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John Travolta

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John Travolta (John Travolta).
John Travolta was born on 18.2.1954 in Englewood (pc. New Jersey).
. This prominent guy, . in the pedigree whose intricately blended Italian and Irish blood, . destined to become the aspirations of the youth of the seventies, . rather, . that part, . which prefers merry pastime in dance halls,
. John Travolta and the very early enough, chose its own path. Flexible, long-legged - he seemed to be created for the dance. It is in the movement were visible beauty and plastic body, the ability of the actor most fully express the feelings of his characters.
John Travolta, began his professional presentations even in the age of sixteen years, quickly attracted the attention of professional producers, who could not miss it. Performances in the theaters of New Jersey, then on Broadway, an invitation to the television, the first success in telemyuzikle "back, Kotд?ra" (1975) showed John Travolta, that he was not mistaken in choosing a profession. In the same year he went to the movies ( "Devil's Rain", . 1975), . but it made the part famous in the film "Saturday Night Fever" (1977), . where the actor was able to show an interesting human character, . very typical for the youth of that time: the youth, . whose aspirations do not extend more fun in disco,
. Work, work, household chores - all this is just a heavy duty, and only in the fast rhythm of the dance the young man can realize himself, his ambition and their dreams. Here he is - the "king", but a cheerful evening passes quickly, attacking "labor weekdays, and once again the hero begins to count the days and hours until next Saturday ...
. John Travolta in the film, perhaps the first time, proved that he is not only a good dancer, but a dramatic actor, not deprived of the same sense of humor (it is enough to recall the scene in which the hero is preparing for a hike in the dance-hall)
. Success was enshrined in the movie "Grease" (1978). In the late seventies - early eighties almost every year you see the new film starring John Travolta and gradually in the minds of the audience fixed image of this charming guy, . who also knows how wonderful dance.,
. Happy moments in the life of an actor was the decision of the American movie star Sylvester Stallone is trying his hand at directing: film "Staying alive" (1983) became a "star" and a biography of John Travolta
. Him, fulfill the main role was to show the on-screen success story of a dancer, not just its front side, but the seamy side - heavy, exhausting work, sweat, injuries and disappointments ... What succeeded fully.
. Further career of John Travolta - participation in the films "Perfection" (1985), "Experts" (1989), "Look, who says," (1989), although not brought the most famous actor, but continue to maintain its popularity.
. John Travolta - a good family man, as befits a native of the Italian family
. He gently takes care of the younger sister and brother: Helen and Dzhedui also chosen career as an actor. John Travolta recently married.

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    John Travolta, photo, biography
    John Travolta, photo, biography John Travolta  Actor, photo, biography
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