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( Founder and leader of 'Choir of Turkey')

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Mikhail Turetsky

In 2005, celebrated 15 years 'Choir of Turkey'. Date is not round, but for a human being much. A teenager going through a stage of active maturation. The driving force of this organism, its heart and brain gave Sem40 record of his life.

. Once the 'Male Jewish Chamber Choir' Moscow Choral Synagogue, today he went beyond the Temple and transformed into a 'Ten vote that shook the world'
. 'The chorus of the Turkish' deals with a difficult task of Jewish education. Creativity Hoare based on a serious research. Michael finds in modern Turkish music deep Jewish roots, Jewish musical archetype and raises him out, gives the listener a chance to see him, and most importantly - to hear. Jewish song culture - the first mother of the Orthodox religious music, Jewish religious songs are the primary sources of all Soviet waltzes.

- In college years I came to the hill and heard the singing of the old Cantor. All this coincided with the revival of Orthodox music and the era of perestroika. It was clear from where the roots grow. I am a professional musician and educated saw that the Jewish culture is the mother of song Orthodox religious music. I am very interested in this, and thought is material: It is necessary to restore the Jewish spiritual tradition of choral. And we have restored it. In this historic mission of our team: We are the first in the former Soviet Union, professionally restored Jewish liturgical music. It was the ninetieth year - absolutely fabulous time, we sang in the church: The whole year was full of rehearsals and concerts of the first: we debuted in Tallinn, Chisinau, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg. It was a real revelation. People did not expect that, apart Hawa Nagily and Forty-Seven, the Jews have such a rich musical heritage. And it is a colossal. Few people know, but it influenced the development of Soviet mass songs and all of today's pop culture in the former Soviet Union. I am very fond of his concerts to show that Jewish religious songs are the primary sources of all Soviet waltzes, for example.

- Such a musical archetype?

- Yes. And there's nothing surprising in this. Who created the Soviet mass song? Dunaevskii, . Pokrass, . Tsfasman, . Blanter, . Kolmanovskii, . Ostrovsky, . Feltsman, . Frenkel, . Fradkin: There is a prayer 'Sim Shalom' and the song Mark Fradkin 'floating rocking boat', . we unite in our concerts, these songs and show, . where legs grow,
. We are a product of the Soviet school of music, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we are Jews who have received Russia's education and thus can accurately and precisely analyze what's what.

- Zryat in the root:

- Yes. Wonderful!.. I now recall with what delight we restored the tradition of Jewish sacred music and as for myself it's only found. Jews lived in different countries, absorbing the culture of those nations, while enriching its culture of these areas and these people. That is held such a great cultural exchange, exchange of energy: There was no uniformity in the Jewish temple music. Music is very eclectic, polistilistichnaya precisely because it was written in different territories and different in nature people. The Jews who lived in Germany, Poland, Ukraine or the United States of America - they are different people, Israelis, too, different people. So different! And the music so this is different, though the Jewish. As for my team, with time within the same national culture, we have become close and we've created for this branch of the program in different languages, which included music of different styles, trends and directions. This crossover is as follows: (musical style, connecting the different areas, such as jazz and pop music - to promote a more serious style, or, conversely, to 'deepen' lungs genres. - Ed.) This connection with classic pop, folk and jazz, and opera: In general, all what we were studying in higher education, we are now in handy. And we are doing pretty educational and entertainment projects, that is, we combine. At our concerts, we do not only entertain people, . we are trying to fulfill its educational mission - to sow reasonable, . good, . eternal and get people to remember something, . ponostalgirovat, . resolve any apparent, . very simple problem, . which seem difficult,
. All our concerts are woven from the music, which we road. We say that we are interested in and hurt and, of course, do not forget about Gd. Although we are non-religious people: Jews in Turkish - I love to say that the Jews are divided into five categories. There shall keep the sabbath, religious Jews - this is the first category. The second category - it is Jews who consider themselves Jewish, they respect all Jewish, Jewish tradition, trying to adapt to some points that mother's milk to them did not come. They are trying to understand them and let through, . be close to this: say, . not observing the sabbath, . Still trying to light the Hanukkah candles or fasting on Yom Kippur, . at least something to do: There are Jews, . issue of nationality in general are not interested, . - Cosmopolitan,
. They are aware of their Jewish nationality, but do not want any talk about it, nor to identify with Judaism. This third category. There is a fourth - the Jews, converts to Christianity. Formally, they generally deny all Jewish, hanged himself in a different religion. And the fifth - the Jewish anti-Semites. These Jews hate all Jews and are ready to fight it. No wonder, in our sublunary world is very diverse phenomena. We belong to the second category.

