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Biography REED Tara
photo REED Tara
Tara Reid (08.11.1975 years [Uikoff, New Jersey])

The desire to speak with Tara Reid appeared quite early. For five years, she knew exactly who wants to be and he wants to do. She dreamed of becoming an actress, and more than anyone. Anyone who watched the famous trilogy of 'American Pie', will remember seductive and sexual movie heroines. If not by name, it external, then certainly.

Tara was born in Uikoffe, New Jersey, November 8, 1975 (can only wonder the skill with which 25letnyaya actress transformed before the camera in a schoolgirl). Withdraw it started quite early, appearing in television commercials and children's show programs. But this single-minded little girl was little, and so Tara comes in a very prestigious artistic school for children in New York. Her classmates were so notorious person like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jerry O'Connor, Macaulay Culkin, and Ben Taylor.

. Then there was a lot of good roles, which, unfortunately, were not good enough to Tara noticed, though it was shot in a fairly popular pictures: 'Saved Bello', 'Urban Legend', 'Cruel Intentions'.

. But later in her life came a film, which some call a blunt and vulgar, while others accuse him of racism (there is no single 'color' hero)
. But, be that as it may, this film for many of the actors became the starting point in their stellar careers.

Predictably, that it is a cult film of American teenagers at the turn of centuries, the innocent name of 'American Pie'. In the United States is difficult to find a young man (one who truly sees himself young), who did not look to this comedy. In Russia kinoprikol also enjoys great popularity. And what happened? And the thing that had not previously known, but promising actors have to learn on the streets.

'Michelle! - Joyfully shouting fans Alison Hannichen. - Where is your flute? " 'Jim, you still do it! " - They assured as Jason Biggs.

Not spared this fate and Tara Reid, which, after some scenes 'Pie' was seen as almost a sex guru. She says that now it is often suited to young girls and asking for advice on how to lose their virginity. It is striking that the girl so frankly tell her everything and asked what they should do and what - no. Of course, Tara amused that it can affect someone's sex life, but she tries to be tactful and rid advice like 'do as your heart tells'. Tara laughs: "Surprisingly, what they still gullible, do not know that climaxes in film unreal?"

Role gay Vicki Tara opened up new horizons. She co-starred in the movie 'King of parties' with Ryan Reynolds, the picture that is abused, it is called 'standard teen comedy with a standard set of vulgar and tasteless jokes', on the contrary, praise. In addition, Tara starred in a 'Dr. T. and women 'and' Dzozi and the Pussycat '.

So, with a professional career charming Tara all clear. But what about personal happiness? This should talk more.

Two years ago, she considered herself the happiest of all women, who managed to meet the perfect man. Those at that time was DJ MTV Carson Daly. They met more than six months and only then began to live together. Tara even thinking about the wedding. Here is the speech of that period (from the answer to a question about friends): 'I've got Carson, and I swear that he is my best friend. He was the man with whom I can share everything: grief and joy, and success and failure: It is the most romantic guy in the world. When God decided to create a perfect man, he made such Carson '.

Or: "Carson, a direct, and it's great, because I can not stand guys who always think only about your body. With them, I also can not think of anything else except how good I look like my figure, in the order of the hairs? .. '

. They had common musical tastes, general housing, caring for its construction: 'The first thing we bought the bed, because it is we really need, and then - a beautiful bar
. Now we have a lot of any shakers, blenders, and cups, which you can imagine: And while we preach only a healthy lifestyle. We are not supporters of the permanent party to drink, and even more so-narcotics. Too many people 'sunk' because of their habit: '

It would seem that everything is perfect. But a year later zapestreli newspaper headlines: 'Tara Reid - another victim of love', 'Heart problems American beauty', etc.. Reading the these and similar messages, . still think only one thing: in the intimate, loving relationship with Hollywood stars and stars has been a steady, . almost Brownian motion: they can not live long with one and the same man (with very few exceptions).,

. Tara Reid parted company with Carson Daly, . and now she has to establish new relations with the star superseriala 'Friends' David Schwimmer, . which is just at this time experienced the break with his girlfriend, . actress Mili Evital, . which he lived long enough:,

. There was another rumor that Tara Reid ran across the road CEA Durand
. The thing that fascinated strong drinks at a party hosted by his own hand, our beauty allowed herself frank flirtation with Mark Wahlberg, fiance of the aforementioned model and also beauty. What can you say - the world of 'stars' unpredictable.

Tara very reluctant to answer questions about her ex-boyfriend. Although it became known that she was so grieved at their gap that was forced to seek assistance from doctors. 'I like numb, lost appetite: For the first time in my life I realized what it is - hurts to breathe: "Life has lost all meaning'.

But the course of psychotherapy and the youth had done their job - Tara began again to respond adequately to the outside world. 'It is ridiculous to speak of hatred for the man for whom you were going to marry' - Tara sighed.

But poorly behaved himself Carson. Only poor Tara calmed down and began to look at other men, when Carson felt abandoned and humiliated. He said at the actress's birthday, and almost spoiled the party, harass Tara dismantlings. But it showed the patience of Job, not wanting to feel that feeling again, when you just wipe on the feet.

Carson did not give. In the end, despite all the assurances of Tara, that he and Carson just friends, 'which are no longer sleeping in one bed', she succumbed to his entreaties and spent the night with him. 'He did not even called me after that', - complained the actress:

Friends of Tara believe that Carson just playing her feelings. But she can not stand all the time, and this violates his promise to send Carson to go to hell.

That's how it turns out that in the life of Tara Reid inflamed passions no less than the on-screen movies, where it is removed. What will happen next - see:

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