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Sandra (8.05.1962 year)

In 1979, her parents signed a contract in which it is - a 16-year-old girl was supposed to join the female trio "Arabesque", as a soloist. During the period from 1979 to 1985, speaking in Japan, they were as well known in East Asia, as ABBA (ABBA) in Europe.

May 18, 1962 at the German lady, Karin (Karin) and Frenchman Robert Lauer (Robert Lauer), in the town of Saarbrucken (Saarbrucken), born daughter - Sandra (Sandra). As a child she shared a room with her older (by two years) brother Gaston (Gaston). The walls were hung with their stars of David & Shaun Cassidy, as well as a bunch of their albums. In ten years she has received guitar lessons from a music teacher from her school, who lived on the same street as the e + family. Already in the 12 years she was sure that would be a singer. On the "children's song contest" she was surprised by all the excellent performance of the song Olivia Newton-John (Olivia Newton-John). Producer George Roman (George Roman) "discovered" by Sandra in 1976 and recorded their first single e + "Andy main freund" ( "Andy is my friend"). By this time behind Sandra's already been four years of experience playing the guitar and classical ballet school with practical interventions in the city theater Saarbrц?cken. Arabesque. (Arabesque) In 1979, the e + parents signed a contract in which it is - a 16-year-old girl was supposed to join the female trio "Arabesque", as a soloist. During the period from 1979 to 1985, speaking in Japan, they were as well known in East Asia, as ABBA (ABBA) in Europe. During this time it was released: 15 audio tape 30 singles 1 CD! (recall that the CD had not yet been as widespread as now) Despite the emergence of private television germanskom, Arabesque not received the same success as in Japan. Nevertheless, in Germany were released: 6 LP's 12 major accounts (?) 13 singles especially Sandra stood out in a trio with a narrow shorts and mini skirts, and erotic women's suits. About this period, Sandra said: "No girl did not feel gratitude for what she had to dress as leaving the scene, but it was necessary to address. I'm never going to do that! "Colnaya career. After the collapse of "Arabesques" she began in 1985 with the song "Japan ist weit" (German version of Alphaville "Big in Japan"). Not disillusioned small success of this single, Sandra began a creative collaboration with his friend, Michael Cretu, had met while she was in "Arabesque". Since 1977, Michael Cretu was the arranger and composer for the group "Boney M" (Boney M). Gradually over the pair met the most experienced team in the person of Peter Kent, Peter Cornelius, and other artists. The summer of 1985 came the first single SANDRA - "Maria Magdalena", written by Kemmlerom Hubert (Hubert Kemmler). Also Hubert Kemmlerom had sung a second voice and background voices in this single. Song title, and his idea. Recording was a huge success, in 21 countries, from South America to Egypt, she won first place in the then charts, and in five countries included in the top ten. Also, in 1985, was released e + first solo album, "The long play". The next album was released in 1986 and was called "Mirrors" (Mirror). It includes five e + singles - Innocent Love, Don't Cry (the Breakup of the World), Hi! Hi! Hi!, Loreen, and Midnight Man. In the same year, Sandra introduced in Japan in the Eurovision song "In the heat of the night" (In the stifling atmosphere of the night) and took him to second place. 1987 was marked by the release of the first book, called "Ten on one". In Germany, this collection was released in 1988 as "Everlasting love", so that the disks with different headlines are almost identical in content. Between the release of these albums, she joined the organization "Artists United for Nature" and on this occasion in 1989 was released single "Yes we can" (a sufficiently large interval of time). Also, in 1989 she showed in the German criminal series Tatort (episode Salu Palu), which performed the song "Stop for a minute", gave concerts in western Europe, and participated in the TV show "Pyramid" (die Pyramide). In 1988, she came to Russia with a concert. It remains only to bitterly regret that none of the compilers of this FAQ was not at that time in Moscow. Judging from the photos and the number of visitors, the people of the concert was just crazy.

1990. Released album "Paintings in Yellow", in my opinion - one of the best albums Sandra. From this album was released, also, three singles - "Hiroshima", "(Life may be) a Big Insanity", and "One More Night". 1991. Sandra took part in the project of her husband, ENIGMA (Riddle). Richard Branson (Richard Branson) - record company Virgin boss insisted that the female vocal was performed Sandra. It is said, done! The rest, as he said in the past. 1992. After the success of "The Mystery" out "Close to seven", which attracted the attention of many fans of the project ENIGMA, because everybody knew that it was created by the same people that ENIGMA. Recorded at home studio, the album sodrezhal in itself, also, three singles "Don't Be Aggressive", "I Need Love", and "Johnny Wanna Live". In the same year was released ц?ц№ + one collection, called "18 Greatest Hits". In the same year, in an interview, she stated that the music of the e + style does not attract young people now, and singing without an audience, she does not want. In the same interview, she said she wanted to arrange a rest and do his family and his personal life. It looked as if she is going to conclude his musical career. As it turned out, these expectations were not fulfilled, although the following recital came only in 1995. 1993. Sandra again involved in the second project ENIGMA, providing female vocals. One of the tracks of this album, . "Dream of dolphin" (The dream of a dolphin), . was dedicated to Michael Cretu, his beloved wife "(" This song dedicated to my beloved wife Sandra ", . M. Cretu) After a noticeable delay, . in 1995, was released at the time of Sandra's latest album - "Fading shades",
. Family Life. January 7, 1988, Sandra married Michael Cretu, which was expected. They later with his team delved into creating music on a recording studio in Spain, on the island of Ibiza (Ibiza). They still live there and have two houses - the old farm, which is their home and studio (ART. studio), as well as the old restored house in the city center, which is a historical monument of the XVIII century. At the base of the house Cretu organized restaurant, and there is frequently invited different musicians and artists. July 6, 1995, Sandra gave birth to twins. The children were named Nikita and Sebastian. Just before the birth of a child, she released her last (for now) single, "Won't run away", which entered the 1995 album "Fading Shades".

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  • Elya for SANDRA
  • Bioqrafiya
  • hello dear Sandra.pozdravlyayu you with a new godom.ya love your songs and vas.mnogo years, I am your loyal poklonnikam.budte always so young and krasivoy.i raduyte us with pesnyami.spasibo you for what you have.
  • Victor for SANDRA
  • Sandra just a classic, and glad for her that she sounded again, overcame their nezlagody, "I vnee just love, well, just moldets!
  • Stas for SANDRA
  • Hi SANDRA I am very like your songs they always lift my mood of your songs will live a very long time and you wish to warmly longevity and good health and happiness with RESPECT STAS
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