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Dmitri Ulyanov

( Actor)

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Biography Dmitri Ulyanov
photo Dmitri Ulyanov
Dmitry Ulyanov (1973)

Dmitry Ulyanov captivates immediately. One of only a smile. He has a man who can be trusted. As in life, and in film. It combines incongruous. At the movies - he the perfect soldier in life - in the army was not a single day. He has the appearance of a positive hero, and from there do the Cheka, the Chechen. He cursed himself for what happens to the little son, who is only seven and a half months, and still running from the shooting on the show and again on the ground. Now - his time, and he understands. He was only 32 пЁп+п¦п¦. He - a slender, graceful, with iron biceps and some chertovschinkoy, regardless of film. You could see it in '72 meters', 'Goddess',' Moscow Saga ',' Do not forget ',' Hunters of the icons', 'Fall of the Empire', 'Full Moon', 'Carousel'.

- Glad you know?

- There is a TV series with your participation and you can not leave the car on the street. Going - all looking at you, and so within a month or even two. But I was lucky: I do not have crowds of fans as the guys from 'teams'. Here they were in a terrible situation. Created on the screen a certain type of people, and at every corner they came to know the same people. They had to drink, but if you refuse, you must fight with them - you're a cool. They are fully associated with the characters, and it was a very long time.

- For how many years now painted your time?

- Until mid-July. I work in two films - 'shift' Gosha Toidze and have Druzhinina in 'Secrets of Palace Revolutions'. 1730, accession to the throne Anna Ioannovna my role Yusupov specifically studied in the horse ride. Appalling torture, I must say. We, by the way, today's movies so far have not learned to shoot ... Summer participated in one such, 'Full Moon' - genre movie about werewolves, werewolf. It was interesting, as an actor, because the genre we have not developed, as well as militants. Taking off the militants, we do not understand that they do not need to embed the 'mystery of Russian soul' and techniques of cinema 70 years:

Yes, there is still a performance 'Plasticine', we play the fourth year, is now mostly abroad. Just yesterday I was with him in Budapest. Evening only managed to go to the hot springs, then flew to Moscow at the airport, I was seated in the car and drove out of town, 40 km. There was a night shift on the 'shift'. He makes the same producer, that 'Antikiller' - Vladimir Kilburg, and the whole company is the same, but I'm in the lead role.

- The Bandits play or ment?

- Thank God, neither that nor the fact. I'm playing a scientist, is a completely new type of hero today.

- Calmly withstand hard rhythm of life?

- In September last year finished just six paintings. Tired terribly. Wife were hardly seen.

- What for you the word 'profession' today?

-I started to choose. That's the one time I, like many, did not refuse from anything, but then I realized that this is wrong. Energy is not distributed, you find yourself in all that is possible, mainly in the poor, and only occasionally - in a good. And it is important to me then to not be ashamed of their work. For now I do not answer, but for the work - yes. By the way, very sad that on the street, all claims for bad cinema impose artists.

- So, maybe call it the picture that you personally did not like?

- No ... It can not be done. Yes, and my opinion is subjective. It is something not to like, but someone while watching a cry from the excess of emotion. Let me better say that I like. For example, '72 meter '- not a bad film, and even the recent episode, "Hunters for the icons'. True, there I said nothing, was deaf and dumb country boys with a beard and a gun, and again loved the Light Khodchenkova, who does not love me. This we have already with her in two scenes - even strange.

- The most typical day of your life?

- There was a few years ago - September 13, I remember. They appointed shooting in '72 meters', the same day I was supposed to be on tour in Surgut Vakhtangov Theater, the same day I went to the 'clay' on tour in Yugoslavia. The shooting did not cancel - the military affairs of Surgut also not otmazheshsya - they brought all there, beginning with Mikhail A. Ulyanov, and I - a young artist in the state. And about Yugoslavia, we were warned a month. In the end, no matter how ridiculous, everything turned out fine, I always managed. The shooting suddenly lifted themselves in Surgut took me a ticket for the earliest flight, I flew to Moscow, got into the car, drove to another airport, parallel to the car, met his wife:

. - How Stirlitz in the cafe 'Elephant'?

