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Priscila Fantin

( Actress)

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Priscila Fantin

. Priscila was so popular, . her mother, . Sylvanas, . had to leave their jobs to trade and become an agent docheri.No despite Pristsily success as a model for a family council it was decided to send her to get a serious education in one of the colleges of the United States.,

. Priscila Fantin, . main character in the soap opera "Hope", . never thought about a career began aktrisy.Vse sluchayno.Kogda she was only 5, . elder sister Fabiola, . took with him a little Pristsilu to sample at one promotional agenstvo.Simpatichny and laughing child immediately charmed all, . photographer took a couple shots Pristsily, . which proved to be extremely photogenic. So the next day the parents a little Pristsily and advertising agency was awarded kontrakt.Tak, . by elder sister, . Priscila got into the world of show-biznesa.Ulybayuscheesya face of a young model can be found everywhere, . on the advertising posters on the streets, . on the covers of magazines, . on the shop selling children odezhdoy.Pristsila was so popular, . her mother, . Sylvanas, . had to leave their jobs to trade and become an agent docheri.No despite Pristsily success as a model for a family council it was decided to send her to get a serious education in one of the Colleges of the United Shtatov.Pokinuv parents' house in Belo Horizonte, Priscila flew to California.,

. But just a month she had to return to Brazil, . because TV Globo offered a very lucrative contract and the main role in the TV series "Malhacao". Before such a proposal was not possible to resist, and in spite of fear and confusion most Pristsily, . quite far from the television world, . contract it was decided podpisat.Tak Priscila became an actress.,

. It is natural that her mother had to move to live in Rio de Janeiro, . closer to the "Brazilian factory of dreams", . and in Belo Horizonte were the father, . sister Fabiola, . brother Leonardo and favorite cat Dikis, . which Priscila terribly skuchala.No not this was the most difficult test for Pristsily, . proved difficult to reconcile with the popularity, . that befell Pristsilu after showing "Malhacao".,

. "Behind the scene, . in real life I'm extremely shy and shy chelovek.Ya modestly dressed, . I do not like bright makiyazh.Mne do not like what I learn in the shops and restaurants, . crowds of fans scare me, . I do not want to put their lives on the show. "-was recognized in his first interview Priscila.,

. Perhaps this was due the desire of the young actress to break off relations with Globo, . In February 2000, she said the leadership of its desire to break the agreement and one of the CEOs of the company had long tried to persuade her to change Pristsilu reshenie.V She ultimately succumbed to the entreaties and remained at Globo, . what is not how much will zhaleet.Posle "Malhacao" actress co-starred in the telenovela "Mothers and Daughters" and almost immediately after this work has received an invitation from director Luis Fernando Carvalho to play in a major role in the television series "Hope" together with Reynaldo Dzhianekkini . It would seem that brilliant sentence, . for which any other actress would give all, . not Priscila! She left for a week in Belo Horizonte, . that alone, and alone to decide,
. "I have a whole week kolebalas.Nikak could not decide, . it's great otvetstvennost.A yet I was going to spend some time learning, . finish acting class, . gain skills and opyta.No finally persuaded my mother to accept the offer Luisa.Ona said that this would be the best school for me, . because the opportunity to work together with such masters as Fernanda Montenegro (in the series, she plays a grandmother of Mary), . Raul Cortez and Antonio Fagundosom falls do not often ".,

. Well, . decision to accept an invitation to the role of Italian Maria was correct and now Priscila Fantin among the ten most popular young actresses Brazilii.Na the set itself is celebrated Fernanda Montenegro Pristsilu took under his wing and took to teach her acting masterstvu.Kollegi adore her for her kindness and cheerful disposition, . critics praise her talent and performance, . young people hover around, hoping to conquer the heart of the charming Pristsily, . which, after the break in relations with the actor Terry Figueira spends his free time in the company of his dog named Yupi.No in the nearest plans of love the actress did not appear, . the end of filming "Hope" Priscila intends to continue teaching at the University at the Faculty of Management and Advertising, . complete courses of theatrical skill and serious surfing.,

. "I love the beach, . Sea, . tan, . swim, . and when I first got on the board and caught the first wave, . I was at the top of schastya.Eto is real life, . Life on the crest of volny.Kstati I would succeed the first try! "-proud Pristsila.Kstati surfing is not the only passion for the actress, . she had long and seriously engaged in gymnastics, . riding and jumping with a parachute.,

. Who you dream of as a child?

. "Not an actress, I am alternately dreamed of becoming a doctor, a veterinarian, a clown and a police
. But, as my mother, from the fate not to leave and she took me on TV. Frankly sometimes I think that everything that is going on in my life, I just dream about. "

. Is that bad?

. "No, of course not!" But I'm by nature a man who doubts, and so far I am not sure that the actress is my prizvanie.Vozmozhno still change, and finally I shall find ourselves
. Course work on television is very interesting and exciting, . but sometimes I catch myself thinking that I lack experience, . fantasy and I teryayus.Ot excitement I completely forget all the text, . I feel ashamed for their own stupidity and I blush and wildly excited. ",

. Hard work alongside famous actors? From this you lose?

. "I often do samokopaniem.Sravnivayu themselves with others and appreciate their abilities as a very modest
. And working with our masters of great happiness for me, . Fernanda (Montenegro) all helped me, . supported, . generally behaved with me as a mother, . she is my idol, . my idol and I love it! Jose (Mayer) treated me with great attention, . gave advice, . when we are tired at the end of the day, . He always had kind words to encourage me and praise,
. The atmosphere on set was always very friendly, no one was sick "star" disease, everything was great. "

. As you can tell his young admirer, and yearn to be like you?

. "Without seeking to be like someone, be themselves, live in harmony with his own self, take up his body for what it is, and always remember that YOU-the best, the only and unique! п?пЎпЎп?я?п?п? take an example from me."

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