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Gina Lollobrigida

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Biography Gina Lollobrigida
photo Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida (04.07.1927 years)

Gina Lollobrigida was born July 4, 1927 into a poor family with many children. Very soon she saw for herself, what she would like to achieve in life - fame, which would bring her money, and most importantly - freedom. Become a star of the big screen. But how to achieve this, when you're so poor? In Jean's had only one weapon - diligence. And, of course, her beauty. For three years Gina dubbed the most beautiful baby in Italy. In 1945, Mr.. perezzhaet her family on the outskirts of Rome. Gina begins to draw on the streets, selling his cartoons and caricatures. This is a real help to the family and the opportunity to collect more money for admission to the University of Rome. But this is not. She is studying for a sculptor, took opera singing lessons. In 1946, Mr.. she made her debut in the movie: she starred as showgirl in episodic roles in the movies 'Black Eagle', 'Love Potion', 'Lucia Lammermoor', 'Crime Giovanni Episkopi'. But this is not career. This is the way to her. Let me remind you, I tell you about the time when career in film began with a career model, ie. wins beauty contest. Thus began and Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren and many others. And in 1947, Gina decided to participate in a beauty contest, she was ready to storm. But, the second largest. When she enters the scene, barely holding back tears, the audience applauded her stand for ten minutes, they ask, yes, yes, require the jury that it had sent Jean to the contest 'Miss Italy'. There another failure - wins the future film star Lucia Bose. But now Gina knows her will know on the street, invited her to act in films! Again small roles - 'Pagliacci', 'Alarm', 'Anselmo forever'. Since then proceed to 1951, while Jean is not invited to appear in the film 'Danger, the bandits' Carlo Lidzani. She я┌п╦п©п╟п╤ those years - simple, temperamental, sharp-tongued, the girl from the South, Provincial, 'the girl from the people'.

Since 1952, begins 'great movie'. Gina is removed from the already famous Philip Gerard in the film of French director Christian-Jacque 'Fanfan la Tulip'. She first went to Cannes. Like anything has changed, the image remains the same, but now it is known outside the country. Then followed work in films M. Soldati 'Provincial' (1953), . 'Roman' L. Dzampy (1954), . 'Bread, . love and imagination '(1953) and' Bread, . love and jealousy '(1954) L. Comencini, . first award - 'Silver Ribbon' for role in dilogii Comencini and: first row - Gina refuses to play in the third part of the movie at Comencini,
. "Tarzan, the son of Tarzan, Tarzan's aunt - so you can pull the rope as you like" - she says, and leaves. Does she know he was doing, if he knows that fate will continue favorable to her? Her gaze is directed outside Italy. And she makes the right choice. Early as 1956 in the United States leaves the film with her participation 'Trapeze', in France - the legendary 'Notre Dame'. During this period, it is no longer a simple girl from the South of Italy, - a femme fatale, sex symbol, superstar. Under this sign ends the fifties and sixties begin. Her hobby - pseudo expensive Hollywood productions, so popular then - 'Solomon and the Queen Savvskaya' (1962) with a tandem with Yul Brynner, "Imperial Venus" (1962). Only one film of that period, is an exception to the rules of 'sea' R. Kastelani - the difficult routine of the sailors. This outside. Inside - her life is continuous change. She married a Yugoslavian doctor Milko Skoficha, and July 28, 1957 she appears on the light Milko Jr.. Even if she is a superstar, inside - she is a woman, even my mother's daughter, who well remembers that when her mother said: "Let your spouse or become a doctor or a lawyer. Then you do not have to wrestle with where to get the money. Nevertheless, in the film world - changes.

