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Michelle Williams

( Actress)

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Biography Michelle Williams
photo Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams (09.09.1980 years)

At a young age Michael began to try their strength on stage. However, the local theater could not satisfy her healthy ambitions, and soon the father begins to carry on listening to Michelle in Los Angeles. And not for nothing. For a short time she was offered the leading role in the independent project "Friends" (not to be confused with the famous TV series), but after some time it appears in feature films: "Lassie", "Spices" and "Time Lord"

. Date of birth: September 9, 1980.

. Place of Birth: Kalispel (Montana, USA).

. Family: Parents - Larry and Charles, the youngest sister, Paige, half-brothers and sisters from a previous marriage, his father - Kelly, Jason and Sarah.

. Favorite music: Ben Harper.

. Favorite clothing: trousers (especially leather), sequinned sweaters, funny t-shirts, a pair of shoes, like a motorcycle
. He says he feels comfortable in such clothes, like a rock star.

. Hobbies: collecting old books, reading intellectual literature (favorite authors: Hermann Hesse, Dostoevsky, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.); cinema 80 years (especially movies with Katie Holmes).

. Distinguishing features: a clever and even wise beyond his years, purposeful, has several tattoos on his body.

. In a recent interview with Michelle Williams has shared with readers of his childhood dream: "Once I really wanted to beat Mike Tyson in the ring
. I planned to become the first woman - world champion in the heavyweight division. "

Here's how! It turns out that for twenty-two looks pretty blonde is hiding something that does not make out at a glance. The main role in one of the most popular youth TV series, work in popular and to this day widescreen movies, playing in the theater, scripting - everything is just the tip of the iceberg? And she still wants to fight in the ring!

. Such a versatile and talented actress was born in the picturesque small town in Montana with a population of only about 16 thousand people
. "It was very beautiful, small, but at the same time, industrial, dirty town", - recalls Michel. There she lived for nine years, until her family moved to a larger city - San Diego. Michelle did not have counterparts in the new school, and after being severely beaten once, the girl was transferred to home schooling. Despite this, Michelle is not in on itself - she was very sociable, athletic girl, and felt the best friend of her father. And she really liked Mike Tyson, and together with his father, they often went to local competitions in boxing.

At a young age Michael began to try their strength on stage. However, the local theater could not satisfy her healthy ambitions, and soon the father begins to carry on listening to Michelle in Los Angeles. And not for nothing. For a short time she was offered the leading role in the independent project "Friends" (not to be confused with the famous TV series), but after some time it appears in feature films: "Lassie", "Spices" and "Time Lord".

. On his film debut Michelle remembers no particular enthusiasm
. "I thought that" Lassie "- this is bad. But when people climb out of your hearts, - is even worse. Never remove a fiction film in school age "- advises all Michelle Williams.

. However, it is these roles made her even more to believe in their strength, and in fifteen years, it takes quite a serious decision and goes to school
. With the help of her father and distance learning courses, it is externally remaining three classes in one year and went to Los Angeles to devote himself to a career.

. Here she rents an apartment on the money from his small roles and goes on to agents in search of a "real role"
. Looking back, Michelle admits that now, perhaps it would have done in this way: "Actually I was not ready for this," - says the actress. But then Michelle was afraid of nothing and, despite everything, believe in the success of. And he came to her. A year after moving to Los Angeles Michelle won the role of Jennifer in the popular TV series "Dawson's Creek". She thought it would be another "pilot", which nobody will ever see. But she was wrong. Today in America is difficult to find someone who has not knocked twenty and who has never watched "The Bay".

. Thus, together with James Van Der Bink, Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams was one of the most popular stars serials.

. Michel, like his heroine Jen Lindley, moved from the big city to small, because for the sake of filming, she had to leave Los Angeles in Wilmington, North Carolina
. Its Jen - the one about whom they say "Capital thing", and the emergence of Jen in Keypsayde stir. After all, what is allowed for a fifteen-year old girl in New York in the American West at the height of impudence is. But the four seasons, while spectators watched the events in the lives of young people, Jen of self-confident and defiant coquette has become a tolerant, loving and understanding girlfriend for all the inhabitants Keypsayda.

. Anyway, the role of girlfriend hero series to reveal the many talented young actress
. And, besides that her name appeared in the list of "21 most popular stars of 21 years," Michel noted producers of other films. She starred in "thousands of acres" with Michelle Pfeiffer, then followed by a role in the film "Halloween: 20 Years Later". In 1991, the first time, Michelle starred in the title role, along with Kirsten Dunst ( "Girlfriends President"), and a year later performed the role of lesbians in the television movie "If These Walls Could Talk 2". In 2001, she appeared on the screen three times: in the movies "The aroma," "Prozac Nation" and "I am without you" - and in 2002 he released another film with her participation - United States of Leland. "

. All this is very bad for almost twenty years abroad stepped actress.

. Now Michelle lives in Wilmington, which was withdrawn, presumably, the last season of "Dawson's Creek" and also participates in the Broadway production of "Killer Joe"
. In his spare time series is employed in theater, television, cinema. In addition, she just loves lying on the beach, but this falls to her infrequently.

She is very friendly terms with the cast of. With Joshua Jackson, they are heated debates about politics and philosophy, and yet in every way he tries to wean her from smoking. Michelle maintains good relations with its other partners in shooting. During the work on "Prozac Nation" Michelle and Christina Ricci have become real friends, . and when one of the weekend, they paid a local fortune teller (it was in Canada), . There were just stunned, . when they learned, . that in a past life they were sisters.,

. Still, among her friends a lot more people who are older than her: "I have always met with older men, with" children "of my age I just have nothing to do."

. Michelle has a close relationship with his family
. "They are just proud of me. And this despite the fact that I undress on the stage or play a lesbian ". However, the actress is convinced that much sexier "not everything in the shop."

This is a girl who really knows what she wants. And she is not afraid to go and take it. She swept both in life and on screen and can play anyone. She is very hardworking (its even called "workaholic") and can not imagine himself without a job (again, I'll start doing stupid things like the age of sixteen, when there was no suitable work. ")

I recently wrote a script co-authored with two other actors. History is devoted to three girls from a brothel in Nevada, and Michael hopes to fulfill a major role, as her co-authors. "We wrote the script for yourself - and we play."

In short, if all goes well, then Michelle is a great chance to become a "heavyweight champion". But not in the boxing ring, and in Hollywood.

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Michelle Williams, photo, biography
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