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A singer light that we first heard in the mid-90. She started her musical career with the project 'CAT'. Then her songs seemed unusual and unfamiliar to the public. No one had not left a female vocal on electronic music. Recently, the singer released fifth album, 'Where is the love'. Light itself has this question for myself not found the answer: But to answer my questions readily agreed.

- Do you as a child was the question: 'Who do? " or you always know what will become a singer? Did the parents somehow affect your choice?

- I always knew that I would sing, and the parents never prevented this desire. They said: 'This is your life, and you yourself must dispose of it'. Helped me in every way, contributed to the development of my musical abilities. I myself am writing music and lyrics to their songs and always loved to work at night. Parents allowed me to sit at the piano after midnight, when everyone was asleep.

- At what age did you have demonstrated musical ability?

- In four years I started to sing and dance. There was a case about which I told my mother, myself, I do not remember this moment: while some children's concert gave me a microphone and asked to sing. I'm not scared, despite the fact that there was a huge hall, came and sang. Yes so dispersed, that even away from the scene did not want me thrown out, and I'm not in what. In kindergarten sang solo parts already. With 6 years old started singing in a folk ensemble, with whom she went on tour in the early 90's even abroad visited. Free time was almost no. It got to the point that I could not go along with his parents to rest at sea, tons. to. was indispensable - I was the first voice ensemble. The hard-released in a week or two, not more.

- You for some time lived in Moscow. What is not pleased capital?

- I lived alone in a strange town. I am involved in fitness, swim, read, and sometimes went to the movies, but still lonely. I'm used to communicate. We had a hospitable home, where a lot of people always come. Unable to bear the capital of boredom, I went back home, in Rostov-na-Donu.

- The main theme of your songs - love, however, this theme is present in the songs of almost all artists. Do you think, why they sing about love?

- Because love - that's why, in my opinion, people live. Love brightens up the mountain. If you have a loved one, whatever the trouble with you is not taking place, they are easier to survive alone. When there is no love in his heart - emptiness. Love changes a person's world. Notice how the light inside loving people. This is a very strong feeling on earth.

- To sing about love, must be in love?

- Not always. The main thing - to understand this state of mind, and understand this feeling can only be experienced it myself - really badly to fall in love. I have a lot of songs about unrequited love, which before, to describe and sing, should survive.

- In life may be somewhat strong 'love'?

- Yes, it can. I am a fatalist - I believe in fate. In my opinion, people break up in order to find another love. When fall in love, it seems that this person is your fate, but time passes and you realize that was wrong. Cases where people live together for life, are rare.

- At what age is best to fall in love?

- Love has no age. But there is a time when you want to fall in love most. It is 14-15 years, at this point people start to understand the ways men and women. The peak of his youth - to 30 - held under the motto "Love, love!". I first fell in love with 14 years, and for me it was a really great feeling!

- It was a mutual love?

- No. My first love - poor. It happened at sea and lasted only three days. I vacationed with his parents in motels and three days before departure, met the boy. From my side there was love, and with it, probably just sympathy. The next year, I specifically begged my mother to go to the same resort, which met him. Arriving there, I persuaded my mother to allow me to stay the night, allegedly by a female friend. In fact, I went to a dance, found the boy, who waited for him all evening, he carried me home: no signs of love. Shame. I'm so tried 'to draw' him that 'diverted' to the end.

- You once tried to forget?

- No. I went there a few years in a row, hoping to meet him, but we did not work. I did have no regrets. I still have fond memories. The love for this boy was, when I fell in love with another man. I think that to get rid of one love can only be met another. I was very constant and does not often fall in love. All my relationships with men on the last few years.

- Your new album is called 'Where can I find love? ". Give advice to young girls, where is it, darling, to seek and whether to do it purposefully.

- You can search anything, including love. There is simply no guarantee that you will find it. Most often, love comes at the wrong time. You have a rush job at work or already have a guy suddenly appears in your life man and you realize: OH! At this point, no one needs and does not need anything, but it. Frankly, if I knew where to look for love, I would not sing such songs. Now I myself am looking for.

- How to deal with unrequited love?

- Try not to think about Him. To sit and cry alone - not the best way to forget. It is necessary to communicate with people, going to the movies, to visit - in a word, less to be alone with yourself and if possible to control their emotions so as not to fall into depression.

- Do you besides music, there is still the director's education. Does this specialty in your singing career?

- I am directing his solo program, she think over the details of setting and scenery. Graduate work, incidentally, wrote on his live performances. I actively participate in the work on scenarios of their video clips - for giving the director his ideas.

- In the clip, 'You're not my' you have a fairly rigid way. How this image is close to you in life?

- In the clip - it is angry, offended woman who realizes that he, unfortunately, is not it, and it is impossible to change. How close? In this clip I was, what is actually. I grew up, became progressively disillusioned with the people. This is unpleasant, but on the other hand it is my temper, makes him stronger and tougher.

- Swedish singer Bosson in an interview expressed his desire to sing a duet with you:

- Unfortunately, he lives in another city, moreover, in another country. But when he came to Moscow, we talked about our duet with him. First, I wrote a song and showed Bosson, but then decided that all the same song will write it, because the Russian language gives Bosson harder than my english. Even there are many unresolved issues, so the duo postponed until the autumn.

- Have you ever wanted to change the stage name, come up with something more unusual, shocking?

- No. When I grew older, maybe add a name, but still could not think what.

. - What do you think, great importance is whether the name for an actor? Some try to attract the attention of the original alias or group name:

. - I believe that if the material is worthy, whatever the name of the artist, it will be remembered at the expense of quality songs
. It does not matter, and what an artist working behind the scenes. For example, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of 'Nirvana' was a drug addict. But his antics forgiven him for his talent. Even if his name was Vasya Cobain, I think it would not change people's opinions about his work.

- You write a song other performers?

- No, because he never turned. But she did not propose - modesty prevents. If asked, I would, perhaps, and wrote.

- Do you have hobbies?

- I like to ride a car. Watch football, when our good play. Drawing oil. For some time I have a lot of drawing in the style of Boris Valeggio. Then he turned to landscapes. Professional painting, I had no formal instruction - just try it, liked it and began to draw. We rarely sit down to paint, because not enough time. More engaged with music. Writing poetry. I have them very much. Going to publish a book.

- Do you have any pets?

- Wild cat Schnitzel. As a child, he fell and almost crashed. Mom caught him, literally, on the palm. If it does not, from our cat would have made schnitzel. After this we had and called.

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  • Alla for LIGHT
  • light you are very cool! your songs just super! they can listen endlessly! I wish you success in your work and more new songs!)))
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