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Biography LOMBARD Carol
photo LOMBARD Carol
Carole Lombard (06.10.1908 year - the year 19.01.1942)

LOMBARD (Lombard), Carol was born on October 6, 1908, American actress. Real name - Jane Alice Peters.

Born in Indiana, but with 6 years of living in California. When she was 12, noticed her child during the baseball game director Allan Dwan, who gave her a role in the film 'The perfect crime' (A Perfect Crime, 1921). Soon she became involved in amateur theater, and in 1925 began playing small roles in movies, usually in Westerns.

In 1926 she got in a car accident and she needed plastic surgery to remove scars from the left half of the face. Studio 'Fox' soon terminated her contract and she moved to withdraw Mack Sennett, who has one and a half years has played in 13 short film together with a number of popular comedians at that time.

. Then she began taking a more significant role, and in 1930 she signed a contract with 'Paramount'
. A few months later she married the actor William Powell, who was 16 years older than her (they divorced in 1933, but remained friends).

. In 1932, she first and only time played with her future husband, Clark Gable, in the film 'A woman without a man' (No Man of Her Own)
. Among its early sound pictures stand out as a mystery novel 'Supernatural' (Supernatural, 1933) and anti-war movie 'Eagle and the Hawk' (The Eagle and the Hawk, 1933).

. Her star rose rapidly in the firmament of Hollywood when she starred in a pair with John Barrymore in the first of the so-called 'insane' (screwball) comedies of the 30-ies, the tape Howard Hawks 'Twentieth Century' (Twentieth Century, 1934)
. Her heroine, capricious, temperamental and spoiled, become a model of one of the key female characters a decade, and all of its best future role of the Lombard played in this role.

. Her screen presence remarkably dynamic: it is constantly moving, where other actresses only person who substitutes for the camera for close-ups
. In its plastic and humor, a prisoner in motion, it is ahead of time and because it seems today one of the most 'modern' actresses of old Hollywood.

Among her best films were comedies 'hands on the table' (Hands Across the Table, 1935, dir. Mitchell Lais), 'My butler Godfrey' (My Man Godfrey, 1936, dir. Gregory La Cava) and the satirical farce 'Nothing Sacred' (Nothing Sacred, 1937, dir. William Wellman). She brilliantly parodied Greta Garbo in the film 'The Princess crosses the ocean' (The Princess Comes Across, 1936). In 1939, played in the melodramas 'made for each other' (Made for Each Other) and 'just in words' (In Name Only), in pairs, respectively, with James Stewart and Cary Grant. In the same year she married Clark Gable.

She was loved by everyone with whom she worked - for professionalism, for the brilliant wit, for the way to swear like a trooper, for the kindness and sincere attention to the most insignificant members of the crew. She loved the jokes and pranks, and when she was elected an honorary mayor of Culver City, in whose territory the studio 'Columbia', vexed studio bosses, declaring a public holiday for all employees.

. The marriage was happy with Gable, and her career was in full bloom by early 40-ies: she played in the comedy of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' (Mr
. and Mrs. Smith, 1941) and Ernst Lubitsch's masterpiece 'To be or not to be' (To Be or Not to Be, 1942). But during her visit to the country for the promotion of war bonds plane, in which she was with her mother, crashed under mysterious circumstances.

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LOMBARD Carol, photo, biography
LOMBARD Carol, photo, biography LOMBARD Carol  Actress, photo, biography
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