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Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich

( Writer)

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Biography Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich
photo Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich
Ivan Sokolov-Mikitov (30.05.1892 years [tract Osiek Kaluga Province.] - 20/02/1975 Year [Gatchina])

Russian travel writer Ivan Sokolov-Mikitov born in the tract Osiek Kaluga Province 30 (18) May 1892. family-timber-merchant's clerk. Childhood and early youth of the writer were in the Smolensk. In 1910,. he entered the agricultural courses in St. Petersburg, but soon settled down in Revel (now Tallinn) on a ship merchant ship and for several years been in the European, Asian and African ports. In 1918, Mr.. Ivan Sergeevich discharged, went to his parents in the Smolensk region. He worked there a unified labor school teacher. By this time he had already published the first stories were noticed Bunin and Kuprin.

Since 1919, Mr.. Sokolov-Mikitov - crewman of a merchant ship. In 1920, Mr.. the steamer 'Omsk', sold in Hull (England) at auction, Ivan Sergeevich among the team was written off shore. Began the forced emigration. In England, he lived for about a year, and in 1921 moved to Germany. After nearly two years of stay abroad Sokolov-Mikitov returns to Russia. Wanderings over the spike port of Hull and London gave him the material for 'Chizhikova laurels' (1926).

After returning home I.S.Sokolov-Mikitov participated in expeditions to the Arctic ice breaker 'G. Sedov', headed by Shmidt. During expeditions in the Arctic Ocean and on the Franz Josef Land expedition followed the rescue of the icebreaker "Malygin". It Ivan Sergeevich participated as a correspondent for Izvestia. Arctic expedition give him material for a series of essays 'White coast' and sketch the story 'rescue ship'. Many travel writer in the country described in the books' Lankaran '(1934),' Ways of ships' (1934), 'Flying Swan' (1936), 'Northern Stories' (1939),' an awakening earth '(1941),' Stories of the Motherland '(1947).

. A quarter-century life I.S.Sokolova Mikitova was associated with Karacharovo Konakovo Area
. In October 1951. writer visited with relatives, got cut and started to build its 'Karacharovsky' house.

Since the summer of 1952 Sokolov-Mikitov Karacharovo holds in most of the year. Here, Ivan Sergeevich worked on the books 'Childhood' (1953), 'On the warm earth' (1954), 'Sounds of the Earth' (1962), 'Karacharovsky record' (1968) and other. In his book 'In the holy sources' (1969) he wrote:' With a shotgun over his shoulder, I walked around the nearby forests, traveled in a boat on the Volga. I was able to visit remote areas of Orsha forest, on Peter's lakes, where not every year can penetrate virgin. I got acquainted with the young and old people, listening to their stories, admiring nature. Living in Karacharovo, wrote several short stories, which shows close to my heart native nature '.

In the regional literary and artistic collection of native edge 'were published new chapters of the novel' Childhood '. The writer was a member of the editorial board of the collection. In the regional publishing company went out of his book 'First Hunt' (1953), 'Listopadnichek' (1955), 'Stories of the Motherland' (1956), etc.

In period Karacharovsky Sokolov-Mikitov often turned to the memoir genre. Then were written 'Autobiographical Notes', 'Meetings with childhood'. The book of memories 'Longtime meeting', . The author wrote to the last day, . contains portrait sketches of writers Maxim Gorky, . Bunin, . A. Kuprin, . Prishvin, . Fedin, . A. Green, . Tvardovsky, . Arctic explorer AP Svirnenko, . artist and scientist N. Pinegina and others.,

. In 'Karacharovsky' house there were writers A. Twardowski, V. Nekrasov, K. Fedin, V. Soloukhin, journalists, artists.

. Died I.S.Sokolov-Mikitov February 20, 1975
. The urn containing his ashes buried in a cemetery in Gatchina.

In 1981. on 'Karacharovsky' house was a memorial plaque.

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Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich, photo, biography
Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich, photo, biography Sokolov-Mikitov Ivan Sergeevich  Writer, photo, biography
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