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Regnier, Henri

( Writer)

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Biography Regnier, Henri
Henri Regnault (28.12.1864 year - the year 23.05.1936)

"The most French of all French writers" (B. Eichenbaum), "the poet's poetry and prose - by definition, M. Kuzmina, - captors reader polished and exquisite phrases, famous and mysterious recluse Henri de Regnier, had a very ordinary and boring for the writer's biography. Perhaps only at first glance boring ...

Henri Franц╖ois Joseph de Regnier was born 28 .12. 1864 in the Normandy town Gonflere, where his father, incidentally, were friends in childhood, with Gustave Flaubert, served as a customs inspector. His first childhood impressions Rainier with a thin spontaneity - not masking an assumed name - conveyed in the short story "White Clover" (a collection of "Shades of Time").

. In 1871 the family moved to the Inspector Paris, where his father was promoted to the tax inspector and there, as young as ten years, the boy was sent to a college Stanislas (1874)
. Even on a school bench Rainier began to write poetry, the first of which belong to 14 years. In addition to the poems at the same time Henry began work on the poem "The love of virtue," which promised to develop into something very similar to "Namunu" - A poem by his favorite. de Musset, if the teacher did not remove the manuscript.

. Note, incidentally, that literary studies and school works, Henri did not meet with their teachers big endorsement ...

. One of them, a well-known literary and theatrical critic Larume, read aloud in class essays Rainier and laughed at them!

. Many years later, he met his disciple, already became a famous writer, and recognizing him, Larume exclaimed: "How is you who wrote such funny things?"

. During his studies at the College Henri lot and diligently read, without adhering, however, a peculiar system of choice
. Near J. Byron and B. Hugo A. de Vigny and Musset lay "Philosophical Letters" of Voltaire, his tragedy and immediately - Drama Crebillon (French writer and dramatist 18 th century).

After college, having passed the examination for bachelor's degree in 1883, Rainier joined the Faculty of Law. Following the request of parents, at one time he thought of a diplomatic career, but literature attracted him irresistibly, imagination knew no rest ...

. And the dream of diplomacy were thrown away.

. First appeared in the published poems under the pseudonym Hugh Renier Vigny (Vignix), suggest the influence on his work A
. de Vigny, and in. Hugo. These verses were printed in 1885 in the journal "Lutece" - the earliest of those small but very popular books, which were printed by the representatives of "symbolism", "refined romanticism and other sophisticated literary" isms "... Henri de Regnier was presented poetic leaders of the time: Sully Prudhomme, and Mallarme.

Mallarme had an enormous influence on the formation of the poetic manner of Rainier. It is felt in the first book of poems "The next day," also released in 1885, in Paris, but under real name: Henri de Regnier.

. In this book, despite the inexperience, so clear at the time of apprenticeship, feel and originality, and the attempt to think independently.

. In an early poem, "Dedication" he defines his poetic task as "the revival of the past, to perpetuate his fleeting minutes"
. This problem of de Regnier will follow for life.

Readers and critics have taken the book favorably. They were charmed by the tone of soft, if I may say so, watercolor melancholy, which will then diffused throughout the work of de Regnier and tie together his poetry and prose.

. For the first collection of poems followed by others: "Consolation" (1886), "Landscape" (1887), "Episodes" (1888)
. One of the critics, . especially well personally knew Rainier, . Jean Gourmont, . defines the movement of thought poet for four years in these four books: "The next day" - the first contact with life, . discrepancy dreams with reality, . grief of this discovery,
. "Consolation" - wisdom, reconciliation; grief subsided, the dream still lives in the poet's soul. He creates for her palaces, gardens, bosquets landscapes - their own "landscapes", which played "Episodes" of the intimate life of the soul. "

. All of the decade from the mid 80's to mid 90-ies proceeds for Rainier in activities sufficiently active
. It cooperates in the rapidly successive literary journals, which are printed by the representatives of symbolism: Laforgue, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Kang, Samain, Vielha e Mijaran-Griffen.

. Rainier is also involved in editing and publishing the magazine "Writers for art" (1886-1887) - publisher Renee Gill with Mallarmц╘ and Villiers de l'Isle-Adan, as the lead staff, . in the newspaper "La Walonie", . one of the editors of which he was in the anthology "The political and literary review" (1890-1893), . where he published most of his stories - the first experience of prose (so beautiful, . in this his debut, . as a prose writer believed a few!), . included later in the collection "Jasper cane.,

. Since 1894, Henri de Regnier began to cooperate with the magazine "Mercure de France", which becomes the publisher of all his works.

. Simultaneously Rainier are released separate books of poetry - "Poemes anciens et romanesques" (1890), "Tel qu` en songe "(1892)," Arethuse "(1895)
. Later, he will combine them into collections - one-volume editions: "Poems 1887 - 1892gg." (1895) and "The Best Poems" (1899).

. Poems of this period were written, no doubt, influenced by symbolism, but they lacked the nebula and pretentiousness, the pathos of "magically" and other kinds of extremes, into which many contemporaries of the writer involved in this area.