Since the mid 50-ies, changes in the shape of fashion models, more feminine image - such as that of Jean, displaces the image of another - more 'urban', strange, romantic, stressed intellectual - Audrey Heppern. And this despite the fact that a few years ago, the budding Michel Mercier specially made plastic correction of the face and lips, to be similar to the hugely time-jin. In the late 60-ies. Gina rarely appears on the screen, and then stops altogether removed: "It is necessary that each next role was better than the previous one, but this is difficult, given the standard scenario. I would prefer not removed in expensive action movies, and pictures of directors who are looking for something, try to speak to the screen the truth ". What is it? Does it that sad about the past, the first roles? End of movie stars? No, this is the beginning of another history. Gina begins to travel a lot. She met hundreds of new people every day, overwhelmed its impressions. She starts to paint, photograph, sculpt. In 1961 she first arrived in the USSR to attend the Second International Film Festival in Moscow, where he met with Yuri Gagarin and Nikita Khrushchev. Now her life - her family, traveling, art, but less - movies. It builds a big house on the outskirts of Rome. Only now, these suburbs are not for the poor and the rich - Appian Way. In the garden of her home lives of nearly 600 birds - swans, ducks, peacocks. In the house - two huge macaw parrot and a dog. It is a loving wife, a son (later he became an economist) - she is happy. Movies a little bit - the famous 'beautiful November' (1968), the American 'King, Queen, Jack' (1971). In 1976. comes unexpected decision to try to shoot itself - and Gina shoots a documentary about Cuba, conducts interviews with Castro. Castro fascinated by Gina. Her beauty still does not fade and open any doors for her - the Royal Palace in London when it took the Queen of England, the White House when she was invited by President Eisenhower. Gina fascinates everyone - even the opera diva Maria Callas - the execution of a fragment of "Tosca" by Puccini. Russian mad from it - in 1973, she again comes to the Moscow Film Festival - now - as a member of the jury. It is still beautiful, rich, independent and agrees to be removed only for fun. In 1979 in a car crash killed her husband Milko. And this blow of fate, she also takes stoically, as when - the sunset kinemotograficheskoy her career - she has a son, who must be educated. It seems that it is even more obsessed with defying destiny. It has been successful in all cases for which you would not have taken - while it tries to be a consultant to major cosmetic companies, despite the fact that he had always considered 'the best makeup love'. But seemingly, it seems that old age comes. It becomes razrazhitelnoy, said in an interview about his bad temper. Then Gina big quarrel with Argentinean producer Omar Roma, in the famous series of which ( "Milagros"), she had to play one of the roles. I lost the fee of one million dollars.

In 1981, it insures its legendary bust. Now expert annually measures the distance between the abdomen and extremities breast actress. And when it sharply reduced, Lollobrigida will receive the entire amount owed to her insurance. Gina knows what the risks, because its a bust for decades, is admired by countless men. By that time, is the following story about Gina. Said, . what her bust preserved the lives of many Italian soldiers during the war in Lebanon in 1983, . because at the time of the landing of international forces the Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass was so enthralled with actress, . demanded that the Lebanese resistance forces to destroy the U.S., . English, . What you want the other soldiers, . but not Italian,
. He is very worried that Gene will be upset by the death of their compatriots. Not even an Italian soldier was wounded during the conflict. Then, when Mustafa Tlass will meet with Jean, she warmly thanked the general for the preservation of the life of the Italians. Maybe it led to engage in politics? Beauty will save the world? In 1999, Gina ran to the European Parliament, on a voluntary basis, working with UNESCO and UNICEF. It almost is not removed, but she remembers. At XX Moscow International Film Festival is awarded the prize for her contribution to the film related. Gina more and more involved in photography. This interest is in the sixties. As models have been Gagarin, Khrushchev, Dali, Paul Newman. It produces copyrights photo albums on home, childhood, animals. For several years, Gina is preparing an exhibition of his sculptures, which is going to show their work in the world's largest cities - New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Moscow. One of the works Lollobrigida - figurine girl holding hands on the pearl - the call of the international film festival "Baltic Pearl". She is now 75 years old. But it is still in the form. At the end of the year, she even managed to save the driver of his 'Mercedes', pulled him from a sudden fire involving the machine. She has already given birth to a grandson, but she still prefers bright, silnodekoltirovannye dress and said that everything is still ahead, tk. hopes to live a long interesting life, as her aunt - the oldest woman in Italy, pushed into another world in 113 years.

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Gina Lollobrigida, photo, biography
Gina Lollobrigida, photo, biography Gina Lollobrigida  Actress, photo, biography
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