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Richard Gere

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Richard Gere (Richard Gere). Born 29/8/1949 in Philadelphia. He studied at the University of Massachusetts.
. The son of a modest insurance agent, whose family barely scrape together the funds to teach children music and gymnastics, he preferred to all other occupations, the theater and after the second year at the university went to New York in search of an engagement
. A shy, reticent young man got on poorly with people who could not appropriately "to present himself, and stage career threatened to fade away, and it began. Only in 1975, when behind Richard Gere was already a lot of appearances on stage in the episodes, he was assigned a major role in the play with. Shepard's "Head of the killers". His hero, a suicide bomber, sitting blindfolded in an electric chair, talked about his plans for the future. There is no plastics, no facial expressions and eyes, only his voice, pronouncing the words. But it sounded to him and hope, and true conviction, and suppressed sadness. After excellent reviews on the young actor drew the attention of cinema.
Richard Gere, with a few not very successful attempts, got through to believe in him Shepard invitation to play in a film T. Malik's "Paradise Days" (1978). It was in this handsome guy with a sly look askance eye something crazy, . uncontrollable, . common with the character - a young worker from Chicago, . fleeing from the police and together with my girlfriend bent on getting lost in the vast American West,
. But their passion is no escape, and soon here, where everything breathes the sun and rest, is brewing a new tragedy. Rising star interested director Richard Brooks. The proposed role of the actor in the film "Looking for Mr. Gudbara" (1977) was small: his hero Tony Lopento, pimp and drug addict, has promised the heroine to become the best lover in her life and, indeed, such was. And while Tony was on the screen only 15 minutes, every movement, glance, even the silent witness of his sexuality.
New triumph for Richard Gere in the film P. Schroeder's "American Gigolo" (1980), despite the fact that the hero of a man for whom love of the profession, in many respects it was the complete opposite. Actor often showed here his body, supported by a serious form of daily physical exercise, and doing it gracefully and naturally. Gil skillfully played a combination of tenderness and coarseness, strength and grace, but the character never appeared. Internally, this beauty was alien to the artist and the audience could not feel.
Was much closer to Richard Giru image created in the film T. Hackford "Officer and a Gentleman" (1982). Zach Mayo simple guy, sooner has learned the wrong side of life, like a furious pace to drive a motorcycle and does not believe in love. In the picture a lot of scenes of military training Marine recruits schools, endless exercises on the parade ground, karate fights (that's where it handy gym since childhood!). But the main thing here - the love scenes, the hero of this sense of apprehension. And if earlier Giru they lacked the warmth, authenticity, here he is emotionally open and truly honest.
. Richard Gere has finally become one of the leading masters of Hollywood, the new sex symbol, his interest in any role has been enough to painting came into being
. It was he who helped the director Jim McBride implement its long-standing plan: to make a remake of the famous film Godard "Breathless". By showing the life story of the hero's professional car thief Jesse Lyudzheka as an analogue of his favorite comic book "Silver Superman, . actor is not only able to accurately describe the new sociocultural, . temporal and national environment, . but ably acquitted explicit one-dimensional main character.,
. Ironically, the ability to emphasize the actor's a distance between themselves and the manner attracted the attention of F
. Coppola, who suggested to Richard Giru a major role as we have known the movie "Club" Cotton "(1984). Here, the actor was able to fully utilize his musical talent and ability to play different instruments, including trumpet. His Michael White, nicknamed "Dixie for the passionate love of jazz, surprisingly fits well into the complex musical fabric of the movie.
. In the second half of the 80-ies Gere increasingly playing character roles: in the biblical "King David" (1985), . Police tape "Internal Affairs" (1989), . where he first showed clearly negative character, . in the social drama "The Power" (1986), and, . main, . in "Rhapsody in August" A,
. Kurosawa (1991) picture of the complex relationship between Americans and Japanese after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Richard Gere to his fortieth filled out, came in the shoulders and waist, drooping eyelids almost hid crafty sparkle in her eyes. Naturally, therefore, that he had to depart from the usual image of a sex symbol. In the movie "Pretty Woman" '(1990) Richard Gere brought a business man, millionaire Edward Lewis, does not part with their suits and tie and handkerchief in the same breast pocket. Frozen in their monumentality face and figure of Richard Gere in particular stand out in relief against a background of fireworks charm, spontaneity, liveliness of nature, which shows his partner, Julia Roberts.
. Painting in something autobiographical, since he Gere at the turn of the 90's became a business man, owner of a small kinofirmy
. A life counterpart heroine "Belle" was a pretty fashion model Cindy Crawford, where he was at the end of 1991. married.

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    Richard Gere, photo, biography
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