. - Yeah, somewhere so
. In general, they gave me another ticket, I boarded a plane and flew to Yugoslavia. I was greeted and brought to the theater, I began to rehearse ... In the play, I raise my hands of one man, artist. I have always been involved in sports - not raise the issue. And then suddenly realize that I can not do. Well fails. The guys looked at me closely and said: 'Oh, to sleep, to sleep immediately. "

- Need to rest more often. Otherwise, fatigue and impact on work.

- Here the problem is not physical. Perception zamylivaetsya. That shooting 'Death of the Empire' in St. Petersburg, night shift, six in the morning reduced the bridges, put me in the car again, I'm going to the airport, flying to Moscow, right in the arrival hall give a ticket to Minsk on turn in departure hall, at 10.45 already in Minsk at. Series of such, 'Carousel', was - the director Yuri Nikiforov, he still 'On the Nameless Height' shot. All the scenes difficult, have to think. And this time I had not slept in one and a half days, can you imagine? Therefore, to six in the evening on platitudes split. A simple remark - 'I work in the Emergency', but I can not, I was shaking with laughter, literally folded in half. I said: 'Let's do another'. We remove all normally, then come back. Khodchenkova asked me: 'Where are you from? " Oh, and I must say: 'I work in the MOE'. And here again! Khodchenkova stands, and I я-пTя¬ so that I can not stop. I can not find support, voice, just hysterical, and all Nikiforov seeks and obtains. All around were crying. Although once I did it said, had - and again split.

- When you decide to become an actor?

- I always knew that they would. In the kindergarten teacher planted in front of my children, disappeared for an hour and was quite calm. I told the whole group some stories, composing, they laughed: devised as a monkey raises pants. I am what is called a bore, and this feeling that I'm on stage, and people watch, they laugh, respond, that is, I can somehow influence, - then gave an idea of what could become an artist.

. - How to learn in school?

. - In the eighth grade was a unit on physics, I did not tell parents
. My mother - a mathematician, teacher. I did not do math, warned: "I go in with my mother '- and me:' Yes, yes, of course '. In the ninth-tenth grade, they are hardly studied.

- That is carried on a house-serf life?

- Probably not a house-serf, and sports. In early childhood, we lived on the Big Bronnaya, and then moved to Orekhovo-Borisovo. A Orekhovo-Borisovo - it is not just, it must survive, to be an athlete, catch up on the bar. They each ended with a disco that came a police car, and it was turned on its side: So I did sports, most of all - Judo. I liked the fight. And then suddenly started constantly headache and I threw. Then have professional athletes, said: 'You're what? It hurts us a lifetime. It's the acrobatics of the vessels. Do not pay attention '. But I could not, my head ached terribly.

. - That is now the sport is not buddies?

. - Only fitness.

. - After the school is doing what? In drama school, or went into the army?

. - First year never did: finished school in 16 years, until the army for two years, the summer went to Poland, it was not until
. Lived with his parents, worked as a librarian in my mother's school, and next year I think: 'Well, it's time'. Came in Shchukin School. Poems do not know know the fable, and I had Prose. All my life I read the classics - Goncharov, Tolstoy, friends even surprised. No, of course, when allowed to 'Heart of a Dog', and all discussed the 'Children of the Arbat', I also discussed, but mainly - the classics. I kept thinking, how to find a passage that teach. It turned out - elementary. Voucher a calendar hung on the kitchen. I turn - it is written: 'She was carrying a repulsive, alarming yellow flowers': Small, absolutely brilliant overflow - that should be on 3-4 minutes. Learned from this leaf and went to do: When he started, was suddenly forget the text. I say: 'Stop' - reached into his pocket, took out a sheet, there's a lot of laughter: I finished reading, they asked: "Eat?" - I sang, and everything: 'Young man, the contest'. And the competition - this is after all the rounds of the final exam. I felt like a hero, relaxed, and the competition has come in such a state that, well, I already did. It was a big mistake. In short, did not take me ...

- Thundered into the army?

- No, not rattled. And this bowl me over.

- Slopes?

- Yes, I did not mow. Generally on this occasion is not strained. Just did not get subpoenas.

- How's that?