. Lyrics Rainier profoundly clear, flexible and graceful
. The symbolism of the pen "aristocrat of poetry" turns into a subtle and intricate allegory, losing its mysterious and abstract meaning.

. Since the mid-90's, when the poet reaches the age of thirty, he was increasingly drawn toward prose ..
. Solitude in a Paris apartment becomes a regular pastime. He performs magic on the sheets of paper per day and night, almost anywhere without having to leave and visiting only a few of his friends.

. Among them - the last of parnassians (literary movement in France that has had a tremendous impact on the entire culture of the country), the great master of the sonnet, the translator of Josц╘ Marц╜a Heredia.

. His salon Henri Regnault visited since 1888
. He met here with Maupassant, and Leconte de Lisle, many celebrities of the time ...

But the chief ornament of the passenger compartment of the famous poet and a translator were his three daughters, attractive and talented, each in its own. Attention Henri de Regnier attracted the youngest, Maria, a talented novelist and poet. Even at that time, she wrote beautiful poetry, successfully translated into French Spanish-speaking authors. Young people with common interests, spent time in the fascinating conversations about everything, more, of course, about literature, like each other. Henri - a nice, young man "with an open and clear face, high forehead, gray-blue transparent eyes, graceful movements, serious and almost always - shy" (Jean de Gourmont) - won the heart of Mary. She knew how to listen attentively and with interest. And he - to overcome in her presence, her painful shyness. In 1896, Henri de Regnier and Maria de Heredia married.

. "From this moment - according to the witty remark of one of the scholars of Rainier - for us almost finished biography of the writer, for his later life devoid of any bright events (A
. Smirnov. A. de Regnier, novelist and storyteller ". Introduction to the 30-volume edition of collected works Rainier. 1925. Quoted from: A. de Regnier. Coll. Op. in 5 volumes. T. 5. Jasper reed. St. Petersburg, Izdatel'stvo "North-West 1993. Series: "Women's Library. Cameo ").

. Throughout the next thirty years, Rainier is a very quiet existence, . occupied by literary work and only occasionally interrupted by visits, . including several times in his beloved Italy, . particularly in Venice, . and in 1900 in the United States of America, . where Rainier brilliantly read several extensive lectures on the history of poetry, . touching and fashionable trends.,

. "As his spiritual experiences, . - Adds Smirnov, . - Then, . despite, . that Rainier has never shunned society and was, . to the testimony of friends, . friendly and very lively conversationalist, . his innate restraint surrounded his inner life of the veil, . penetrate for few had ventured.,

. Since the early nineties Rainier increasingly captivates the top of prose
. The largest of his novels "Double-beloved" (1900), . "Fear of Love" (1907), . "I, . She, . and He (1907), . "Sinner" (1920), . "Unusual Lovers" (1901), . "Meeting Mr. de Breo" (1904), . "According to the whim of the King" "The Living Past", . "Holidays modest young man" (1903) became reference books for generations, . translated into all European languages, . were read before, . that bindings crumbled ..,
. These books were filled with some unique music, words, images, stories ... When reading the feeling that this is - paraphrasing the words of art, so vivid and expressive words, and entire episodes! ..

. Henri de Regnier so passionately loved life, that describes everything in it fascinated his poetic soul: colors, sounds, feelings, forms of objects and phenomena ...

. His novels are diverse in style
. In modern, it uses the direct and figurative style with a fast pace, thrilling story ( "Vacation modest young man"). In historical novels ( "At the whim of the King") Rainier often resorted to archaic style, with a slightly heavy, lush designs phrases. Words for him above all - the carrier of a tuning fork, as in musical composition, it all his spirit and foundation. Words for Rainier - are sacred.

. Later, Joseph Brodsky compares novels Rainier with the symphonies and sonatas of Mozart, and it would be most unusual, and an exact comparison, because the painting and music - two of the greatest affection, accompanying the writer's life! ..

. Critics have written that the style Rainier - romance, he said, if I may say so, classically romantic
. Roman Rainier - believed Mallarme - graceful poems, written in prose ". (A. Smirnov. These references.)

. Many of the writer's works have become classic examples of the French language, so the courses studied philology and literature of contemporary students.

. Not lost their importance and his large literary work: "The images and characters" (1901) - with interesting articles about Hugo, . Musset, . Michelet - and "Scenes and incidents" (1906) - contain interesting records and sketches of Versailles B18-century and writers of the time (W,
. de Laclos, H. Boileau and others).

And the writing was. de Regnier, and several plays in the tradition of Moliere and his mask, . well as a large number of fine poems in prose, . dedicated to his favorite city - Paris, . where he died May 23, 1936, . As a member of the French Academy, and a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor,
. On the table, his bed lay open on the middle of the volume of short stories "Jasper stick.

Highlighted was the one phrase "I do not know why my book would not you like ..."

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Regnier, Henri, photo, biography
Regnier, Henri, photo, biography Regnier, Henri  Writer, photo, biography
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