road to the light, my philosophy of life and the law of existence. It teaches people to take, so what it is. She did not prohibit or compel. But this is one of the most difficult of religions, constantly need to perform a search, to find the path usovershenstvovaniya.No I think it is Buddhism, a correct and beautiful life. "

. "I follow this trend in Buddhism as" the Eternal Lotus, I meditate, I repeat mantry.Buddizm requires mdistsipliny, patience and knowledge. "

. "I gained my knowledge in 1992, it was a difficult period of my life, a professional crisis
. I was looking for the meaning of their lives, seeking knowledge in Catholicism, in the folk beliefs of Brazil, but I was lucky to find the true meaning of Buddhism. Since then I have an active member of the International Center of Buddhism, which does a wonderful job, try to acquaint people with our faith in different countries. "

. "My family fully supported my aspirations, they like the philosophy of Buddhism, the daughter reads the mantra every day, son, from time to time, but everyone knows and loves it."

. "I changed internally very strongly, I have become better, more tolerant, wiser
. Even in my work easier nahodtit common language with colleagues. "

. "I, . as many people, . I believe that the main purpose of the new century, . became the goal of spiritual poiska.Esli analyze the philosophy of Buddhism, . which speaks of the vital energy, . to merge with the cosmos, . about, . that you are part of the universe, . we get a direct connection with quantum fizikoy.Tak that in reality are closely intertwined materialnoe and spiritual, . which must equally improve,
. Also, I think that our planet has no chance of salvation without a struggle for a world without universal brotherhood, without culture, education and gaining a new generation of social values.

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FARIA Betty, photo, biography
FARIA Betty, photo, biography FARIA Betty  Actress, photo, biography
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