- That is to respect:

- Because our genetics. I have a full team, not all Jews are generally non-Jews, but many Jewish blood, the majority. When we started, it probably mattered. Man must come to mind. There must be something native. Now we are no longer in the synagogue. We work in concert halls, on television, in open areas, stadiums, palaces Sports. Bon appetit

- Why did we come from? We struggle with debilizatsiey our society. Due to their professional voices, live sound, the culture of the stage, a good costume: we do not have shoes, shirts, lath-rags, no phonogram, no bezgolositsy. We have a voice, a higher musical education, a large rehearsal process. We are trying to show the excellent musical nature, not our wonderful musical nature, it would be tactless said, but simply beautiful nature and wonderful live music that is created by mankind.

. - Oppose it:

. - Yes, to oppose this primitive collective farm, which today There is and on television, and in general, so to speak, than the population gorge
. As they say, People hawala. They hawala what they give with shovels. We try not to shovel their feed, dessert and tax.

- In a well Dц?cor.

- Yes. To acquaint them with the fact that mankind was created. Not primitive - 'one stick, two string', but that created genius, the genius composer, talent. We are trying to explain that the conservatives - is not where canned goods are wrapped, not Bashkir Metal Bashmet, violist and famous. Obvious. And that is our mission - to convert people from animals to people. Music - the only force that makes the animal rights. This, perhaps, a beautiful phrase, but, nevertheless, music humanizes, makes a person slimmer, more spiritual, sensitive and emotional. Music - Number One! Golden dozen

- You do not received offers to act in concerts of pop stars, whose work 'People hawala'? ..

- We have invited the stars in our solo program. But we take what we are interested. There are ten actors who we perceive that we are respectful.

- Whom you respect as musicians?

- Value, respect, understand that they are in a format achieved great results. With these people we did duet numbers that are individually difficult or impossible to do, but together we have the new musical product.

- Can you name names?

- Well, Iosif Davidovich Kobzon. With him we are working constantly, a lot we can do together, we have the same formats.

- You worked with him in his farewell tour, he helped you then.

- Yes. In a farewell tour, we would only deal with Jewish music, we are now doing something else else: Kirkorov, Basque, Vajkule, Galkin, Lolita, Boris Moiseyev. This kind of entertainment show, then there is another reality.

- Girl, which is something you discussed, it is not a producer Gazmanov?

- Gazmanov: We did two concerts in the Kremlin. That was an unprecedented show, a three-hour marathon.

- 'When men sing'?

- Yes. Two cue ball, two sold-out, superanshlaga. The Kremlin had ever seen. It was an expensive production, expensive advertising, road light, expensive Stage. We were invited to a concert Emma Chapelain it on the format of our approach, but: disappointed. Next to us it sounded like voiceless girl. This view people. But in the second half was Gloria Gaynor - big American professional. It is not inflated, raspiarennaya personality, and singer, who herself has achieved all, and as a result of the success. She went out and immediately sunk to us, I understood that we are professionals: that's live energy! We have three numbers together - the hall was enthusiastic. After that we continued for another forty minutes of the concert, and he ended triumphantly, standing room. People still can not come himself: such reviews, this press: Admission free

- We have the audience, which for us is. Today it is people of different nationalities. We traveled all Rossiyskuyu Federation and some CIS cities. In the fifty cities in Russia we have collected huge halls, two Bitkova sold-out in the October Hall - Four-in St. Petersburg. People come to us music lovers. This is something that I always wanted. Make a show that people are not afraid, do not say: this is only for Jews.

. - To avoid narrow-mindedness?

. - When Moses received from God on Mount Sinai, the Torah, the idea was this: all the genius that is in the book of life, all the mitzvot, commandments, to give people around the world
. Not close to small-town bank, but to give, to show: I want to be the best thing in Jewish music: Of course, hard for me because I get the ball rolling format in the format - first niche, and then the product in this niche. It is very difficult. So I use all the means - and I managed to build bridges of friendship, break the ice of misunderstanding. To the Jews are treated as dissidents, and I say: 'What do you mean? What are we traitors? We are here they are! We are here on this earth have grown 'Yes, we respect the values of the Western world, yes, we know Israel, we know the United States of America. Yes, when the collapsed twin perceived as a personal tragedy. Maybe this is not a fashionable trend - to love America, but America gave the world a lot. And here we are, a product of Russia's schools, the Soviet school, the Soviet system. We love this land and we want to here all the people understand each other. Music helps us to explain, communicate and bring people together. At our concerts, as they say, we still have all the people. And they leave other. They go, but we sow in them the good and understanding, tolerance, the so-called. This is one of the moments, and the second, of course, is that we love music, love the work which deal. And those waves, vibrations that we send to the hall in any city where we appear, make this town happy. Unfortunately, the evenings are not so much in the year they were only three hundred sixty-five.

- In 2005 the Choir performed for fifteen years. It's like something will be played up?

- Could be, but can not: We are having a permanent job, we do not know.

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TURKISH Michael, photo, biography
TURKISH Michael, photo, biography TURKISH Michael  Founder and leader of 'Choir of Turkey', photo, biography
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