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Philippe Starck

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Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck - the famous French designer. Superstar on the world map of stellar design. Perhaps the most famous of all the designers, not counting couturier. During his quarter-century career Starck designed everything - from a toothbrush to residential neighborhoods.

The fact that he plans to work in Russia, the world-famous designer Philippe Starck personally told reporters on Friday. Now the Moscow public will be able to order it and the project at home, and the house itself, and even furniture. And Stark wants to build Russian students comfortable and affordable housing.

Philippe Starck was small, on-Gallic curly gay man in blue jeans and a black jacket, from under which peeped a white shirt worn outside. His feet were tender-green suede shoes with rounded toes, kicked up with the latest fashion. Maestro quietly stood at the window, where he identified the photographer, and humbly endured a brief photo session. In the process, Mr. Stark had to wink correspondent of "Izvestia": they say, should - means necessary.

Then, Mr. Stark, to press the buttons, regulations blinds, then sat down and began to press conference. In English, he spoke with a strong French accent - Mr. Stark was born and trained as a designer in Paris.

- After the Second World War, the U.S. has spread the idea that all goods can be the same, - he said. - But men are all different, and they are tired of the same clothes or dishes.

For those so tired, Mr. Stark will work now and in Russia - the two Western firms - Yoo Ltd and Highland Star Investment - organized a joint venture Yoo Russia. Experience is: Yoo Ltd, established in 1999 by Mr. Stark and the major European developer John Hichkoksom already boasts major projects in world capitals. The company is now in the process of registration, but the question of "Izvestia" on when it is actually waiting for customers, John Hichkoks replied: "Today. Or tomorrow. "

Mr. Stark, known to the public as the creator of unusual plastic furniture, but this does not mean that Russia will put the customer on plastic stools. Instead, they promise not to press and listen to all the wishes. Designer even opened the audience his creative cuisine, telling how he ask the customer, his preferences. To do this, he tore in half a few blank sheets of paper and laid them in front of an imaginary client.

- Every woman knows what color it is better to wear and in what fashion dress, - he said. - But when it comes to the house, she lost. We will help her find a. The system is very simple: I show a picture in which different colors, materials, furniture and even landscapes. The client says: this, this and this I like - here, Mr. Stark grabbed a few sheets in front of him - and this is not - and he vigorously pushed the sheet away. - Based on these preferences, we choose a style that is more like a customer. But the man is completely free: to be what he wants.

The company can build a private house or public building from scratch, but can not obtain a ready-made space. One nuance: it is desirable that the minimum amount of work was 5 thousand square meters. However, this is not a hard limit, and the "trend", as the senior partner of Fleming Family and Partners (the company - Advisor Highland Star Investment) Mark Garber. Other, more important limitation - the project must be carried away by Mr. Stark. He, in fact, has already refused to work with "Mercury".

. - If I'm not interested, I'd rather sleep or spend time with family and friends - he said.

. Mr. Garber has confirmed this.

. - Money for Philip is not so important - he said
. - Let the better it will be a complicated project ... any building, which should fit between the six others, and that it stood "the letter sic". Or, say, housing for students - how to plan small and inexpensive apartments so that they are modern and comfortable. Maybe some project with the Moscow government - he's designed the studio, it is very popular in the world ...

If the customer wants, and if there the same interest, then the celebrity can plan it in person to the last nail. Of course, it will be much more expensive, but the question of prices journalists do not have a solid answer. This fact is not about prefabricated homes, and the individual building, and that's creative work.

. By the way, he withdrew, Mr. Stark, like a true creative personality: suddenly looked at his watch, said that it's time, flew from the table, sent the crowd a kiss, made a "swallow" - and ..
. was caught at the door of the correspondent of "Izvestia".

- Mr. Stark that the modern apartment for you?

- There is a big difference between modern style and true modernity. Modern style may include a lot of fun things, and modernity - is when it comes to quality of life, that take into account the progress of civilization and society.

- And you have set for themselves what kind of style choose?

- Yes No. It depends on what country I am ... Yes, I have no style - look at me! Sometimes I buy something on the market, sometimes the young designers, sometimes get gifts ... My style - freedom!

- You had to visit Russia in homes - and what?

- Was not, but going ... Of course, I wonder how people live.

- And if the client says: I want this and that, and you do not like it ... what then?

- They will receive only what they want. I will never make someone do something or to live in a place that they do not like.


Company Yoo Ltd was established in 1999, the European developer John Hichkoksom and Philippe Starck. Y Yoo has joint ventures in major cities of the world - London, New York, Buenos Aires, and now in Moscow.

Highland Star Investments - the holding company, representing the investment interests of the English family, Fleming. This is her first project in Russia. Advises its investment company Fleming Family and Partners, owned by Chase Manhattan Bank. Its sphere - fund management and trust clients, consulting. In Russia, FF & P in 1992, it is working with Russia's largest companies, such as Alrosa.

Light always

Philippe Starck - the famous French designer. Superstar on the world map of stellar design. Perhaps the most famous of all the designers, not counting couturier. During his quarter-century career Starck designed everything - from a toothbrush to residential neighborhoods. Including a huge number of chairs, . mechanical citrus, . similar to the outer spider (there are in all textbooks on modern design), . TVs for the company Thomson, . interior for a restaurant in Madrid, . luxury hotel in New York, . monstrous building in Tokyo, . Mitterrand's private apartments,
. Hard to say, were there things on earth, whose shape Stark would not re-created. Its design not only functional, as eccentric as the maestro himself, who created a name for itself not only works, but absolutely stellar behavior. Stark - Superstar. His name, he began to beat in the early career, which peaked in the eighties, its structure under the laws of the show: eccentric behavior, eccentric dress, eccentric statements - Jewelry newspaper strips. He was friends with celebrities and he became a celebrity.

In May last year, Stark was in Moscow, which brought his exhibition. They received it as a movie star - a crowd of journalists at his master class had gathered more than a thousand people. Arrival noted all the major publications - the teacher correct the fashionable bourgeois life. Besides the exhibition itself and Stark brought a new fashion ideas - democratic. "Simple things should not be expensive, it is necessary to wipe off the extra zeros price tags," - proclaimed Stark. Price tags on its plastic chairs from old collections, which can still be found in furniture salons in Moscow, these extra zeros are not lost.

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Philippe Starck, photo, biography
Philippe Starck, photo, biography Philippe Starck  Designer, photo, biography
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