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Biography TURBINE Nick G.
photo TURBINE Nick G.
Nick G. Turbine (17.12.1974 year - the year 27.05.2002)

. Rummaging in the hands of a few, . collected on the Internet) the pages with reports of sudden death of Nicky turbine, . and reading the facts of her biography, . enough space in the 27-odd years, . I painfully tried to determine for themselves, . of whom also need to tell the reader: the small nine-year-old girl, . swirl ransacked the poetic world, . and publish a book of poems "Draft" (she went out of print 11 December 1984 published by "Young Guard", . a few days before, . as Nike was ten - the author.) has not really mastered the basics of ratification, . or - of an adult man, . struggled to find the narrow path to the light in his broken life, . which is why it is strange not fit or crutches, . or four-wheel Wheelchair?.,
. She, however, tried to replace them with a thin needle schpritsa or a bottle of vodka, but they do no good as a companion on the path of oblivion. That is so, perhaps, could be called the way in which she walked.. Before the fatal, since May 27.. 2002

. Anatoly Borsyuk, . Ukrainian television director, . who shot films about Nike, Nike, . that: "and" Nick turbine: History of flight, . remembering, . that it "remained, . what is the child, . helpless, . charming, . and the feeling of disgust, . which usually cause the weak people ",
. Children.. So, maybe, and start all over again, from there, from childhood?

Now write that she, matured, was a very tragic fate. But no less tragic, and it was a child Dar Poeta, which determined the fate of such. She childhood asthma severe. Not many know that asthma can cause a young child is simple - simply the fear of a night's sleep, fear of falling asleep. Nika did not sleep at night, up to twelve years, and that is how to cope with the long emptiness of the night, the lines rhyme, first unconsciously, afraid, and then not getting rid of rhythmic, powerful dance of. It was not her fancy, . and perhaps, . even - not crazy, . as we now consider some, . but only some form of protection from fear of death and pain: Such protection sends universe .. or God - who somehow imagine --, . in response to the unconscious child's prayer,
. The child - the most precious thing that is in the open spaces of the Universal Being. His soul is pure. How neispisanny sheet of paper.. Sin not to give him we ask:

She could not write herself, asked her mother to write. That accurately enters all in a notebook. It turned out, for example, this:

. Raise your fingers - the nerves,
. Make a bunch of mountain ash
. Squirting sea that roared
. Under the window anxiously debating
. In the eternal tale of sleep and were:
. Turn the leaves in the flock,
. In defiant scream cranes,
. To swing on a swing,
. Wind turned into hoarfrost.
. Help me remember
. All the anxiety and doubt.
. Give me your hand!
. I would like
. Heart feel the beating.

. (Nika Turbina
. "Lift up your fingers - the nerves" From the collection "Draft").

Who - that of your friends suggested the idea after her mother Niki, Maya Anatolyevna that certainly need to show all these specialists, poets. The notebook came to Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who had arrived at that time in Yalta - whether for medical treatment, whether at poetry readings: Yevtushenko frowned and turned with a sigh, first page, then the tenth, and already the next day woke up famous Nike. Soon the Soviet Union it was hard to find someone who does not know her name! About it in newspapers, it was shown on television, invited to poetry concerts, where she performed alongside adults. Draw full houses, . and surprisingly, . able to keep the audience for hours, . draw her delicate sound of children's voices! With underlying pathos, . defenseless and at the same time a bitter and tragic belief, . it, . small Nikusha, . - So called to her home, . - Knows what it is, . they do not know the other:,

. House in a wooden frame,
. And do not get there,
. Where a shady garden
. Will noise water
. Where with bells
. Stone fly off with the slope.
. Autumn slowly
. Tight weaves braids.
. Where the paths splitting
. Needles is a pillow
. And even prickly hedgehog
. Will the child's toy
. Where to find the gate?
. What otomknut bars?
. Maybe this house
. I have been drawn:
. ( "House in a wooden frame" Publication of the magazine "We"? 2 for 1990.)

. With her work specialists, psychologists, professors of medicine, psychics and poets.
. Its called "emotional outburst, a brilliant talent, a stranger from outer space, a child Pushkin poetry Mozart" and simply "follower of creativity" incomparable Akhmatova. Yevgeny Yevtushenko took her to Italy and America, she received a prestigious award in the arts "Gold Lion", becoming its second Russian owner of after Akhmatova.

. But Akhmatova Akhmatova when receiving awards were over sixty, and Nike - 10 with a small
. Write without errors laureate - the poet never learned, alas!

. Visite Yalta school - high school (former high school Bryuhonenko, where she studied once Marina Tsvetaeva!-Author) has been absolutely no time: all the time took away tours around the country
. In 1989, the publishing house "House" at the then famous Soviet children's fund named in. Lenin opened the book Nicky turbine, a new series of "Books Children Everybody was waiting for the new flight of genius.

But this - did not happen. She wrote poetry to 12 years. And then the awkward age. And the rhymes were lost. Ushli.Chto served this cause? Features adulthood? Family drama: Mama Niki left the second time in marriage and relationship with his stepfather, and then a little half-sister never arose? Hard to say. Mum Nicky recalled:

"It was a child who wrote poetry, his disease was ill, he lived in a closed circle. We sell children's eggs - kindersyurprizy within which the gift is hidden. And this gift he lived there. When she was 13 years old, a box opened up and out jumped imp. Such unexpected adult. We were with her it became very hard, with her troubles began: Nick was cutting his wrists, thrown out of the window, saw a sleeping pill, she was scared. I understand that she was simply afraid to enter into life.. I just heart breaking. Sometimes it would take a sledgehammer and knock her on the head. Because she was drinking vodka. On the other hand it is an adult and she has the right to do whatever he wants without asking me. Life is bound us together in such a tight knot, that all this makes us all suffer - her first, me, and Masha (half-sister - the author.) Too. "

. To "cut the knot", then take a place in the adult world and establish themselves in it, Nick at sixteen married a 76 - year-old psychology professor, an Italian by origin
. He has in Switzerland, in Lausanne, had his own clinic. Nick did not like to remember about that time. She said that everything was "beautiful and tragic, as the trampled rose". Her marriage ended hastily, had no children, she returned to Moscow, in Russia, where the thunder tuning sketches - Exercise and nobody remembered the girl - child prodigy.

