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Jim Carrey

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Biography Jim Carrey
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Jim Carrey (Carrey Jim).
Real name: James Eugene. Born January 17, 1962 in New Market (Ontario, Canada).
Live mobile boy with expressive emerging in the bizarre antics of a person in school entertained classmates comic scenes and clownish performances. The family lived in poverty and Jim already had 15 years to earn a living, making the hobby a profession. For four years he served in various Canadian clubs, and then gathered his belongings and set out some simple conquer America. To do this, it took him almost ten years. He played in the Los Angeles Theater Comedy Store ", where he distinguished by the fact that during the celebration of his twenty-year anniversary appeared on the stage - completely naked except for socks, worn on the penis. But such extravagance is not very helpful. I even got into Hollywood in the early 80's, Jim Carrey was forced to settle for a performance of scenes in films: the victim of a vampire ( "Once" bitten "), rock star, sent to the other world (" Game of Death ") and T. d.
"Mask" Charles Taze Russell (1994), the actor has brought worldwide fame, glory and the huge fees it was ... fifteenth picture. This is - a film about a modest, unlucky bank clerk Stanley Ipkuse, who accidentally found a magic wearing a mask, was omnipotent and sinister evil exterminator. In fact, as an actor has played these two, so different from each other image features evident talent, he is always inherent, but had somehow unnoticed. The variety of facial expressions on his face, . changes all the time expression, . mastery of the body, . incredible flexibility and plasticity, . high dancing skills (which he carried out incendiary Lambada with Cameron Diaz at the Club, Coco Bongo "- one of the best episodes of the picture), the ability to work with animals - a little dog Milo was here his full partner,
. All this, combined with computer effects - swallowed a bunch of pieces of dynamite explodes right in the stomach actor - predetermined resounding success. Honorarium Jim Carrey instantly soared to one million dollars up to twenty, which he received three years later for the continuation of the film - "Revenge of the mask."
Thank radically changed the life of the actor. He divorced his wife - Melissa Uomer, with whom he had lived for eight years, left a daughter - Jane. Its fully conquered affair with Lauren Holly - partner but a friend and we film "Dumb and Dumber" Peter Farrell. It was her heroine - the object clumsy courtship of two guys: always smiling from ear to ear, energetic Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and gloomy, clumsy, clumsy, Harry (Jeff Daniels). Their bizarre adventures of all time are on the brink paired clowns, in which one - stupid, and another, and that stupid. And unfortunately, their own jokes and pranks do not rise above the "lower stratum", ranging between accidentally tried urine, bare ass, diarrhea in a faulty toilet encounter with a homosexual in a public lavatory and t. n. Even regular treatment to the dogs (and the beginning of the movie of their friends engaged in transportation) does not save the wretched spectacle. This gold mine - work with animals - Jim Carrey used repeatedly. Ace Ventura - a detective, to find lost or stolen pets, became the hero of two of his films ( "Ace Ventura - Detective - a lover of animals" and "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"). And in between was even Edward Nigma - Man of Mystery in Betmane forever "- plastic, dynamic, and again the ominous, beat even the title page of the hero - Val Kilmer.
. Outrageous, peculiar to Jim Carrey at a time when he began his career in film, does not leave him, and but this day
. Success comes to him just when the actor is active, aggressive and negative, as it was in "Masks". "Batman Forever" and other roles. He was already close to the comedy part, I'm sick to remain "eternal copycat". He dreams of a bright dramatic fashion. But I will go to this producer? Hardly there willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. After all, his best comedy brought in 200 million. dollars in U.S. and foreign box office.
The first harbinger of change was the film "ShouTrumena" Peter Weir (1997). Curry played here a man who from birth has become the main character in the popular television. Only many years later as an adult, he realized that all those who surround him - actors. Awareness of this truth is given Truman easy. In the comedy material is clearly discernible dramatic tone.
Jim Carrey is now tops the list of highest paid actors of American cinema, but on the clear horizon of his professional career began to appear the first cloud. The movie "Cable Guy" where he played a major role, failed in the audience, which made the actor even more irritable and impatient. The only one still be able to tame it, is already mentioned Lauren Holly, where Kerry was married in September 1996.

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  • Glory for Jim Carrey
  • is a good actor, his facial plastic and leave it far ahead of other comical actors profile.
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    Jim Carrey, photo, biography
    Jim Carrey, photo, biography Jim Carrey  Actor, photo, biography
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