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ROZANOV Ivan Nikanorovich

( Russian literary critic, bibliologist)

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Biography ROZANOV Ivan Nikanorovich
Rozanov, IVAN Nikanorovich (1874-1959), Russian literary critic, bibliologist. Born 10 (22) August 1874 in Moscow into the family of the notary, from childhood to read a lot, wrote poetry and novels, published a handwritten journal. He studied at the 4-th Moscow High School - the former aristocratic boarding school. After graduating from high school, he entered the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. Enthusiastically attended lectures Kluchevsky, met the future poet V. Bryusov.

After graduation (1899), Rozanov was left at the department of Russian literature, preparing for a professorship and taught at various schools. The scope of his research interests include mainly Russian poetry. In 1914 he published his first work "Russian poetry. From poetry impersonal - a confession of the heart. Historical and literary essays ". Of the several volumes of her dreams to continue was written only one volume (not published). Rozanov published two books of his own poems - "Only about it" (1915) and "Ghosts of stars" (1916)

. After the October Revolution Rozanov continued philological research in the field of Russian poetry: Pushkin galaxy "(1923), . "Nekrasov, . Life and Fate "(1924), . Poets of the twenties of the XIX century "(1925), . "Guide to Russian Literature" (1927), . "Russian poetry of the twentieth century" (1929) and others,
. In 1928 the publishing house 'Nikitinskii Saturdays' released his book "Literary reputations". Based on the unknown facts from the history of Russian poetry, . Rozanov told about the fate of Russian writers, . the nature of their success and fame, . a change in literary generations ( 'destroyer authority is - and this is the irony of fate and retribution - the very credibility'),
. Connoisseur and scholar of folklore, Rozanov dedicated to him in literary reputation "chapter" on popular songs and their authors ". Did much to establish authorship of Russian songs, described as folk. Thus, they found that the song "Shumel-burning fire of Moscow" had its literary source stihotorenie Sokolova. Rozanov wrote a special study of folk song variants M. Isakovskogo "Katyusha". Literary critics have noted that Rosanna has created a new type of book that explores a single literary problems. It consisted of literary study their personal experiences, motivations and poetics bibliology. In his archive there were numerous works on prosody, the history of Russian poetry and Russian poetry, and sketches future work, albums with autographs and photographs of the poets, whom he knew personally Rozanov, memoirs of AA Blok, Bryusov, SAEsenin. He is the compiler of several anthologies of poetry with extensive commentary. The scientist was inherent interest in the new literary names. One of the first philologists Rozanov drew attention to the work of Mayakovsky, I. Selvinsky, N. Aseeva, B. Kamensky, S. Kirsanov. During the life Rozanov wrote over 300 works.

An avid bibliophile, he assembled in his home library lifetime editions of many Russian classics, some with the author's corrections. His collection of Russian poetry books writer E. Osetrov called 'literary Tretyakov Gallery'. Library catalog Rozanov (after the scientist's death, she was transferred to his widow as a gift to the State Museum of AS Pushkin) is 500 pages.

Rozanov has become one of the founders of modern domestic bibliology. Bibliographic problems devoted to his work "Books and people in the XIX Century" (1925), "Prohibited Book 2 nd half of XIX century" (1941), "On the rare book" (1959, based on the personal library of the author). As a member of the scientific library of the State Historical Museum (1919-1941), organized in her department of history of Russian books.

Rozanov died in Moscow on 22 November 1959.

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ROZANOV Ivan Nikanorovich, photo, biography
ROZANOV Ivan Nikanorovich, photo, biography ROZANOV Ivan Nikanorovich  Russian literary critic, bibliologist, photo, biography
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