. In her last interview Anatolia Borsyuku sounded tragic - the sharp notes
. Romantically bright colors, or simply "embellishing" in her story was not.

. "Do you want a greater truth?" - She said, . nervously lighting a cigarette after cigarette, . and it was hard to find in an utterly tired, . with dull eyes, a woman or a girl, . (can not accurately determine the age of heavy drinkers rights in the formless and dirty clothes, . with almost neraschesannymi hair!) when it brilliantly - confident, . Nick beautiful Turbine, . holding a delighted daze thousandths concert halls of the Union, . Italy and even - USA!,

. What can I say that it was at that time? In addition, I have already said - cold, hungry hard
. I very much wanted warmth, love, people, hands, eyes, excuse the banality very much wanted to be in bed with whom - that of love, rather than something. Also write what anyone in the hell did not have to!

(Nick put it this way, very sharply, but it - are the bitter reality. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, . squeezing of the popularity of Nike considerable benefits and profits, . - In the West-and not without reason! - He was considered as - a sort of producer - impresario, . - Raising, . the wake of its popularity and its, . slightly almost forgotten name, . not thought about Nick and did not help her even, . when she was already very ill! - Author),

. First of it was worthless, then on it was kayfno, a kind of masochistic kicks was - Thank God it was not necessary, from this warm and wonderful
. And then it became still. Long time. Long time.

(Nika Turbina. Interview A. Borsyuku in the movie "NikaTurbina: History of Flight" 1995. Saved a style peculiar to the heroine of the story - the author).

. She tried to study in Gytis, where it had no entrance exam in Russian (because she never really knew how to write), co-starred in what some obscure art film in the role of the heroine
. She worked in the theater - the studio on the outskirts of Moscow. And all the while writing poetry on scraps of paper, on scraps of newspapers:

But these poems she often read a single. Even fans of Nicky, who she has always been not very good - some were interested in her creative work, preferring to share her bed and a glass. She is not liked. The endless quarrels and to clarify the relationship is with his beloved, then with their families, led to that on the night of 14 to 15 May 1997 Nick jumped from a balcony on the fifth floor. She was severely damaged spine, but she miraculously stayed alive then. Funds for treatment have collected all who have known her and remembered. Helped even what is an American businessman. She underwent 12 operations, recovered, but to walk alone no longer able.

In her small apartment in Moscow, one of the oldest, yet "Stalinist", high-rise buildings only lived with her two cats and a dog. People she does not trust. Journalists are rarely seen. Yes they have it and not interested.

In his last interview with Anatoly Borsyuku in 2001 (in the "1 +1"), she quietly told an incredible story of arrogance and betrayal, yet at the same time trying to be ironic: "Now I have you posmeshu. A month ago I found a way - that left by Secretary of children's writer Albert Likhanova. I came to him. (Probably, Nick was brought to the writer what - the familiar. - Author). Likhanov sat a long time, staring at me, asking quite impudent questions. Finally, I say: "Albert A., why I need you to do? I once lost." - "I'm writing a book. You, as the subject, I really needed. "-" As guinea? "-" Well, as of little geniuses idiots grow up ". I am not exaggerating, and it was all. In fact, very funny .. "

It is ridiculous to such an extent that it resembles a tragedy in the classical style!

Anatoly Borsyuk summed up: "With her, indeed, very difficult. Only knows how to write poetry and nothing more. (Is not it - so little?! - Author.) She needs a man who would have shielded her with his back, and saved from life, from having to buy their own clothes, food, pay rent, punch publication.. I do not know whether there is a man who wants her real love, help. I do not know why her life is so, so good, who's to blame. I had a version of the name of the movie "Thank you all!". All forgotten Nick, not only those directly involved in it, but admirers of her talent, the audience, the country. With all the patrons, foundations, officials magazines all over. On it, nobody remembers it is no use to anybody. She was 26 years old, his whole life ahead, and feeling as if she had lived her almost to the end .. "

Until the end. Yes, that was. May 27, 2002 Nick how some miracle managed to climb onto the sill of his room on the fifth floor. She went to the last flight, feeling that life - no more, and leaving behind him arguments about relevance and irrelevance, dislike and emptiness, true and untrue gift of genius.

Few days her body lay in the morgue of the Institute of. Sklifosofskiy, nobody Not Recognized. Then it just cremated.

. Flowers she brought one person - her teacher at the Advanced Directing Courses Alena Galich (daughter of the poet - the bard Aleksandr Galich - author.) Together with his students - peer Niki, . Alena intends to seek reburial Nicky Turbines Vagankovskoye Cemetery,
. She believes that the awards and prestigious awards for the provision of such a "posthumous honors" from Nicky Georgievna turbine more than enough!

Is it justified its name, given to her at birth Nike - the goddess of Victory "- not judge us. How and to assess its strange fate and that a staggering Daru, having brought into her life more bitter than sweet, and more frustration than hope: But, surely, is the fate of all true poets ....

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  • marina for TURBINE Nick G.
  • What a pity that people like Nick Turbine do not last long, what a pity that such a peace is not Accepted full and very sorry that Nick could not help on that is not an easy road that went from birth.
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