- So. Time Well what happened? Watershed. That I am now paying the price for those years. I'm playing mainly one of war ... In short, I wrote songs, blues, playing guitar, a group of any organized. All this was serious, but the back of my head I knew that I still need to do - just to soothe the soul, or conscience zazhret. Yes, many, many things have been ... Year spent in the paid College of Art, then joined the Moscow Art Theater School, even out of the habit two years. And then starred in the television show 'Alarm Clock', and I was expelled. It was forbidden to be removed. After this I transferred to the course Yevgeny Knyazev, in his native pike. You know, all the years, wherever listed as passed by the Pike, I knew that it was - mine, that I still finished it. In total, I studied for six years.

- Many actors complain that difficult to get roles in movies, breaking through, as they say.

- The usual story. I also had quite a lot of samples. One phone call, they say: 'Come meet with the young director Kirill Serebrennikov'. I came, Kirill looked at me and said: 'I'll shoot you in the lead role in the series "Rostov-papa'. Filming in August '. The conversation was in April. It takes several months, again I say: 'Dim, tomorrow for you, you done the car, we're going to Rostov'. Not a single sample, nothing: After this work, Cyril asked me to play in the 'clay'. Actually, at that time in life and has something to happen.

- In 'Rostov-papa' who played?

- The Chechens, however, good. And then suddenly began to offer poor. Two scenarios bring three: I said: 'Stop, I do not know how to play, I'm not interested'. Just realized that perish: 'Who Chechen? Ulyanov Chechen '. Began to refuse. Then I began to offer continuous bandits. Well, I played one at Khotinenko in 'The investigation leading experts', but again, a stream of proposals. And after the '72 meter 'was a moment when I heard:' Dima Ulyanov?.. No, he can not play a negative character. He is absolutely positive '. Again, twenty-five! And now I have more than just the positive roles. And I can not: I was in school was typical, vaudeville, it is difficult to reconcile with the heroic Role:

- When Dmitri Ulyanov became an adult?

- School I slept the whole, endured ten years of terrible. Tosca, a light bulb in the hospital: Actually there were three things: a kindergarten, then 19 years old when a friend was killed in the army - in a zinc coffin was taken without explanation, and finally some things stood in Lasik, when I am out of school, the studio kicked or what.

. And so ..
. My generation grew up in anarchy. We just came at a time when all the information resulted. Those who come after us, about the Soviet Union did not know, and we were interested in all. I listened to Voice of America permanently: Dad taught me, he is always in the country included:

- To what tribe, by the way, you know the story of his family?

- Dad - aviation engineer, mother, as I said, the teacher. She from Orenburg, he met her, when flying the. He himself was from Moscow, and his father was a Muscovite, but I did not know him: he died in 1942. I only know that fought in the First World. By and large, I do not know the history of his family.

- Your wife is related to art?

- Julia not an actress, but earlier, when we met, worked make-up artist. She worked in film, and basically - with photographers. But we met on the street, by chance ... When I saw her, knew at once - the fate of. Could not breathe. I'm not a boy was, was some sort of life, and then immediately wanted to marry. But it's all too personal. The only thing I can say - I really love her.

- Do you frequently have guests at home?

- No, not often. I am at this stage do not need a large number of friends. It is more necessary Yulka, who sits with the child in an enclosed space - we also live out of town. I'll take her with him on tour: she needs to relax, to change the environment, just talk with people. I was in this sense is easier: I'm not just talking to people, and to work I go. But in general I'll just live with them - with his wife and child.

- How do you see the future of his child?

- On the one hand, I am horrified how we live. On the other - I was caught up in their profession, and only earn it. You see, I have no illusions such as 'now learn a language, go to Hollywood, become a star and buy an apartment in Miami'. Houses in Miami - not bad, but work in another country - a totally different story. In the sense of the situation is promising us.

- Are you ready to take responsibility 'for life'?

- It took. When I look at the child, it is not 'Wow, you have to haul and long haul, but I'll do it, because I'm a good guy'. No, nothing like. I so want to, I like it, it's my choice.

- What is your selection criteria?

- I no longer perceive the world as the Zen Buddhists than Christians. I do not understand the icons, for example, when it does not matter, as drawn, but the main thing - eyes discharged. Disagree. While we here, one must live, not sharing that is primary, and that second. In the East, there is no sport for the sake of sport. While you run, pass your life, you run off somewhere and for some reason. And we, the Europeans, always play volleyball, and think about something else.

- I understand that you're really trust myself?

- And who else to trust something? ..

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